The Ties That Bond

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After a long flight and missing my mate more than anything, we have arrived in the UK and are almost to the UK Kingdom, the Goddess Crescent, to meet with the King. I’m just ready to be home and be rid of this obstacle and threat against my family. “When we arrive, we need to speak with the King as soon as possible about the alliance. We also need to get information about the vampires and see if they know anything about what is going on. I know we are all tired, but this is something that needs to be done sooner rather than later so we can get home.” I tell everyone. They all agree. They want to be here as much as I do.

I decide to call Willow and see how she is doing and let her know we landed before she has my balls. I take my phone put and dial her number. She answers after the fourth ring.

W: Hello?

L: Hey baby girl, we landed and are about ten minutes out. I wanted to see how you were doing. I miss you. I wish we were here under different circumstances and you were here. How are the babies treating you? I miss this woman more than anything and I miss feeling my pups kick when I talk to them.

W: I’m okay and so are the babies. They’re active as usual. I’m tired of growing. I was waiting for your call. I can’t sleep without you here and I’m just uncomfortable. I miss you and love you.

L: I love you too Wills. Listen baby, we’re here and I need to go, and you need to get some sleep. I love you and I’ll see you in a few days.

W: Okay Levs. I’ll try. I love you too. I’ll talk to you when I wake up and I’ll see you soon.

With that we end the call and that just makes things harder. I know she’s uncomfortable and I’m not there to help her with that comfort. I know just holding her in my arms helps her sleep as much as it does me. “Alright, let’s get this over with. Did you call Alexis?” I ask Jason.

“Yeah. She said she’s doing fine and has been with Willow and Shay since she’s been off work. She said since tomorrow is her day off, they’re going to have a girls’ day and just hang out. I hate being away. What if something happens while we’re gone?” He questions.

“I’m glad that they are all close. It makes things a little easier, but not much. I know what you mean man. I hate being away from Willow. Even more now that she’s pregnant and in danger. We just can’t think like that. If something were to happen, Ryder is there and there are still great warriors that are guarding things. They will be okay. Besides, we’re going to be here for a few days at most. I’m going to have Victor, James, and Lucas stay here to watch the Vampires and Nathan’s mom. If anything happens, we’ll know about it.” I finish as we pull up to the Packhouse. We step out and are greeted by the King and Queen. “Thank you for having us King Tristan. We appreciate you for thinking about an alliance.” I say and I am grateful. Hopefully this will shed some lights on what has been going on here that we didn’t know about. That’s the hope anyways.

“The pleasure is ours. I have been trying to reach out to the former King to set an alliance up, but he kept turning it down. Shall we go inside and get you guys settled and fed and then we can discuss things.” King Tristan says. We follow him inside and he shows us to our rooms. I debate on whether or not to call Willow before showering and going downstairs. It’s around seven in the morning here so, it around two in the morning back in the States. Maybe I should wait until later to call her. Especially if she’s sleeping. It’s been hard for her to get to sleep and every time she turns around it’s like she gets bigger. Times like this I envy my brother. He gets to be home with his pregnant mate. Before I can finish my internal debate, there’s a knock on my door. “Come in.” I say, getting things ready for a quick shower.

“Hey, we need to talk.” Jason says as he walks in.

“Okay, let me get a shower really quick and then we can.” I say walking to the bathroom. I took the quickest shower I’ve ever taken before. I wonder what he needs to talk about. Then, I think about Willow and how she and the pups are doing. I just want to be home next to her. I get out of the shower and dry off and get dressed before walking out to the room. “So, what did you want to talk about Jace?” I ask my Gamma.

“What if all of this is just a dead end? What if we don’t find anything more out than what we already know? I was thinking that if this talk doesn’t bring any new information about the threat, we could just head home afterwards. We’re leaving warriors here so they can keep us informed on what’s going on. We need to be ready if we hear anything. They could even not be in the United Kingdom now and be in the United States putting their plan into motion. What if they wanted it to where we weren’t there thus making Willow an easier target?” Jason says. I know he hates being away from Alexis as much as I do Willow and he does have a point. I never thought that this could be a part of their plan.

“Alright, let’s go talk to King Tristan and we’ll go from there. I’m okay with leaving tonight if we don’t find out any new information or if we do find out that Nathan’s mom and the Vampires are in the States, we will head back as soon as possible because that means our pack is in danger along with my mate and pups.” I said and Jason just nods in agreement, and we head to find the King.

“Ah, King Levi, Gamma Jason! Glad you could join us. Please help yourselves to some food and then we’ll go into my office.” King Tristan says. We grab some food and sit at the table with King Tristan. I have had a bad feeling sine Jason talked to me earlier. I just can’t shake it. I don’t know what it is, but I decide that I’ll push it off and we’ll head home shortly after we sign the treaty.

We’re heading to his office about thirty minutes later. He sits behind his desk and Jason and I each grab a chair in front of his desk. “Shall we get started with signing papers? I would like to inform you that after this meeting we will be heading back home. My mate is pregnant with triplets and she doesn’t sleep well, and I would like to be there with her since I can provide her with some comfort.” I explain.

“Ah, yes. I heard you and your mate are expecting the most powerful beings that have existed. Let’s speak of this first. I’ve heard of the prophecy of the three beings that are to be born. One is a female that will become the next Moon Goddess and the other two will be males. One is to rule over the Vampires and the other is meant to rule the Werewolves. You are one lucky man. There are a lot of people that would give anything in order to have such power. I have heard the Vampires talking about wanting to behold this power. I understand that in your mates bloodline there are Vampires on her mother’s side. I also know that since your mates uncle fell out of grace with the Vampire King he killed him and took the throne. We have been keeping an eye on him since we do not trust him. He has taken a Queen by the name of Summer. I have heard whispers about them wanting to get their hands on the greatest power that is to be known. In fact, I found out that they left the country a few days ago.” I’m shocked and pissed.

“You mean to tell me; you knew all of this and knew that they left the country and didn’t bother to call and inform me? No one is going to get their hands on my pups nor Willow. Not her uncle or her brother’s mother. Nathan, your mother’s name is Summer, correct?” I ask.

“Yes, it is. I didn’t expect this. This is a lot. If they have teamed up then we need to get home as soon as possible. My mother is not stable and from what Josiah has filled me in on this uncle, I don’t know who is more unstable.” Nathan said and I couldn’t agree more.

“I agree. King Tristan, if you don’t mind let’s sign this alliance and I trust that you will file it on your end, and I will on my end. I’m going to leave some warriors here in case anything happens. I must get home to my mate. We spend another hour going over the contract of the alliance and then Nathan, Jason, and myself are packed and heading to the airport along with the five warriors out of the ten that I brought. I’m going to give Willow a call. It’ll take another hour to get to the airport from the Kingdom and I need to let her know what I found out.


She answers after the third ring and she sounds like she’s been crying.

L: Willow, baby, what’s wrong. Why are you crying?

W: You need to get home as soon as you can. I’m sorry Levi. They came out of nowhere. I couldn’t do anything. You need to tell Jason that Alexis is in the hospital and in critical condition. He can’t feel how bad it is with how far away you guys are. The Vampires came out of nowhere. Ryder and the warriors held them off as much as they could. We have around fifty of our warriors down and they managed to get to Alexis. I’ve been hiding in our room where we discussed since I can’t do anything, but Ryder left the mind-link open so I could hear what was going on. I felt Shay go down. Ryder managed to get her to the hospital in time, but it’s still critical. Levi, baby, they are still here, and the fight is still going on. They are looking for me. Oh no. They’re in the room. I have got to…AHHH! LEAVE ME ALONE! LEVI!

The line went dead. “FUCK!” I roar. Jason jumps.

“What the hell!” Jason exclaims. I explain everything to him including Alexis being in critical condition.

“Jason, we’re going to get there soon. That’s not the worst part. They managed to capture Willow.” We’re both shaking trying to contain our wolves. “STEP ON IT!” I shout to one of my warriors.

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