The Ties That Bond

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I woke up when I heard Willow let out a ferocious growl and instantly got dressed and headed to the kitchen to see what was going on. When I walked in, I saw Sierra and a male, that I assumed to be Nathan, and Willow, along with Alexis, and they weren’t happy. Willow went after Sierra after she said something, and I had to grab her before she did something that couldn’t be undone. This is not how I expected our morning to go. Now, we’re sitting in the meeting room to get an idea of what is going on. “This room is soundproof, so no one will be able to hear what we discuss. I do not want anything said in this room to be transferred to anyone.” I said and everyone agreed. “Now, Nathan, it’s nice to meet my mates brother, but we need to know about your mother.” Nathan took a deep breath.

“I figured as much. The last I saw her; she was going to the UK. I’m unsure as to why, but she told me she had some business to attend over there.” He explains.

“That’s where the Vampire King resides. I wonder if it has any connection to the threat on my grandpups. It can’t be a coincidence.” Josiah said.

“So, it seems as if our two leads are going to be in the same place. Looks like we are going to the UK.” This can’t be good. It seems that we not only have one threat, but two. Vampires are tricky and with us not knowing anything about this woman, we can’t be sure what is going through her head. “Okay, tell us everything you can about your mother.”

“Well, she was content in her life up until the news of Willow becoming pregnant. She overheard dad talking to his Beta at the time about what a Seeker had said. After he left to be with his mate and she left him, my mom went back to try and work things out with Josiah. She overheard that your pups would be more powerful than this world has ever known. She ended up leaving and when she found out it was Willow that was carrying the triplets she changed. She started talking about how she would be the most powerful woman and would get Josiah back. That’s when I found out about who my father really was. Then two weeks ago, she went to the UK to meet with someone.” Nathan said.

“This is worse than we thought. We only figured it would be either your mother or the vampires. Who knows who they have aligned with them? We need to hold a meeting with the Alphas of the surrounding packs that are our allies. We need to get those who are not our allies to align themselves with us. Willow needs to be protected at all costs. She may be strong, but she cannot shift. We need to set up a trip to go to the UK tomorrow after I get Willow home.” I said.

“I’m not letting you do this alone Levi. I am not going to cower when my life is in danger. My babies come first, and I will do anything that I can in order to keep them safe. You will not keep me out of this.” Willow said. I knew she would fight me on this, but this is one thing that she won’t win with me.

“My priority is to keep you and my pups safe. You will not be going with us. Your job is to make sure you stay calm and get those pups to term. Willow don’t fight me on this. Please. I don’t want to fight with you on this. I know you will do anything, but I can’t have you in anymore danger than you already are. You will be going back to the Kingdom tomorrow and after we get you settled, myself and Jason will be going to the UK with some warriors to scope out what is going on. Ryder is going to be staying so he can oversee the Alpha duties. You still have Luna duties to uphold. Please, baby, just…please.” I plead, hoping she doesn’t fight me this time.

“Fine, but I’m not happy about it. My priority is to keep our babies safe and if me being locked up in a tower is what you deem safe then whatever. I’m done with this conversation. I’m tired and hungry and I swear if Sierra starts her shit again, I will rip her head off.” There’s my feisty she-wolf. “I swear I grew a watermelon overnight. My back hurts and my feet hurt. I want to relax and I’m emotional.” I lean over and kiss her forehead.

“This meeting is over. Thank you, Nathan, for the information. I’m going to get our Queen some food and rest before dinner.” I say before picking Willow up and taking her to the kitchen with the others not far behind.

“I’m going to find Sheila and get started on some phone calls. You girls call me if you need anything.” Josiah said before he went into his office.


Great. Just fucking great. I just want all this shit to be done with. I want to have my babies and I want to have them now. I seem to be getting bigger with each passing minute. That meeting was shit and just added more stress that I don’t need. This woman that I don’t know decides to try and use my babies for power. I’ll kill her before it happens. On top of everything, Sierra is here, and I just can’t stand that bitch. I know Levi is right, but I don’t want to cower behind a closed door, but I will, for him. “What do you want for lunch babe?” Levi asks.

“Pickles and nacho cheese.” I say.

“That’s not much of a lunch, now is it. How about I make you a grilled cheese and some soup too?” He asks. I just nod my head as he sits me at the table. He still insists on carrying me even though I tell him I can walk, but I’m not going to lie and say I don’t enjoy it. It gets me off my feet and his touch sooths me.

“Thanks babe. So, Shay, how are you holding up with everything that Ryder told you?” I ask my sister. It’s a lot for me to take, so I’m curious as to how she’s reacting. She hasn’t said much since she’s been here. “What about having not just one, but two new brothers? Pretty cool huh?”

“I mean, it is a lot of information that was just thrown at us, but I’m handling it pretty well. I’m not the one whose babies are in danger. As for the two brothers, it’s different, but we’ve known Jason for a while, and he was practically a brother anyways. Nathan seems okay, if he would only get rid of Sierra. He could do much better. What’s going to happen now that he’s here? I mean he is an Alpha as well. If I didn’t know any better, Sierra thinks he’s going to be taking over and she’ll be Luna. She has always wanted power.” Shay told me and I couldn’t agree more. That’s the reason she was with Levi.

“Well, I hope he realizes it before it’s too late. Family is family and I don’t want anything to happen to him.” I said.

“You know he’s sitting right here, right?” Nathan said. Shay and I laughed.

“Yeah, we know. How do you feel about having two new siblings that are more than likely going to annoy the shit out of you? Even more so if you do mate with Sierra.” I say.

“Well, like you said, family is family and my mate is also important to me. I don’t want any trouble and I really don’t like the way she acted when she first got here. As for having two annoying sisters, I wouldn’t want anything else. I’m looking forward to getting to know each of you.” He said.

“You know, we have a pack that needs an Alpha that’s only ten minutes from the Kingdom, if you’re interested. You are an Alphas son, so the position is yours if you want it.” Levi said bringing my food. “I know it normally doesn’t happen like this, but I also know that Josiah is a strong Alpha and you are also from the same bloodline so it would only make since to have such a strong bloodline leading a pack. Besides, I like to have family running packs before someone I don’t trust. Ryder and mine’s youngest brother runs the pack that Josiah left for this one. I feel that you can trust family more than you can a stranger and if Willow agrees then you can have it. First, you need to figure out things with Sierra. I won’t have her trying to ruin things and I won’t be afraid to take the title away.” Levi said.

“Some family you can trust anyways. I think it would be a good thing. I mean it’s only ten minutes from Shay and I and we could visit and get to know each other better.” I said as I finish my meal. “I agree that Sierra needs to be put in her place. I don’t want to see this pack go down because of her. She is a bully and I don’t tolerate anyone treating any other wolf differently.”

“I’ll definitely think about it. I would love to run a pack and after what I saw this morning, I will be sure to put her in her place. I don’t take kindly to bullies.” Nathan said.

“Who are you putting in their place?” Sierra comes into the kitchen and walks over to Nathan. “Who’s being a bully?”

“You.” I snap.

“Oh, so they’re telling you awful lies about me now. Don’t believe them baby. I’ve never been anything but kind to them and they were just jealous of me back in high school. Once, Willow and Alexis trapped me in the bathroom and threatened that if I didn’t break things off with Levi, they would make sure I would regret it.” She had the nerve to have tears in her eyes. Alexis growled, but I growled louder.

“That is not how that went, and you know it. You had Willow up against the wall because you saw her staring at Levi. You worthless, two-faced tramp.” Alexis said.

I remember that day perfectly. We had just gotten to our lockers when Levi walked in with Sierra and I was madly in love with him back then as well, but he didn’t notice me. Sierra saw the emotions on my face and snarled when she walked by. Later that day before lunch I was using the restroom and she came barging in and had me up against the wall with her arm against my throat and told me if I looked at him again it would be the last thing I did. Alexis walked in and shoved her off me.

My wolf wants out. She’s clawing to the surface. I can’t shift, but she wants out to get that bitch. My eyes are shifting back and forth from my wolfs to my own. I let out another growl and I’m trying to hold her back. “You lying bitch. You threatened me.” I had her by her neck pressed up against the wall in a matter of seconds. My eyes aren’t my own anymore. I tell my wolf that we can’t shift. She knows this. It’s physically impossible for us to shift while pregnant, but that doesn’t stop her from coming to the surface. “I should kill you right now for disrespecting me.”

“Willow. Stop.” Levi said.

“That’s not her Levi. Her wolf has come to the surface. She’s in defense mode. She was there for everything that Sierra did to her, and she was pissed, but Willow kept her at bay, but she’d come to the surface every so often.” Shay explained.

“Baby, you have to calm down.” Levi’s wolf is on the surface trying to connect with my own. “Come on, think of our pups. Think of us. She’s not worth it. You kill her and Nathan will feel the pain for months. Think of him.” I can feel myself gaining control. “That’s it baby. Come on. Let her go. Let Nathan deal with her.” I drop her and she’s gasping for air.

“Cross me again and it will be the last thing you do. You want to make up stories about me, I can make them come true.” That’s the last thing I remember until I wake up for dinner. I was exhausted after battling for control with my wolf, so I asked Levi to help me to our room so I could rest.

“Hey baby. How are you feeling?” Levi asks. I can tell he’s worried about me especially after what happened earlier. I just couldn’t hold it in any longer. She gets under my skin and I just wanted it to end. Nathan deserves someone better. He deserves someone with a soul as kind as his. There must be a reason they were a fated pair, but I hope if he were to reject her, he would get someone as kind hearted as him.

“I’m fine baby. How long was I out?” I ask.

“About six hours. Dinner is ready, so I came to get you.” He says kissing my forehead.

“Okay, help me up please.” He helps me up and I follow him into the kitchen. The food smells amazing. Levi pulls my chair out and sits next to me. “Hello, everyone. I just want to apologize for my actions that took place earlier.” I say blushing.

“You have nothing to be sorry about.” Josiah says. “She was in the wrong and even though she is your brothers’ mate, she should respect you as her Queen.”

“Dad’s right Willow. I apologize for her actions. I spoke with her and told her that she needed to leave because this behavior wasn’t acceptable. It’s not only disrespectful to a Royal, but to my family as well. I also rejected her. I just hope that the Moon Goddess understands, and I can find a mate that will support my family and myself as well.” Nathan says and I instantly feel guilty. I didn’t want him to have to reject her.

I can’t stop the tears that form and start to fall and Levi hugs me into his side. “We have it in pretty good with the Moon Goddess. I mean, I am carrying the next one.” I say.

“What? My niece is the next Moon Goddess? Man, there is so much that I need to catch up on. Also, Levi, the offer you presented me with earlier, I would like to take you up on it if is still available.” Nathan said. I hope he finds someone that is worthy of him. I know we just met, but that doesn’t make a difference for me. I can tell he’s special and has no ill intent against my family.

“Of course, it is and yes our little girl is going to be the next Moon Goddess. It’s a scary thought, but we will work it out.” Levi says. The rest of dinner goes on easily. There is lots of conversation and getting to know one another. There are laughs and sentimental moments. I’m glad I get to spend it with my family. I’ve come to realize that you shouldn’t take anything for granted. You never know when the next problem may come along and knowing how my life is going right now, it could be right around the corner.

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