The Ties That Bond

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Labored Rescue


Three months I have been looking for my mate and my pups. They’re not in the States. Of that, I am sure. They must have left the states as soon as they got her. I wasn’t here in time to save her. Everyone was busy fighting those bloodsuckers off. She was supposed to be safe. Especially in our room. There are only a select few that have access to get into our room. Once the threat was posed against our pups, I made sure to turn our room into a panic room.

Only Willow, myself, my Beta and Gamma pair know the code and can use their handprint. I know it wasn’t Ryder because he was with me and Shay was caring for the wounded at the hospital at the time. Jason was fighting as well. That only left Alexis. I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t believe it until she called me this afternoon and that is what led myself and an army to get on a flight to London. I’m still unsure how she pulled it off since she was in the hospital. I’m getting my mate back. We couldn’t pinpoint the exact location of where they had her. Every time we got close to getting her, they would cloak their location somehow.

I have to admit that I have been on edge since she has been gone. Without her there to calm me and my wolf, we have been a bit…harsh, but that’s all going to change because I now know the exact location of my mate and my pups. I just hope I’m not to late. Just hold on a little longer baby girl. I’m coming for you.


Pain. That’s all I feel right now. Pain. It’s what’s keeping my hope alive. My pups are coming and I’m doing everything in my power to keep them in as long as I can. I can’t have them now. I can’t have them here. He’ll take them. I expected to be home, with Levi and my sister, my family, when they decided to make their appearance. We haven’t even decided on names yet. Another contraction hits and I feel the need to push. I don’t want to. I don’t trust these people. They’re going to take my pups. I can’t have that happen. I’ll be to weak to defend them, or myself, after giving birth. Hell, I’ve been too weak the whole time I’ve been here. “ARG!” It hurts. “I need my mate! I can’t do this without him! You bastard!” I yell at Victor.

“He’s not here and he’s not coming. Now it’s time to push. Do as the doctor tells you! You don’t want to kill your own spawns, do you?” He said and no I don’t I just don’t want them to go into his hands with what he has planned for them. I can’t let him have them. They’re all I have left in this hell hole that has become my life.

“I won’t let you have them!” I yell through another contraction. I can’t hold off on not pushing much longer. “You will not touch my pups! I’ll rip your throat out before…” The sirens sound alerting them of intruders before I can finish my threat.

“What the hell is going on! Who is here? Get them!” Victor yells out and leaves the room. I’m assuming he is going to see what is going on.

“I need you to push now miss. You cannot hold off any longer or you will hurt your babies.” The doctor is right. I can feel it. I have no other choice. So, I push, and I push hard. There is fighting going around me as I give birth to my babies. “You’re doing good. The head is almost out. Keep pushing.”

“WILLOW!” I know that voice. It’s the voice that I’ve dreamed of hearing for three months. He’s not here. Is he? Am I just in so much pain that I’m hearing things? “Oh Goddess, baby girl! I’m so sorry I wasn’t here earlier. We couldn’t find an exact location.”

“One last push miss and your first pup will be born.” The doctor said.

“Levi?” I ask as I push.

“I’m here baby. I’m never letting you go again.” He said.

“It’s a boy! The first one is a boy!” The doctor exclaimed.

“It’s a boy?” I say with tears in my eyes. “Levi. Behind you!” I yell as another contraction hits. The doctor hands my baby boy to someone else. “NO! Don’t take my baby away!” I scream through another contraction. Levi’s gone. He’s fighting someone. There’s a war going down, and someone has taken my pup. I don’t know where. Goddess, please help them. I need them all to be okay. It’s time to push again.

“The second pup is crowning. I need you to push.” I take a deep breath and push with everything I have. The fighting is starting to die down, but it’s nowhere near over. I let out a scream as I push for a second time. I can’t even have a normal labor and yell at my mate for making me go through this. “It’s a girl! The second is a girl.” The doctor said. Cutting the cord and handing her off to someone else.

“Where are they taking them? I need my pups! I will kill you after this if you do NOT bring them back this instant!” The doctor just laughed at me. LAUGHED! “This isn’t and amusing situation you bloodsucking bitch!” I yell. I know I shouldn’t say things that could put me or my pups in more danger, but I can’t help it. She’s handing them off like it’s nothing.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t speak to me like that wolf. I am the one that holds your life in their hands. Now, push again. It’s time for the last pup to come.” She says as another contraction hits.

I growl at her and push again. One more after this and they’ll be born. Where’s Levi? The fighting has seemed to die down. Where is he? “Wills. I’m here baby. We have Victor. Push one more time for me.” He keeps coming out of nowhere. Is he real? I push the last time, and everything is still. There’s no sound, no movement. Everyone is quiet. The only thing that can be heard is my last pup crying. They’re all born.

“This is the new King of our kind.” The doctor said. “He has been born. He holds much power. Take him to the others.” Thanks to my wolf healing, I’m almost healed after the births. My wolf is powerful. She is angry. She wants blood. She wants to kill each and every person that put her and her family at risk. Ryder comes up behind the doctor and rips her head off. She passed my son off to another and I need to find them. They need me. The fighting has completely stopped. The powerful trio has been born.

“I need to find my pups. I need to name them.” I say trying to get up. Levi holds me down.

“Nothing is happening right now. The wolves felt more power than ever before with the birth of our first son. Then with our little Moon Goddess being born the fighting slowed enough for us to capture the vamps that we were fighting, including Victor. Jason has the pups. He’s killed the ones that were with them. With the birth of our final son, the vampires felt that power, but when all three were born, everything stopped. The power has been felt by every wolf, vampire, and witch. You did great baby girl. You don’t have to worry about them anymore. I’m here. You’re safe. Our pups are safe. No one will touch them. Even though they are not but a few minutes old, they are more powerful than you and I and everyone else.” I’m shocked. I thought they’d have to grow into their powers, but I was wrong. They were born with more power than even I know what to do with.

“I missed you so much! I waited for you. I tried to escape to get home to you. Alexis. She worked with them. She helped us. I thought she betrayed us. Victor took her somewhere. I don’t know where she is or how she is. I love you!” I said as I started to cry. Levi brought me into his arms and kissed me like I’ve been dreaming would happen over the past three months.

“I missed you too. I know everything that Alexis did. She’s okay. Jason found her before he got the pups. Let’s go meet our pups.” Levi said helping me up. “We have all those who have betrayed us at home locked in the cells. We have the vamps that won’t pledge their allegiance to us. Until our son is old enough to take the throne, we need to have them on our side. We need to appoint someone we trust to watch the throne until he is old enough.” He said as we walked to the room where the pups, Jason, Ryder, Alexis, and Shay all are.

“His name is Noel River Andrews. King of Vampires.” I say to Levi as we walk into the room. He looks at me with tears in his eyes. Obviously, everyone has heard.

“You gave him my middle name as his first name?” He asks.

“Of course, I wanted to give it to our first-born son, but it fit for our youngest because after his birth he managed to stop the fighting and make us victorious. Just like his father.”

“I love you so much. I have been thinking about a name for our little Goddess. Freya Lillian Andrews. Queen of witches and future Moon Goddess.”

“I love it, Levi. Now, we just have our Alpha King to name. Everett James Andrews. King of Werewolves.” Levi picks me up and spins us around kissing me like it’s the last time he ever will.

“I love you and our pups more than anything. I just wish I was there to help you through it, baby girl. I’ll never let anything happen to you or our pups again. Let’s finish this shit so I can get you home and we can introduce our pups to everyone.” Levi says.

“I love you too and I couldn’t agree more. I’m ready to be held by you for the rest of my life.” I say kissing again before we walk over to hold our pups. They are simply perfect.

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