The Ties That Bond

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Restless sleeps suck. At least when Levi is here, I have some comfort from the mate bond, but with him being gone I can’t get comfortable. I’m used to him rubbing my back as I fall asleep. That’s the main source of pain that keeps me up at night. Today marks three months left until these pups come out. If they don’t come out soon. I don’t know how long I’ll keep my sanity. This pain is excruciating. On the bright side, after we get done with work, the girls and I are supposed to have a girls’ day. I have some papers to file and contracts to go over. So, just the typical stuff. This alliance with the United Kingdom Pack will be a great thing. It will allow us to expand to a different country. I’ve gone over everything in the contract and I’ve noticed that the previous King had denied this treaty each time it was offered. Which is stupid on his part because it allows us to have more area and more allies that won’t start a war if we do something they don’t like and vice versa.

I’ve been working for a few hours and have talked to Levi through text. I miss him, but I suppose I’ll live. I’ve also been able to go over a major investment that was offered to us. It would allow us to expand our territory to unclaimed lands and we can add more businesses and homes that will in turn create more money flow and jobs. I need to call and talk to Nathan since some of the land would be on his territory along with a few other Alphas. I decide to do a conference call with them. So, I dial Alpha Nathan, Alpha Josiah, Alpha Garrett, and Alpha Ethan. They all answer with a ‘hello’ and I begin the conversation.

ME: Hello everyone. Thank you for taking my call I have some important business to discuss with each of you. That’s why I decided to hold a conference call instead of just calling each of you individually. I have been given a proposal to go over that will allow us to expand each of our territories along with bringing in more jobs, money, and homes. We need to claim the unclaimed territory that is in each of our territories and then we can go over each businesses that would be built on each land. You know King Levi and I will allow each of you to build whichever business you would like. So, all I need is, if you agree, is for you to gather some warriors and claim each land in your territory.

NATHAN: I’ll get on the phone with my Beta and tell him to get some warriors. I think it’s a good idea. It’ll make things better for those who are struggling. I do have to go; we are going into the meeting with the King here and I don’t want to miss it. I’ll call you later sis. Alphas I look forward to getting to know each of you. With that, Nathan disconnected from the call. I’m glad him and Levi get along. He seems like he’ll be a great leader.

GARRETT: Send me the proposal on what we’re thinking about with how much land and the restrictions. I will go over it and then get back with you later today, if not tomorrow morning. Thank you, Queen Willow. This could be big; I just like to go over the fine details. That is how the call went with the rest of the Alpha’s as well. After we hang up the phone, I fax over the proposals to each of them before I get a call from the Beta from Nathan’s pack.

W: Hello?

C: Hello Queen Willow. I would like to discuss the new Alpha of the Forestmoon Pack. I don’t like him. He is wanting to come in and change the way I had things set up. I have been running this pack for a couple months now and I don’t like that I wasn’t informed about some stranger coming in and taking over.

W: “Excuse me? I understand that you may be upset, but you are just the Beta. You were told by King Levi that you would be interim Alpha until there would be another found and if one wasn’t found within four months, then you would become Alpha. Now, I do not like that you are talking about my family like that and you should know that it is not wise to speak about your Alpha like that. I will allow you to stay on as Beta until Nathan returns, but then you will be stripped of your power, unless you can learn to respect those who outrank you. Now if that is all, I have business to attend to. He started to object, so I just ended the call.

I never cared for that guy. He always did think he was better than everyone else. Stuck in his old ways. I don’t like how he treats women and the omegas in that pack. Levi and I have been there, multiple times since he took over as interim Alpha and each time he doesn’t change. We’ve threatened to replace him, and we tried a few times, but no one wanted to step up because they feared the Beta. I don’t have time to dwell on it because Ryder comes rushing into my office. “Ryder? What’s going on?” I ask rushing around my desk to him.

“Willow, we need to get you into your bedroom as soon as possible. Your uncle is here with an army of Vamps. Also, Alexis was attacked. One of them got to her when she was on her way back from the school. I was able to get her to the hospital, but she’s in critical condition. They stabbed her in the side, and it was about twenty minutes before I found her. Come on. Levi will kill me if anything happens to you. I already have to face Jason when he gets back. I don’t want to face Levi too.” My best friend was hurt. They are here. When did they get here? Why wasn’t I informed? I can’t move.

“A-Alexis? Why? Why didn’t anyone inform me of what’s going on?” I ask in a shaky voice. Ryder pulls my arm and leads me to the room where I was supposed to go since I can’t shift. It’s supposed to be safer than our offices. I want to be out there fighting with them, but I know I won’t be much help since it’s me they want and…I’m brought back to my phone ringing. I look at it and it’s Levi

L: Willow, baby, what’s wrong. Why are you crying?

W: You need to get home as soon as you can. I’m sorry Levi. They came out of nowhere. I couldn’t do anything. You need to tell Jason that Alexis is in the hospital and in critical condition. He can’t feel how bad it is with how far away you guys are. The Vampires came out of nowhere. Ryder and the warriors held them off as much as they could. We have around fifty of our warriors down and they managed to get to Alexis. I’ve been hiding in our room where we discussed since I can’t do anything, but Ryder left the mind-link open so I could hear what was going on. I felt Alexis go down. Ryder managed to get her to the hospital in time, but it’s still critical. Levi, baby, they are still here, and the fight is still going on. They are looking for me. Oh no. They’re in the room. I have got to…AHHH! LEAVE ME ALONE! LEVI!

I drop my phone and it shatters against the hardwood floor. “Get off of me!” I struggle to get out of the strong hold that is holding me.

“Now, now. Is that a way to treat family? I just want to talk, but it seems that you want to do things the hard way.” The man says.

“LET GO OF ME! I don’t know you!” He laughs behind me before he places a cloth to my mouth and the world goes black. My last thoughts were just hoping that Levi got here soon and finds me because I’ve been kidnapped. The last thing that we wanted to happen.


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