The Ties That Bond

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Finishing This

“We need to get the pups out of here as soon as possible. I want one of our doctors to check them out. Willow, you need to get checked out as well. Don’t argue with me either. You just gave birth to three pups and have barely had time to heal. I want you to take the pups with the pack doctor to a room.” Levi said. “Ryder, Jason, and the warriors, I want you to gather the remaining vampires into the clearing. We’re ending this tonight and I’m taking my family home where they belong.”

“Levs…It’s been months since I’ve seen you and I don’t want to be away from you!” I say.
“Wills, just please do as I ask this one time. The pups need their mom and I need you healthy. Please baby girl. I promise that once this is all over you’ll have me to yourself, with the addition of our pups.” Levi says and I know he’s right, I just don’t want to leave him. Call me selfish if you must, but I don’t care.

“Fine, but end this and end it quick. Save that bastard of an uncle for me.” I said before kissing him and going to the room I was kept in for months with my pups and the doctor.


I know she wanted to go with, but she just gave birth. We have enhanced healing, but that doesn’t mean she’s healed yet. She may be partially there, but she barely had time to sit and heal before she came into the room to see the pups. “Ryder and Jason, with me now. We have some business to deal with.” I tell my Beta and Gamma. They nod and we head outside to where everyone is starting to fight again. Of course, we are on the winning side. We had lost a few of our people, but not as many as the vampires. “ENOUGH!” I shout using some of my Alpha tone and everyone quits.

“Now that I have each of your attentions, we have some business to discuss. As you all know, my pups have been born and you can all feel their power! I want to offer an alliance of sorts. My son will be taking over the throne to the vampire kingdom once he becomes of age. I want you all to know that I will not tolerate what you have done with my family and you are all lucky I haven’t torn your heads from your bodies.” I snarl and in return I get hisses from some of the vampires. “I want you all to know that if you were loyal to Victor and do not wish to follow whomever I feel is a fit to fill in until Noel is able to take his rightful place as your leader, you can die here and now.”

“Not all of us were fond of Victor!” Someone yells.

“Your son will never be my leader!” Someone else shouts.

“Those of you who do not wish to follow by what I have said please try and do something about it. Give me a reason to rip you to shreds for what you put my Queen through along with my pups. DO NOT mistake my kindness for weakness. There will be many changes coming and whoever decides to go against the changes will be dealt with accordingly. Now, to start things off, there will be an investigation to see whom within this nest has been raping the women and beating them. Now, for the new leader, I have talked with my wife and she has informed me that Victor’s daughter is a victim and she is going to be the one that is in charge. My wife trusts that she will do the right thing. Please bring the man who has been treating her the way he has to me.” I wait for one of my warriors to bring the scum up here so I can show them an example of what happens to those who do these things to women. Once he is in front of me, I turn back to the crowd. So far my men have had to take out ten more vampires who have decided that they are not happy with what I have said so far.

“Let this serve as an example of those who do what he has done.” I say, as he is pushed to his knees. I bring out my knife that I always carry on me and begin to slice his skin and relish in the screams. Normally, I like to use my hands, but I’m in a hurry. It’s music to my ears when someone who has done the things he has, to hear them scream. I continue my torture until I’m satisfied. “Ryder and Jason, he’s all yours. I have a mate and pups to see. As for each of you vampires I hope you can accommodate to the terms set out and follow your new leader until my son comes to age to claim is thrones. Wolves, get this cleaned up and start heading home.” With that I walk back to my love and pups all the while Ryder and Jason do what they do best.

“How is she and my pups?” I ask the doctor when I arrive into the room.

“They are all doing well. They should be able to travel in no time. Willow will be healed by the time we all reach home.” The doctor informs me.

“Very well. Thank you, Steve. I will see you back at home.” I said as I turned to my mate. “Hey baby girl. You and our pups ready to go home? I have put your cousin in charge and will keep an eye on everything from home.”

“I am more than ready. I missed you so much and was starting to lose hope of you finding me. He was only going to keep me around long enough to give birth and then dispose of me. He was going to dispose of Freya and Everett but couldn’t because Noel wouldn’t be as strong as he is with all three alive.” She says crying on my shoulders. My heart aches at knowing this. “What are you going to do with Victor? I want to kill him myself. I want him to suffer for what he was planning to do with us. For taking me away from you and my home. Levs I want him dead. I want to do it myself, but I don’t want to leave my pups…or you.” Her body is starting to shake with silent sobs. I can feel her pain through the bond.

“I was always coming for you babe. I just didn’t know where you were. I couldn’t find you and it tore me up inside. I wasn’t me without you by my side. Without knowing you were okay. Not knowing what was going to happen to you and my pups. My wolf was on edge the whole time and he wanted death to those all around him. We were both on edge. No one wanted to cross us because of how easily we snapped.” It was all true. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t do anything without her. “As for Victor, I linked Jason to take care of him since he is the Gamma. Now, let’s get these little ones ready to go home. The nursery is already set up and waiting. Baby girl, you are my everything and I swear that you will NEVER have to go through this again. I am going to make sure that our kids will not have to go through anything like this. I know what you’re going to say, that we can’t protect our pups from their destinies, but together we can do anything. You are my rock and my strength.” I kiss her forehead and go over to pick up my sons while she grabs our daughter.

“Thank you, Levi. You are my everything. I was about to lose it without you as well.” She said and I don’t miss the tears in her eyes.

“I love you baby girl. Forever and always. Let’s go. I don’t want to be here any longer.” I say before following her out the door. It’s time to go home. It’s time to get my family back into our routine and create a new one that accommodates our family.

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