The Ties That Bond

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Blind Sided

“Dad? What the hell is going on? Why did you do this! I’m your daughter! Not by blood, but I’m still YOUR DAUGHTER!” I can’t believe this man. The man that raised me and cared for me.

“Ah, hello princess. Glad you could join us. We have some things that we need to discuss. Please, sit.” I just stand there glaring at him. I can’t believe this man. Was my mom in on this? Who are they working with? The biggest question of all is why. “I said SIT DOWN!” He bellowed. “I won’t ask you again.” I stood there just staring at him. If looks could kill he would be six feet under right now. The day isn’t over yet though, so it could still happen.

“Fuck you! You abducted me, threw me in a dark room, had me shackled, you’re your men throw wolfsbane on me, and threaten the life of my mate AND my unborn child. You can go to hell! When I get out of here, I’ll kill you myself. You’re supposed to be my father, but now I see that you never were.” I sneered. The jackass forced me to sit on the chair that was in front of my fathers’ desk. “Release me, now. That is an order as your Queen. If you do not cooperate there will be serious consequences.” I stated. He just laughed.

“You don’t scare me. Neither does that mate of yours. You may be the Queen and he may be the King, but that won’t last for long. You and your sister ruined everything for me and your mother. She should be here with your sister shortly. We have much to discuss. Jackson and Taylor will be joining us as well.” He said and then it all hit me. He was working with the late Kings sons and they still wanted us to be their mates. What’s in it for my parents though?

“How long have I been here? You better not touch her or my family. Levi will be here with his best warriors and I’ll make sure he saves you for me.” I spat as soon as the office door opened, and Shay was pushed in by our mother. I can’t believe our parents are doing this to us. Aren’t they supposed to be the ones that always protect us? “Shay! Are you okay?” I jump up immediately to rush to my sister even though I’m still shackled. “Take these off me NOW!”

“Willow! Levi has been looking for you everywhere for a week! I forgot about this place and he’s going crazy trying to find you. Everyone is trying to find you.” The thing about Shay being here is we can mind-link each other. Once I get these shackles off it’ll be stronger. The silver is weakening me, but not as much as it would if I weren’t who I was.

“Take. Them. Off. Now.” I say through gritted teeth.

“Why would we do that? What makes you think we can trust you won’t do anything?” My mother asks.

“Why would I risk my babies’ life along with my sisters? No matter how much I want you all dead I’m not stupid! I won’t do anything until I’m forced to do so. Now take them off! That is an order!” I had to use some of the ‘Alpha tone’ that I got when I mated with Levi and when we became higher in the chain of command. I knew it would work against my mother, my father, however, would take more and I just didn’t have it in me. Thank the Goddess she did, and I took Shay into my arms and hugged her tight.

ME: Did they see you leave?

SHAY: They knew I was with mom. They have someone following me. I knew they would lose us, so I activated the GPS in my necklace that Ryder got me. Why didn’t you use the one in your ring?

ME: “I don’t have my ring! My fingers were swollen, and they were hurting so I took it off and put it in the glovebox in the car!

“Stop that! I will make sure that you two can’t mind-link again my injecting you with a serum that will drain you. How do you think I’ve kept you sedated for the last week?” My father asks and I just scowl at him.

“What do you want with us!” Shay yelled. I’ve been trying to figure it out as well, but the only thing that I can come up with is the deal they had with the King before he died. Maybe they have a plan to take Levi out and take over the Kingdom. It’s all starting to make sense now.

“You want to take over the Kingdom and kill my mate don’t you!” I asked.

“Ding, ding! We have a winner and here I thought you were more beauty than brains.” My mother said. Which is wrong. I am more brains than beauty. I’m a lawyer for Goddess’ sake! “The boys should be here soon, and we can get started with the plan and you girls are going to help us succeed.”

“You wish.” I snapped. “I would rather die than help you with anything. You are supposed to be our mother. To love and protect us. Are you that power and money hungry that you would do this to your own children?” I was awarded with another slap to the face. I’m getting sick of them hitting me. So, as soon as I gained my composure back, I lunged at my mother. I had her up against the wall when my hand on her throat. “Touch me again. I dare you. I’m sick of you and your monkeys beating on me. I will end your life without a second look.” She looks scared. Good. I tighten my hold on her neck and bring her up against the wall to where only the tips of her toes are on the floor. She’s starting to turn red in the face. I know it’s getting hard for her to breath. Before I can tighten my hold more, I’m pulled off her and she drops to the ground coughing and holding her throat.

“You little bitch!” She says in between coughs. “I should teach you a lesson. I’ve been to lenient with you and you sister.” She says as she walks over to me. I’m still in someone’s hold.

“Let me go!” I yell wiggling around to get loose, it’s no use.

“Stop it while you’re ahead, little one.” I know that voice. Jackson. “We have much to discuss. You!” He says looking at my mother. “Stop it. Touch her one more time and I will rip your head off.”

“Get off me! Now!” He chuckles and lets me go.

“Feisty, as usual. Now, let’s get this going. I have plans to follow through on.” He states.

Shay how long will it take for them to get here! We’re running out of time!

I need to buy the men more time. “What are these plans you speak of? Planning on taking out one of the strongest wolves there is and taking his mate as your own?” It came out as a question, but I already knew the answer.

“Smart and feisty. Looks like I got the better sister. Sorry Taylor.” He says to his brother.

“You don’t get anything. I will never be here and when Levi gets here, you’ll wish you never crossed him or me!” He didn’t like that answer.

“You will do as I say and be as I want you to be. Do you understand me? I will be the one to kill your precious mate and I will be the one to be King and you will rule beside me as it was promised to me when I was only a pup. Now, you shut that pretty little mouth of yours before I make you.” He sneered in my face. This guy is really getting on my last nerve. If he thinks I’m going down without a fight he has another thing coming.

“You really think you’re strong enough to take him on? You are delusional. Nothing will ever happen with us because you, my dear, will be rotting in the ground along with your father and your brother.” He growled at that and I smirked at him. I’m getting under his skin.

They should be getting close Willow. Keep him going.

“And what exactly will happen with your brother when you ‘succeed’ with your plan? Is he going to be your little bitch like normal? I’ll tell you what. If you win against my mate I will rule beside you, but you will NEVER touch me, and we will never have anything other than the Kingdom and I get to make sure you hurt anyone who I think shouldn’t be hurt.” He laughed.

“Think what you may sweetheart, but you’ll come around eventually. Now, let’s get to how you and your sister are going to help with this plan. You two will blind-side the Alpha and Beta by telling them that you reject then. Which will in turn weaken them enough to be killed.” At this I had to laugh.

“You really think that it will be that easy? You’re delusional.” I didn’t get to finish my speech because there was a bang and bodies hitting the floor outside. “Looks like your time is up. The rescue team is here, and it will be the end for all of you.” I can’t help but laugh. They all look taken aback, but not for long.

“What they fuck did you do! How did they know they were here! No one knows where this place is, and it should stay that way.” My dad yells at my mom.

“Oh, daddy, scared?” I smirk and he lunges at me. He grabs me by the neck and squeezes, but not enough to make it hard to breath.

“Listen you little brat. We’re going to change the plan. Taylor, grab Shay. We’re going out there. They won’t hurt us if we have the girls. Their precious mates.” He says as he tosses me to Jackson who wraps his arm around my neck and Taylor does the same to Shay and we head to the door.

“Open the door, little one. Don’t try anything stupid or I’ll make sure you end your mate, even if I have to force you.” Jackson sneers in my ear.

“Is that right? You don’t know me very well, do you? I don’t take orders. I give them.” I open the door and immediately jam my elbow in his side hearing the crack of broken bones. He loosens his grip enough for me to rear my head back into his face breaking his nose. “Levi! It’s a blindside!” I yell as I see him coming up to the door along with Ryder and Jason. Before I can get to them Jackson is back and has me in a choke hold.

“You’re going to wish you never did that.” He said.

“Let them go! That is an order from your King.” Levi says. “Mr. and Mrs. Thompson. What are you doing here?”

“They were helping them. My dad is the boss that everyone is talking about. They wanted us to reject you so they could kill you and take the throne.” Jackson squeezes harder on my neck.

“Shut up, bitch. I can snap your neck quicker than you can get away.” He sneers. That’s when all hell broke loose.

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