The Ties That Bond

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New Brother

“So, do you know who this threat could be?” Levi asks.

“I have a suspicion. It could be one of two people. One being your uncle, on your mothers’ side, who has fallen from the grace of the Vampire King, your granddad. Or, it could be the woman that I haven’t spoken to in almost twenty years. After your mother left with you and your sister, I got another pregnant. I threw myself into my work and didn’t know she was pregnant until I ran into her and her son twenty years ago. She was not happy that I did not make her my mate. She is upset that her son wouldn’t be my heir if anything were to happen to me because that would go to my oldest child, which is you. So, she could also be behind it. I have kept in contact with my son, Nathan, over the years and he has a good head on his shoulders and tells me he and his mother have recently had a falling out. He is on his way here and will be here sometime tomorrow evening. I was hoping that you and your sister and your mates would be here to meet him. I know you would get along great.” Josiah says.

“So, this Nathan guy, won’t be a threat in the future? I don’t think I could get close to someone else and be betrayed again. I mean, my own parents betrayed me. Not to mention that I’m gaining a brother in Jason and since you and his mother are, I’m assuming, going to become mates soon. I can’t go through the betrayal of family or anyone again. It’s bad enough that my babies are in trouble and they’re not even born yet.” I’m starting to have a panic attack. It’s getting too be to much. I can’t catch my breath. I look at Levi and he’s right by my side.

“Breath baby. In. Out and repeat. Breath to the sound of my voice. We’ll get through this. We always do. Calm down for me baby girl. No one is going to hurt you or our babies. There you go. That’s my girl.” I calm down and he holds me in his arms and kisses my forehead.

“I can assure you sweetheart, Nathan is a good man and will do anything to protect those babies and you, even though he hasn’t met you. You would be correct about Sheila and I mating soon and that is why Jason and Alexis will be joining us tomorrow as well. I hope you; Levi, Shay, and Ryder can join as well.” Josiah says. “It’s been a long night and you have been given quite a bit of information. Why don’t you two go rest, and we’ll discuss what to do in the morning?”

“I’ll give Ryder a call after I get this one in a nice warm bath to relax.” Levi says, picking me up to carry me to our room for the night. He sits me down on the bed and heads to the bathroom to run the bath.

“How are you so calm about all this? Our daughter is set to be the next Moon Goddess. Our sons are going to be wolves, witches, and vampires. They could either make or break everything that our ancestors have worked for. Not that I’m going to let that happen, but that’s beside the point. We haven’t even picked out names!” I say when Levi comes back into the room.

“I’m calm on the outside, but I’m freaking out on the inside. I didn’t know there would be so much to your bloodline. Honestly, we will make sure our babies are raised to be the great leaders they are destined to be. We will do everything we can in order to keep them on the right track. It’s out of our hands when destiny comes into play. Maybe that is why I’m not all that shocked about it. I’m terrified of the unknown. Baby, we will get through this. We are going to have some amazing babies and more to come. Now, let’s get you in this bath and I’ll call Ryder and fill him in on everything. Then, we shall go to bed.” He says kissing me before I go to the bathroom.


That was a lot of information. I honestly don’t know how to process it all. I knew Willow was strong, but I didn’t know she was from not only the second strongest Alpha bloodline, but from the Moon Goddess. Our daughter is set to become the next Moon Goddess, so she’ll have those powers along with wolf and vampire. She’s going to become the strongest of the three. My boys are going to be the strongest leaders and I know they’ll keep their sister safe. I just can’t believe that my pups are going to be that powerful.

I’m one proud dad and I can’t wait to see them grow into the leaders they are meant to become. In order to do that, we just need to make sure we keep them safe at all costs. Even if they aren’t wanting to kill them, whoever is after them will use them to do their dirty work and gain the power from. I know they won’t stop at just using them for the power that they wield, but I know they’ll kill Willow and myself. Hell, whoever is doing this will kill whomever gets in their way. We have two possibilities that we need to follow up on, but first we need to meet this brother. Maybe he’ll have some insight on his mother and if it could be her.

Time to call Ryder. I don’t know how I feel about them coming as well since Jason will be here. We’ll have to find someone to watch over things as we are here for at least tomorrow night. I call Ryder and he answers on the first ring.

“Levi, what’s up brother?”

“So much. Short version is Willows bloodline comes from the second strongest Alpha line, the Mood Goddess line, and Vampire lines. She also has a brother through Josiah, and he will be here tomorrow. We have two possible leads. One being the brother’s mother and the other being Willow and Shay’s uncle that has fallen from the grace of the Vampire King. Josiah would like you and Shay to join us for dinner tomorrow evening to meet the brother and Jason and Alexis will be here. We need to have Bryson keep things in line while you are both here.”

“Wow. That is a lot to take in and I’m sure there is more to the story. Jason and Alexis left not long ago. Shay and I will leave in the morning after I talk with Bryson. This is getting intense. We need to get this under control and fast.”

“You think I don’t know that? My children are in danger. My daughter is supposed to become the next Moon Goddess and my sons are supposed to become powerful leaders that could make or break all species around us. Not to mention, all three are going to be tribrids. Wolf, witch, and vampire. Who knows what Willow and Shay are completely? Maybe they are full wolves and it skips a line. I don’t know. There are many unanswered questions and all we can do is follow up on the leads. We will discuss this when we leave either tomorrow night or the next morning.”

“This is more than anyone thought. Alright. I’ll fill Shay in on everything that you’ve told me. She might freak out and want to leave tonight. I’ll send you a text if that happens. Don’t worry brother, we’ll figure it out and your pups and mate will be safe.”

With that we hang up and I go to the bathroom to check on Willow. I walk into the bathroom and she’s asleep in the tub. I smile and walk over to her and it amazes me how beautiful she is, and pregnancy just makes her that much more beautiful. “Baby girl, let’s get you out of the bath and into bed.” I say shaking her slightly. I know she’s tired, she’s been more tired since the babies have started growing faster. She’s not just carrying one so, it makes it that much harder I suppose.

Hell, I’m tired just looking at how tired she is. I have a lot of work that I must do daily, as does she, but she also has to carry three pups. She’s my wonder woman. “Come one Wills, let the water out so we can get dressed. I know the water is cold by now.” She groans and pulls the plug and lifts her arms up. I help her out of the tub and dry off. I get her into her shorts and tank top and lay her down under the covers before I strip into just my boxers. I normally sleep naked, but I don’t want anyone walking in and seeing my goods. Jason should be here in a couple hours. I’ll fill him in on everything in the morning. I’m exhausted, more mentally than anything. I climb into the bed and pull Willow close to my chest and rest one arm under my pillow and the other on her belly. She sighs in content and snuggles closer. I mindlessly rub soothing circles on her belly while succumbing to some much-needed sleep.


When I wake up, I roll over and see Levi sleeping peacefully. I didn’t have it in my heart to wake him since he’s not been getting much sleep as of late, so I decided to let him sleep in. He deserves it. I slowly get out of bed and head to the bathroom to shower. Once I get out of the shower I get dressed in leggings and a t-shirt and throw my hair in a messy bun. Levi is still sleeping when I go to leave the room. I go into the kitchen and I’m met with my dad, Sheila, Jason, Alexis, Ryder, and Shay. “Good morning, everyone.” I say heading to the coffee pot. They all look at me and smile and say good morning. “When did everyone arrive?” I ask going to sit at the table.

“We arrived this morning and Jason and Alexis arrived last night, but you were already asleep. I had to talk to Bryson before coming and I wanted to fill Shay in on everything that Levi told me. Don’t worry Will, we’re going to find out who is after the babies. Levi was worried when I talked to him on the phone last night.” Ryder explains.

“I could feel it through the bond. I wish he would talk to me though. I know he doesn’t want to add to my worries and stress, but I wish he would open more than he does. That’s why I left him sleeping. I would appreciate it if no one woke him. He’s not been sleeping well lately, and I want him to get the rest he needs.” I say and they all agree. They know how hard he’s been working and understand that he needs the rest. He’s not going to be any use in a fight if he doesn’t take care of himself. “Anyways, when is Nathan set to arrive? Speaking of new brothers.” I say looking at Jason who ducks his head.

“Yeah, sorry for not telling you. It wasn’t my place.” Jason says.

“He should arrive anytime now.” Josiah says and as if on que, the door opens and a man that looks like Josiah walks into the house. “Ah, Nathan! Glad you made it. How were your travels?”

“Yeah, they were good. I brought someone with me though. I hope you don’t mind. This is Sierra. I met her when I stopped for gas and it turns out she is my mate.” Nathan explained. I turned to look at Nathan, he has dirty blonde hair, around six foot, he has Josiah’s strong facial features, and green eyes. Then I look at Sierra and did a double take. Sierra Hamilton, Levi’s high school girlfriend and the girl that went out of her way to make mine and Alexis’s life miserable. I look at Alexis and turn back to Sierra and let out a ferocious growl. Everyone looks at me weird, except for Alexis who knows. Sierra just gives me a smirk. I growl louder and Alexis growls as well and I start to lunge after her. Before I make it to her, Nathan steps in front of her and arms wrap around me holding me back.

“Look what we have here. Willow Thompson and Alexis Santiago. Been a long-time ladies.” Sierra says and has the nerve to step towards us from behind Nathan. “I didn’t think I’d see you again, considering what your parents did.” I try to yank myself from Levi, which doesn’t work. When the hello kitty did he get down here? Alexis gets free from Jason, but only for a short second.

“ENOUGH!” Josiah says, but that doesn’t stop Sierra.

“How are my sloppy seconds Willow? He has always been a good fuck. You know he used to love me until you showed up. He was going to make me his Luna and I was going to bear his pups, but you came along and did that. Now, I met your brother, so I guess I’m going to be in your life once again. This should be entertaining.” She sneers.

“Levi. LET. ME. GO. NOW.” I say, trying to get out of his hold again. I growl in frustration. She cackles. “Great mate you have there, brother. So sorry we had to meet like this. This skank has always had it out for me, and she knew exactly what would happen if she showed up here.” I say to Nathan.

“Don’t call her that.” Nathan sneers. Of course, he would defend her, she is his mate, even though he looks disgusted on how she’s acting, but any mate doesn’t want to hear anything bad said about their mate.

“ENOUGH!” Levi says this time using his powerful Alpha tone. “Everyone in the meeting room! I’m going to let you go, but I will grab you again if you try anything. I love you, but we need to keep level heads as the Alpha King and Queen. Same goes with you Alexis. Get your shit together.” Levi lets go of me and Jason lets go of Alexis and we all make it to the meeting room. “I’m sorry for overstepping Josiah, but they wouldn’t have stopped. There is bad blood between them all that’s been there since high school.”

“That’s no problem Alpha King Levi. Hell, of a way to start a meeting!” Josiah says taking a seat at the table.

“Now, we need to discuss some things and before we do that, apparently we have to deal with childish shit.” Levi starts.

“Before we begin, I would like to introduce my daughters to their new brother. Nathan, this is Willow and the woman beside her is Shay. Levi is Willows mate, as you all know, Ryder is sitting next to Shay and he is her mate. He is also the Royal Beta. Beside them is The Royal Gamma pair and your stepbrother, Jason and his mate Alexis.” Josiah said.

“I’ve heard plenty about each of you and I’m glad to meet you all. Granted, I wasn’t expecting that as our first meeting, but I’m glad I finally got to meet you.” Nathan said. He seems nice, it’s his mate that I don’t trust because I know how she is.

“It’s nice to meet you as well. I’m sorry for acting out the way I did. I didn’t expect to see her again and it brought back bad memories and when you tie my hatred for her with my heightened emotions from being pregnant you get a deadly combination.” I say and Sierra snorts.

“Enough of that. I will reject you right now if you do not treat them with the respect as your Royal leaders and my family.” Nathan says and I’m shocked. Sierra whimpers and sits back in her chair and crosses her arms over her chest and glares. I just smirk.

“Now, shall we get to business?” Josiah asks.

“Yes, but she leaves. I do not trust her and as of right now from her actions from this morning who knows if she has ulterior motives for coming here knowing who would be here. She’s not mated to Nathan yet, so she is not part of the family until she bares his mark.” I say.

“Very well, Sierra if you could step out so we can begin with our meeting.” Levi says. What a way to meet your new brother that you learned about not twenty-four hours ago. Sierra doesn’t look happy, but she can’t fight against Levi’s command.

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