The Ties That Bond

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Happy Birthday

It’s been a week since we had my parents put to death publicly and it seems to have proven its point. Levi has been busy, per usual, talking to other packs about any leads and arranging the visit with Josiah and Levi’s family for tomorrow. Typical Alpha stuff, but with the added King duties. Today is Levi’s birthday and he doesn’t want to do anything because we haven’t gotten any closer to who wants our babies or why they want them, but I won’t let that happen. The girls and I have been working all week with planning him a surprise party along with our duties that come with our titles.

The pups are growing like crazy and they are starting to get active. The doctor didn’t lie when he said that with multiples, everything goes faster. Thus meaning, my little bump is now a medium sized one. I swear when Levi and I are around one another he shows my belly more attention than he does me. Just shows he’s going to be a fantastic father.

So, for the past three hours, us girls have been getting everything ready for this party. We decided to have it in the largest ballroom in the Packhouse and have appointed Ryder and Jason to keep Levi busy with work, or whatever they could think of. Everything was coming together nicely. We had the buffet starting to get filled with the food, the tables all had either a navy blue or white tablecloth. Each table had flower arrangement on them. It was all coming together. Now, all that needs to be done is everyone to get ready and then the guys will bring Levi. “Alright girls, everything looks good. Let’s go get ready and then get back down here for when Levi arrives.” I tell Shay and Alexis. They nod and we each head to our perspective quarters.

I walk into the room and see Levi sitting on the bed. “Levi! What are you doing here?” I squeaked out. I have two men that I am going to kill. Especially if they ruined everything that I’ve been working on. I want Levi to have one night where he doesn’t have to worry. “I thought you were in meetings all day?” I feel like I haven’t seen him all week except when he comes to bed at all hours of the night.

“I missed you and Ryder and Jason were acting weird and it was getting annoying. What were you doing?” He says. “I rescheduled the rest of the meetings for after we get back from talking with your birth dad.”

“Oh. Okay. I was just hanging out with Shay and Alexis. Discussing baby stuff…you know…the usual.” I say walking over to him to sit in his lap. “I missed you, too. I feel like I haven’t seen you all week. Happy Birthday. We love you.” I say planting my lips to his. He snakes his hand around to the back of my neck and deepens the kiss. I moan into his mouth and he growls in return. I maneuver myself so each leg is on one side of his thighs and I grind my core onto his growing bulge. He thrusts up and I moan again. He breaks the kiss to move down to my neck and grabs the hem of my shirt to pull it over my head and I do the same to him. I push him down onto the bed and start trailing kisses down his jaw to his neck and down his toned abdomen, making my way to the waistline of his pants. I unsnap the button after taking his belt off and unzip them. He lifts his hips and I yank his pants along with his briefs off in one swift motion.

I lean down and trail my tongue from the hilt to the tip and suck the tip into my mouth. “Willow.” Levi growls, his breath quickening as I take more of him into my mouth. I bob my head up and down slowly at first, teasingly. “Woman if you don’t stop teasing…” I pick up my pace and take him deep into my throat suctioning as I move by up, lapping him with my tongue. He thrusts his hips up and growls. “Mmm…baby girl…” That gives me more motivation to go faster, cupping his balls as I go. He’s getting close and before he cums in my mouth he lifts me up and he’s hovering over me. “That’s not where I want to cum.” He says and takes my pants and underwear off before plunging into my sopping wet core.

“Levi!” He quickens his pace and leans on his forearms, mashing his lips to mine in a heated kiss. I moan loudly which is silenced with his mouth. He breaks away and thrusts faster, grunting as I moan. I can feel my orgasm coming faster and his is coming soon as well. After a few more thrusts I fall over the edge screaming his name as he screams mine in an intense orgasm for the both of us.

“I think I have a reason to celebrate now. Wouldn’t want your surprise party for me to go to waste, now would we?”

I just gape at him. “How did you…I’m going to kill them.” I push him off me and get dressed in a red gown with a plunging neckline.

“You can’t kill them. I need them. It’s not their fault you trusted those two to keep a secret without it slipping.” He replied getting dressed in the suit I had picked out for him. It’s a grey suit with a white dress shirt and red tie.

“Whatever. I’m still going to kill them. They can be replaced.” I say getting my heels on. Levi shakes his head and chuckles.

“Well, what if I act surprised? You look beautiful by the way. Even with your belly.” He knows me so well. This dress shows off my pregnancy well and hugs the rest of my curves very well.

“You better act surprised or you won’t sleep in this bed until after these babies are born Mr. Andrews. I won’t kill them. It would hurt more people that I’m willing to hurt. I’m not completely emotionless. I’m going to head down and wait for your entrance with the boys.” I tell him heading to the door after kissing him. “I’ll see you in about twenty minutes.” With that I leave the room and head to the ballroom. Everything is finished now, and it looks spectacular. We didn’t invite the whole pack, just some close friends and the warriors, of course, along with Levi’s family. Josiah couldn’t make it because he’s dealing with issues with unloyalty. So, we’ll see him tomorrow.

“Willow! You look amazing darling.” Levi’s mom says.

“Thank you. You look ravishing. I look like a walrus with these babies growing rapidly. I could wake up tomorrow and be the size of a whale.” I joke.

“Nonsense. You look lovely. Pregnancy suits you.” Levi’s dad pipes in bringing me into a hug. “We’re sorry to hear about all that has happened, but just know you and your sister are always part of this family. The two of you are mated to two of our sons. When is the birthday boy going to grace us with his presence?”

“Anytime now. If you two will excuse me, I need to go find my sister and Alexis. I have some words that I need to have with their mates. And, thank you for accepting us and for everything.” I say before walking away. I find Shay and Alexis talking to some of the other wives and walk up to them. “I’m killing your husbands tonight. I just thought you should know.” I say to them.

“What did they do?” Alexis asks.

“They told Levi about the party.” I say.

“Ask them to do one damn thing and they ruin it.” Shay says.

We start laughing, knowing that it was bound to happen knowing who they are. Neither of the three can keep a secret. “I told Levi that he better act surprised or he’s getting kicked out until these babies come out and you both know that means he’ll be sleeping on one of your couches.” They groan because they know it’s true. There’s been times since we all have found each other that each man has slept on the others couch. Levi has done it quite a bit since I’ve gotten pregnant when he says something stupid.

“Yeah, we know. It wouldn’t be the first time though. Don’t worry we’ll be getting you back when we decide to have pups and Ryder, or Jason say something stupid.” Alexis says.

“Yeah…yeah…yeah. I know it. If only they would watch what they say sometimes. Anyways, we need to get ready. He should be walking in any minute.” I say turning to our guests. “Excuse me everyone, first I want to thank you all for coming and supporting your Alpha Kings birthday and now if everyone would stand to the side of the room, we’ll dim the lights and he should be walking in shortly.” I say and everyone gets into position and I dim the lights. I hear the men, being loud as usual and the walk into the room. I hit the lights, and everyone shouts ‘SURPRISE’ towards Levi. He has a big smile on his face, and he does as he says and acts surprised.

“Thank you everyone. This is simply amazing. I had no idea what was going on.” He says and I glare at Ryder and Jason and they know I know that they told him. They hang their heads and mind-link saying they are sorry. Levi walks over to me and gives me a kiss. “Thank you babe. This is amazing. I love you and I am glad that I don’t have to sleep elsewhere for another three months.” I smile at him and kiss his cheek. Throughout the party we greet our guests, and everyone is having a good time drinking and eating. By the end of the night I am beat and ready to go to bed. The party was a hit, and everyone enjoyed themselves. Which I am thankful for. Now, it’s time to get back to reality and deal with the looming threat, but first it’s time to sleep.

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