The Ties That Bond

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With becoming King and Queen over all werewolves, Levi and I have been doing nothing but traveling to every pack in our control. We’ve decided that Josiah will be a great Alpha to run our pack when we move to the kingdom. There aren’t many people who are happy with the change of leadership, but Levi is ruthless when he needs to be. He has made it known more times than I can count over the past week since the battle that he is one to be respected.

I’m not going to lie, seeing him like that has me jumping his bones every time we are behind closed doors. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, but I just can’t keep my hands off him. I can tell he is trying to be strong for everyone, but I know he is stressed and it’s getting to him. Between moving not only ourselves, but our Beta and Gamma pairs, transferring everything over to Josiah, and dealing with the sons of the late king along with my parents, it’s getting to him and I just want to help him and take some of the stress off his shoulders. He won’t let me. He doesn’t want me to stress because of the baby. I understand completely, but he’s not alone in this and I want him to know that.

Today is the day that we are moving, and I’ve been running around the house trying to make sure we have everything we need and didn’t forget anything. We decided to just leave everything in the nursery here for when we come to visit and just put another one together when we arrive in the Kingdom. With one more sweep through the rooms and the offices, we have everything we need and loaded up into the trucks. “That’s everything.” I tell Levi wrapping my arms around his torso.

“You ready to go home?” He asks. Of course, I am. This will always be my home, but we have a new adventure waiting for us and I couldn’t be happier to conquer whatever is thrown at us, together.

“Home is wherever you are my love, but yes. I am ready to go home and get things settled so I can have my husband back. Since you won’t let me take some of the worry off your plate and insist that you have it all under control. You know I can feel your emotions and you don’t block me out when your asleep right? I know what you’re going through. I just wish you would let me help you. What good are you to me and our baby if you croak from a heart attack from all the stress you have yourself under. I know Ryder and Jason are there helping, but I’m here too.” I said.

I wish he would just get it through his thick skull, but he won’t. He’s worried about everything. We have more enemies now and I understand that he’s worried something might happen, but he needs to put some trust in me that I can take care of myself as well. “I know baby girl; I just want you and our pup to be safe. We have more enemies now that I took over as King and with the late kings’ sons out there somewhere, I don’t want anything to happen to you.” He explained.

Once everyone is ready, we head out to our new home. We said our goodbyes to our families and even though I’m currently not on speaking terms with my parents I made sure to tell them goodbye as well. We have a two-hour drive until we get to the Kingdom and it’s going to be a long ass drive. I manage to nap for about an hour of the drive, and I know I’m not the best road trip partner, but sue me, I’m tired. “I’m starving. Are we almost there?” I ask Levi and he just chuckles.

“No babe. We still have about an hour to go. We’ll stop and get you something at the next stop. Can’t have you going hungry now, can we?” He teased.

“Definitely not! Your kid wouldn’t allow that anyways. Are you excited to find out what we’re having in a few weeks?” I ask. I’m five weeks pregnant now and we get to find out what we are having in a few weeks and I’m excited. At least with knowing, we’ll be able to get things that aren’t gender neutral.

“Of course, I am. I can’t wait. Besides you, that pup is the silver lining in all this that is going on. I’m glad I was able to get away to go to Ryder’s graduation and met you. I love you Wills.” He knows how to melt my heart.

“I love you too, Levs.” Finally, we are about twenty minutes away from our destination and I am more than ready to be home and take a nap. Make these men do all the hard work. Unfortunately, that doesn’t go as planned. “LEVI LOOK OUT!” I scream as Levi slams on the breaks. We come to a skidding stop along with Ryder and Jason and their females behind us. It’s a good thing we had our seatbelts on, otherwise this could have gone a lot worse than just a crack on the head. “What the fuck was that?” I ask. I thought it was a wolf, but it isn’t there when I look again. I’m looking around and Levi has a gash on his head from hitting the steering wheel when my door opens behind me and I’m dragged out of the car. “Levi! Help me!” I’m struggling against my assailant and it’s not working out in my favor.

“Let her go!” Levi says as Ryder and Jason join him. “What do you want. Do you know who I am? Who she is?” Levi asks.

“Of course, we know who you are, your highness. We also know this is the queen and we’ve been paid quite a bit to get her back to the boss. Now get out of our way before she get’s hurt or one of the other women you have with you.” The unknown guy says.

“Over my dead body will you take MY mate! Your queen! Let. Her. Go. Now.” Levi says through clenched teeth.

“That’s not how this works. We take the girl and you let us leave.” The other guy says. I can’t let them hurt Levi. Or anyone else for that matter.

“Baby…listen…” I start to say.

“NO WILLOW! I will not let them take you.” Levi yells.

“Baby…I can’t let you do this for me.” I try.

“No. It’s you and me until the end. You want me to let you in? I can’t do that when you aren’t with me. Stop trying to sacrifice yourself. It’s not going to happen!” He says.

The guy that is holding me has my throat and he’s starting to squeeze until there is a thump and he drops down from behind me. I run over to Levi and he wraps me in his arms. “Go get in the car! I’ll be there as soon as we deal with them. I don’t know how many there are. I want you in that car and to lock it until I get back. I’m going to shift now baby. Go. Now.” I run to the car and notice that Alexia and Shay are also in the same car. They must have gotten in here when the other guys weren’t looking.

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