The Ties That Bond

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I wake up to the sun filtering through the window and let out a soft groan. Levi is holding me captive in his arms and snoring loudly. Why can’t he be one of those that snore softly or not at all. No, I get stuck with the loud snores. If I’m being honest, I don’t really mind since I’ve grown use to it, but it can still be annoying. “Levi, wake up or let me go. I need to pee.” I say turning towards him. “Not to mention, we have to get on the road so we can head to the Orange Moon Pack soon.” He snores again, like he’s not listening. So, I slap his arm to get his attention and he jerks awake. “About time! My bladder is going to explode.” He grumbles under his breath and I head to the bathroom to do my business. I walk back out and he’s still laying there.

“Good morning, beautiful.” He says in his sexy sleep voice. “How did you and the babies sleep?”

“Morning, handsome. We slept really well, up until we got woke up with your snoring this morning.” I tease knowing he knows that’s not the truth.

“Oh yeah? Is that so? You never complained before.” He said with a smirk.

“Maybe I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Now, come on and get dressed we have a long trip ahead of us and I’m hungry.” I say heading into my closet to throw on yoga pants and a tank top. It seems that it’s the only thing that will fit me right now and I’ve just become to lazy to try and put on jeans. Why be uncomfortable when you have yoga pants?

When I get out of the closet Levi is dressed and waiting on me, talking on the phone as usual. He’s leaving Ryder and Jason in charge while we’re gone and Ryder wasn’t happy about it, but Levi convinced him that he was needed here more than as backup with us. I mean, he is the one that takes over if something happens to us. We will have some of our best guards with us, so we should be okay, barring any surprises. Hopefully there won’t be any because quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of all the surprises we’ve had since we’ve mated. We head down and get some breakfast and soon after that, we’re on the road. Time for the two-hour long road trip that will more than likely change everything I’ve known as my life.

We already know that Levi belongs to a line of the most powerful Alphas, so our kids have that coming for them. We also know that I am from an Alpha bloodline as well, but from what my ‘dad’ said, there is more to my background. Especially if the pups are supposed to be the most powerful beings to have existed, which is still shocking to me. I know, every parent says that their babies are meant for greatness, and they wouldn’t be wrong, but knowing that you are carrying the three most powerful beings, is terrifying. Especially not knowing how or why this is even possible.

“Penny for your thoughts?” Levi asks, bringing me back to reality.

“Just thinking about how we could have created not just one, but three powerful beings. What is so great about my bloodline that could make it possible? We know you are the most powerful Alpha your bloodline has seen and that you now have the power of being King, but I don’t know, I guess it’s still baffling to me.” I try to explain, but I’m just as confused as I was while thinking of it in my head.

“I may be powerful, but you are too. Babe, you need to know that you are strong. You’ve been through so much in your life and you have overcome it all, but we are going to figure out what this all means. I promise you that we are going to figure out all the answers one way or another. We know my background and by the end of the night, hopefully, we’ll know yours and why our pups are destined to be so powerful. Maybe we’ll even get an insight on who wants our pups and if they are wanting to harm them, or even want them for the power that they hold. There are so many questions that we need answers for and I’m hoping your dad can answer them for us. Trust me Willow, we are going to figure this out and we are going to end this once and for all.” Levi says, bringing my hand up to his lips to kiss my knuckles.

“I know. You’re right, I guess I’m just worried about the unknown and what it all means. I always thought that the man I called dad for my entire life was my actual dad. I didn’t think he would turn out to be the monster he did. Even my mom wasn’t who I thought she was. They were power and money hungry and I never expected my life to be like this. I never thought that the guy I had the biggest crush on in high school would end up being my mate and the father of my babies. I wouldn’t change any of it for the world, well except my parents and their betrayal, I guess. I love you and I’m glad it was you and that I’ll have you by my side throughout the rest of our lives.” I say in all honesty.

“So, you had a crush on me, huh? What if I told you were the only one that caught my eye, from the first day you walked into that school, but I couldn’t go up to you since I was a senior and you were just a freshman. It would’ve ruined my reputation if I shacked up with a freshman.” He teases.

“Well, maybe if you weren’t worried about your precious reputation, things could have been completely different. I wouldn’t have gone through the torture that I went through with Jake and I would have had my mate sooner.” I say.

“You would have been a completely different person if that were the case Willow. You wouldn’t be the amazing woman that I mated and married that you are today. Not saying that you wouldn’t have been amazing either way, but what you went through with him made you stronger than you were, and I wouldn’t change the way it made you grew into this fierce woman that sits next to me. If I could have changed the way he treated you, I would have, but baby you are strong because of what you were put through.”

“You’re right. I don’t like the things that I had to endure, but I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. I wouldn’t be the one to put your ass in its place and fight you on your stupid decisions and I wouldn’t be the Luna Queen that I am today.” We still have a little over an hour until we get to the Orange Moon Pack, so I decide to close my eyes and try to prepare myself for what is to come. I don’t know if I’m ready to find this out, but I know it needs to happen. I need to know what we’re going to be facing with the babies.

I must have fallen asleep at some point because the next thing I know getting woken up by Levi. “Baby girl, it’s time to wake up. We’re here.” I let out a groan and stretch and he just chuckles. “It never fails. Every time you wake up you groan. I love it.”

I just glare at him and get out of the SUV when he offers me his hand. “Yet you still antagonize me when I’m cranky when I wake up.” I say sticking my tongue out at him. “Let’s do this thing. I’m ready for some answers. It seems that we’re always searching for answers for one problem or another.” Josiah is waiting outside the Packhouse doors when we arrive and it’s crazy to think how close we have gotten since we met.

We talk practically every night, mainly about what I’ve done in my life and the babies. He’s excited to be a granddad. He never found someone after mom left him, but I’m surprised the women haven’t been throwing themselves at him. He’s roughly six foot and his brown hair has that salt and pepper look, he’s muscular and very handsome. He has hazel eyes that are greener than hazel. “Hey dad.” I started calling him dad a few weeks ago. I mean he is my dad after all. Levi likes him as well. They have become close as well. They mainly talk about Alpha and King duties and how they can work together to change things for the better. They have put some good ideas out there and Levi thinks of him as another father and a trusted advisor. He was skeptical at first because of the attack, but he came around when they talked more in depth about it all.

“Hey sweetheart, Levi. How was the trip kids?” Josiah asks.

“Long and tiring. Well, everything I do now is tiring. Levi was mean.” I pout.

“I was not! You’re just a cry baby! It’s not my fault they were out of strawberry for the strawberry milkshake. I offered to get you something else and you pouted.” He says and I elbow him in the side, and he let out an ‘oomph’ sound. “Now who’s being mean?” He says rubbing his side. Levi woke me up once before when he stopped for food and I wanted a strawberry milkshake, but they were out of strawberry. I wasn’t a happy camper and may have cried a bit.

“You. I get a pass for being a baby. What’s your excuse for getting hit in the side? Aren’t you supposed to be the Almighty Alpha King? Stronger than strong?” I tease.

“I’ll show you just how strong I am, but first we have business to attend to.” He says kissing my forehead. “How are you doing Josiah? Did you talk to you know who?” I look at Levi like he grew two heads. Talk to who? Why wasn’t I informed of anything.

“I did and she is actually here.” He says.

“She? She who? Did you find someone?” I ask, not hiding my excitement.

“Uhm…yeah I did. You remember Dr. Greene?” He asks. Of course, I remember her. That’s Jason’s mom. She lost her mate last year in an attack. I only knew about it because Ryder was talking about it.

“Jason’s mom?! You’re mating with Jason’s mom? Does he know this?” I asks.

“Yes, he does. Sheila told him when we first started talking. She didn’t want to upset him by moving on to soon. She wanted him to know that she would always love his father. He seemed to be okay with it and he’s been here to visit a couple of times with Alexis.” Josiah says and I’m completely shook. Everyone knew except for me?

“No one told me. Does Shay know? Levi Noel Andrews! You knew this whole time and didn’t tell me! I hope you put your bags in a separate room MR! We don’t lie to each other or keep anything from one another. On another note, I am happy for you. You deserve someone like Mrs. Greene. She is a wonderful lady. Now, let’s get together at our place sometime, but for now we need to get busy. There are so many things that are going on and I just want it all to end and have my babies safe.” I say hugging Josiah.

“Don’t take it out on your mate, he was simply following your fathers instructions. I wanted to tell you and your sister in person. I’m surprised she and Ryder didn’t come along. They are your Beta pair. You’re right let’s go into my office and we can discuss. Levi has filled me in on a little of what was said, and I think it’s time you learn where you came from in person and not over the phone.” He said leading us to the office. Once we get into the office Josiah sits behind his desk and Levi and I sit on the couch. I prop my feet up on Levi’s legs and relax. My legs are killing me along with my back. “Now, first things first, I need to know what was said.”

“Well, my father, said that someone was after my pups because they are set to be the most powerful beings. He didn’t say what anyone would want with them, but I’m assuming the worst and I don’t like that. He wouldn’t say who was after them either. He shut his trap after he dropped that bombshell.” I state.

“It is true that the three pups you are carrying are going to be the strongest, most powerful beings that have ever existed. Every third generation there are a set of triplets that are to be born, each stronger than the last set. So, therefore that will make them the most powerful. Our lineage is in direct line with the Moon Goddess. Many, many years ago, she fell in love with one of your great-granddads and they had triplets. You see, they were powerful and because they came from of the Moon Goddess herself. It is not known because she is supposed to remain pure, however, you can’t help whom you fall in love with. She made sure that no one would know about it, except for our bloodline. I wasn’t around to explain this to you, and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be you or your sister. Not only are we from the Moon Goddess’s bloodline, we are also from the second strongest Alpha bloodline, with Levi’s bloodline being the strongest.” I can’t believe what I’m hearing. I never expected this.

“So, what you’re saying is, the Moon Goddess is my whatever great-grandma? This is a lot and by the look on your face, I feel there is more.” I say looking over to Levi and he looks as shocked as I feel. “Levi? Are you okay?”

“It’s a lot to take in. It’s not what I expected to hear, far from it, but I’m okay. We’ll be okay. I had an idea that you were from a strong line since we are mates, however, I didn’t expect it to be from the Moon Goddess herself or the second strongest Alpha line.” He says rubbing my legs and it feels amazing.

“There is more, now this is where it get tricky. You see the other sets of triplets have all been boys, you are the first one to have a girl in the mix. This means that your little princess is set to be the next Moon Goddess. This is all on my side of the family, however, I do know that your mother was a hybrid. She was wolf, but also vampire. It’s uncommon, but there are vampires in your mothers bloodline. I do believe it was her father that was the vampire.” Josiah explained. How did I not know about this? She must have suppressed the vampire side, or it was dormant. So much information. I don’t know if I can process it all.

“I thought vampires couldn’t have children or even create them?” Levi asks.

“That is a myth. Vampires have been having children for centuries. Not all of them are turned but born. So, your pups are going to be part witch, from my side of the family, part wolf, from you and Levi, and part vampire, from your mother’s side of the family. They are destined to do great things, in the right hands. There are members from both your mother’s side and my side that would want such power and to control them how they see fit. Especially your little Moon Goddess. I went to see a seeker years ago and she told me that one of my daughters would carry the beings that could either grow or destroy what we have built as wolves. I know that you and Levi will make sure that they grow it instead of destroying it, but if this threat were to succeed, it would doom, not only the wolf species, but all of them. Humankind included.” He explained.

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