The Ties That Bond

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There is one thing that you never do in front of an Alpha, or any mated wolf, and that is threaten the life of their mate. Once Jackson threatened to snap my neck, Levi lost it. He let out a growl that was louder than I have ever heard before. He was pissed and I could do nothing to calm him. It wasn’t like I wanted to because of the situation that I was in. I wanted to end this, but I also wanted answers and I think that we deserve it. “Levi, we need to keep my parents alive. We need answers.”

My words were going through one ear and out the other. He was seeing red and he was having stare-down with Jackson while Ryder was trying to get Shay. I blocked everyone else out except for Levi and the ass that was holding me like a human shield. I shouldn’t have said what I did next because it only seemed to make things worse. “So, are you that scared of Levi that you have to use me as a shield?” In my defense, I thought he would let me go, but I was sorely mistaken. He just tightened his hold. There was no way that Levi could get to him without me getting hurt in the process. The others were cleaning house and taking out my dads wolves and eventually it was just my parents, Jackson, and Taylor that were still alive on the opposing side. We had some injured, but thankfully nondead.

“I’d shut that pretty little mouth if you know what is good for you.” Jackson said and Levi took a threatening step towards him. “Ah, I wouldn’t do that if I were you. I can easily take her out faster than you can get to me. Are you willing to lose your mate and your pup?”

“You touch a hair on her head, and it will be the last thing you do.” Levi sneered, taking another step closer. He has a plan. I can sense it. I just wonder what it is. I know he’s keeping Jackson distracted, but why? What does this man have planned?

Baby girl, when I tell you to, I need you to elbow him as hard as you can and duck down. Levi told me through mind-link. So, he does have a plan. I look around and two of the warriors have my parents subdued and are taking them out of the building. “Let her go and I’ll make your death quick and painless.” Levi told him. I don’t know how, but Ryder managed to get Shay out of Taylor’s grasp and then there was a thump as his body hit the ground. Someone killed him. Probably Ryder. I mean he did have a threatening hold on Shay, but how did you manage to do it without alerting Jackson?


Now Willow! I do what Levi told me to and elbow Jackson as hard as I can in the side that I broke some ribs on before. He loosened his hold just enough for me to hunch down while Levi launch at him, ripping his head from his shoulders. I was free and Jackson didn’t even have time to notice what was happening. I didn’t think Levi was that strong. I mean, I knew he was strong, but strong enough to rip someone’s head clean off? The rage must have tied into the strength. The next thing I know, I’m in Levi’s arms and he is leading me out of the building. “Are you okay baby girl? How’s the baby?”

“I’m better now. I’m not sure how the baby is. He hasn’t moved in a while. I was drugged for a week! Oh my, what if they did something to cause the pup harm? How did I not notice that he wasn’t moving? Oh, my Goddess, Levi!” I’m starting to panic. What if something is wrong with the baby? What kind of mother am I not to notice?

“You need to calm down Willow. Breath for me. In. Out. There you go baby. I have the Pack Doctor on standby and as soon as we get back we will get everything checked out. I’m sure he or she is fine. Just keep calm. Please.” Levi is calm, but I can feel his panic as well. What if something happened? I’m going to kill my parents. They not only put me in danger, but they endangered my pup and there’s one thing you don’t due to a mother and that is putting her children in harms way.

“I’m going to kill them both. I want answers, but I want them to suffer! They did this. If anything is wrong with our pup I’m going to make sure they die a slow and painful death. Parents or not. They crossed the wrong pregnant she-wolf.” I said as we got into the vehicle. We got back to the Kingdom in a matter of minutes. Levi clearly broke many traffic laws, but he didn’t care and quite frankly, neither did I. I need to know if my baby is okay.

Once we make it back to our territory Levi pulls up to the pack hospital and we rush inside and like he said, the doctor was ready. We were taken back to a room and I laid on the bed and the doctor got the ultrasound machine. “Alright, let’s check on this little one and then we’ll check on the mama.” The doctor said. He put the gel on my stomach after I pulled my shirt up and started moving the wand around. “Alright, everything is fine with the first pup…” He starts to say. Wait, first pup! “The second pup is being a little stubborn, but all seems well with it as well. Now, let’s look at the third.”

“Wait! What! Three! When were you planning on telling us? Levi! Three! How?” I exclaimed. We just figured it was one. We haven’t really looked. When we found out and went to the doctor they just did bloodwork to confirm the pregnancy. I look at Levi and he looks pale. He’s as shocked as I am.

“Yes, you are having triplets, Luna. Alpha. Would you two like to know the sexes? The babies look just fine. The drugs didn’t do any damage to them. However, I want you to take it easy and rest a lot. I want to make sure that you don’t have any side effects of the drug that you were injected with. You have about four months left. If it were just one pup, you would roughly have five months left, but twins and triplets tend to develop and decide to come into the world faster. It’s weird, I know, but it’s just how it works. Now, about the sexes of the pups.” The doctor says. It’s to much information. I’m having triplets. I was worried about handling one baby, but now three!

“Yes, what are they?” Levi speaks up, finally.

“Alright, let’s see what we have here. The first pup looks to be a boy. The second is a girl and the third is also a boy. Congratulations to you both. I will let you two process this information and Luna, before you leave, I want you to get some bloodwork done to make sure everything with you is okay. You have three healthy pups and they need their mama to be strong and healthy as well.”

“Thank you doctor.” Levi said. He turned to me after the doctor left. “We’re having triplets. Baby, we’re having three babies!” I can sense the excitement inside him, but I’m also terrified. We have so much to do and only a short time to complete it now. We need to get rid of the major threats, get answers from my parents, plan out the nursery.

“Levi, I’m scared shitless. We have so much to do. How are we going to take care of three babies? Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited, but I’m scared as hell. We have a lot to discuss and little time to do so.” I say. Levi just smiles at me and helps me clean the gel off and stand up.

“We’ll figure it out baby girl, I promise. Let’s go get your bloodwork done and head to see your parents and then you are going to rest. I would say that you need to go rest while I deal with your parents, but I know you would beat the shit out of me and quite frankly I don’t feel like getting beat.” He said with a chuckle. He’s right though, I would fight him on it and probably end up getting mad and hitting him upside the head a few times.

It takes about five minutes to get my bloodwork finished and then we are headed to the dungeon where the cells are kept.

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