The Ties That Bond

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Night Out

The uber pulled up to the club and I paid the driver before getting out to head towards the entrance. I pushed all the thoughts of wondering who Alexis was talking about out of my head as I walked up to the door to meet my best friend. I found her up by the bouncer fighting with him to let her in instead of waiting to see if we even get in from waiting in the line.

“Alexis what are you doing?” I ask as I walk up to her.

“This asshat of a bouncer won’t let us go in. He says we’re not on the list and we have to wait in line.” She explained.

“Its fine we can wait. Sorry sir she can be a bit of a spitfire. We’ll just go wait in line.” Of course, I don’t want to wait in this long line so I’m using my nicest tone and batting my eyelashes as I drag Alexis away.

“Wait. Willow Thompson?” Bouncer guy asks.

“Yeah that’s me. Why?” I ask.

" I have special instructions to let you in and for you to go to the VIP area from Alpha Andrews.” He said. What in the hell. Why is Levi here? Could he be who Alexis was talking about being here? I mean obviously he’s here it’s a club, but how did he know I was going to be here. The bouncer let Alexis and I through and we head to the bar. I look up to the VIP section and there he is. In all his sexy, muscular glory. Talking to some bimbo. I want to be pissed, but I know that I can’t because we haven’t even talked since we found out we were mates. I may not be able to be pissed, but I could be petty.

Alexis and I get our drinks after doing four rounds of shots and go to the VIP section so I can see what the Mr. Alpha wants. As I’m walking up, I know he sees me, but that bimbo is still all over him and it seems as if he is enjoying himself. His eyes lock with mine and I can feel the pull to go towards him getting stronger. He smirks and turns his attention to the bimbo in front of him. I roll my eyes and go to the bar to get another drink. Might as well enjoy my night out with my best friend. I mean, we did just graduate college. After a few more shots and two more drinks, Alexis and I head towards the dancefloor. I can sense his eyes on me, but I ignore it for as long as I can. We dance for about an hour and I decide it’s time to face the Almighty Alpha himself, so I make my way up to the VIP area with Alexis hot on my heals.

“You ordered me to come here?” I asked with a hit of anger to my tone. I’m not the type of woman to get bossed around. At least not anymore. Not after what Jake put me through. “How did you even know I would be here Levi?” I ask. By now Alexis has gone off and started chatting up any hot guy that looked at her. So, it was just me and the most feared Alpha in the US.

“I couldn’t exactly have my mate come here, alone could I. Especially with you wearing something like that. As far as ordering you here. I wanted to be able to keep an eye on you. It seems that I need to since you just let anyone put their hands on you.” He said into my ear. The sparks were flying through my body like crazy and it could be a result of the alcohol, but I knew it was more than that.

“So, you think you can order me to come up here so I can watch you with some bimbo and then get mad because someone shows an interest in me? I don’t take kindly to men ordering me around. Mate or not, you will respect me and treat me how a lady deserves to be treated.” By this time, I was pissed. Who does he think he is ordering me around? Yes, he is my mate and he is an Alpha so that makes him more possessive and protective, but that is beside the point.

“You know, no one talks to me that way and gets away with it. I’d watch how you talk to your Alpha. Mate or not.” He said.

“You may be my Alpha, but I will not be spoke to or treated that way.” I told him. I didn’t even give him a chance to reply. I turned on my heel and went off to find Alexis. Who did he think he was? He was being an ass. It would have been different if he would have asked, but to follow me and then order me to join him? I came here to have a good night and celebrate with my best friend and that’s what I intended on doing. I can feel his eyes on me with every move I make. I catch myself looking at him and keep catching him staring. That bimbo bitch is back and rubbing up on him and he doesn’t push her away. By now I am slightly drunk and dancing away.

As Alexis and I were dancing two guys come up and start dancing behind us. The guy that is behind me is the same one that was dancing with me earlier. He grabs my hips and I don’t push him away. It’s a club so I didn’t think anything of it and was dancing and enjoying my night. I look up to where Levi is, and he is still staring at me and I can tell he is pissed to no end because there is some other guy that is dancing with me. I smirk in his direction and blow him a kiss before turning my attention back to the dancefloor. Maybe it’s the pettiness in me right now from what he did, but I ignore it all and just lose myself in the music. We danced to a few more songs before I had to go to the bathroom. I do my business and wash my hands and I’m about to go back out to get another drink but when I turn around Levi is standing behind me.

“Don’t you know this is the lady’s room?” I ask sarcastically. I can tell he’s mad, but I just don’t care right now. However, he does look extremely sexy when he’s angry. I can feel my panties getting wet just looking at him.

“What the hell was that? Dancing with other men?” He asks.

“It’s a club Levi there are a lot of people on the dance floor. What do you expect me to do? Stand there and appeal to your Alpha ego? I came here tonight to celebrate my graduation. I’m not just going to stand there.”

“That’s not what I said, but you shouldn’t be letting men dance that way or anyway like that with you. I’M YOUR MATE AND YOU SHOULD HAVE SOME REPECT FOR THAT! He tells at me.

“You may be the most feared Alpha out there Levi, but you don’t scare me, so I suggest you calm your shit and don’t ever yell at me like that again. Maybe next time if you don’t want men dancing around me then you should join me yourself or even show me the respect I deserve and trust me.” He steps closer to me and I take a step back. We repeat this process until eventually I am up against the wall. I can feel my breathing accelerating with each step he takes getting close to me. “I respect that you are my mate, but that doesn’t give you the right to control me.” He’s only far enough away from my face to where if either of us move the slightest way our lips will touch.

“You have some guts to talk to me that way. I find it quite sexy.” I gasp at what he said before his lips smash into mine. God, he tastes so good and smells even better. I open my mouth to allow access for his tongue and before I know it my legs are wrapped around his hips, my hands find their way to his hair, and his hands are on my ass. I start grinding on him and can feel him getting harder by the second. He starts kissing down my jaw to my neck until he finds the spot that is most sensitive that is where one day, he’ll mark me. I let out a small moan as he nips at it and starts sucking there. Goddess why is he so sexy. I want him. No, I need him right now. He backs away and sets my legs back on the ground and I am panting and irritated that he stopped. “Why’” I managed to get out between breaths.

“Because when I have my way with you, it won’t be in a bathroom to a club.” He says and it’s enough to leave me longing.

I go back out to the club and let Alexis know that I’m going to head home. I call for an uber and wait. Ten minutes later, I’m in the uber and heading home.

Twenty minutes later and I’m paying the driver and stumbling up to the front door. I got to the door fumbling with my keys to unlock the door and head to my bedroom to change. After taking some Tylenol and drinking water, I stagger to my room before landing on my bed.

“It’s about time you got home Willow. I’ve been waiting a while.”

I know that voice. “How did you get in my house. Why are you here?”

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