The Ties That Bond

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I turn around and see the one person I never wanted to see again.


That’s who is in my room right now. Looking like he’s been drinking and a lot more than usual. This can’t be good for me. He has been drunk around me plenty of times, but never this drunk. The thing about Jake is...when he’s drunk, he gets abusive.


Four months ago:

“Another fight Jake? Are you kidding me? Can’t you go to a single party and not get into a fight? I’m sick of always getting called because you want to act a fool. I have a huge test tomorrow and 20-page essay due. How am I going to finish that and study if I have to bail your ass out?” I was pissed. He’s always getting into fights at parties. Of course, with me being his girlfriend they always call me when he gets kicked out. I hate when he drinks. It always ends up with him yelling at me...calling me names...throwing things.

“Quit complaining. You always complain. It’s always nags, nag, nag, with you. Don’t you ever use your fucking brain.

“Actually, I use my brain quite often. I have a 4.0 GPA and I’m not stupid enough to keep getting in fights.” Why do I stay with him? Love? Loneliness? Both? “Jake I can’t keep going on like this. School is almost over, and I need to concentrate on keeping my grades up and not cleaning up your mess.” He’s your typical male wolf. Always losing their temper when someone calls them out on their shit.

“Listen here you fucking bitch I will do what I want, with who I want, when I want. I don’t need you to do anything. You’re nothing but a slut. You fuck anything that walks and that’s why you won’t give it up to me.” I rolled my eyes at him. He knows that I haven’t had sex with anyone. I’ve not been ready. We’ve been together for two and a half years and even though we’re not mates I still love him. By now we’ve gotten back to my dorm room so I can get him cleaned up and to bed as usual “No Jake I’m not fucking you because you’re an ass. I don’t even know why I’m still with you. You treat me like shit when your drunk and here lately it has been every damn day. I’m sick of it. I’m done trying to please you. I’m done being your punching bag.”

That sent him over the edge. Why did I have to be so stupid and lash out while he is like this? Didn’t I know better by now?


His hand come across my face harder than ever before. That’s going to leave a mark. He slapped me hard enough to bust my lip open. He’s hit me before, but never this hard.

“YOU THINK YOU CANGET AWAY FROM ME THAT EASY? YOU’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. NO ONE WOULD EVEN WANT YOU. NOT EVEN YOUR MATE IF YOU EVER FOUND HIM. YOU’RE A NO-GOOD WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT.” I couldn’t control my tears. Maybe he was right. Maybe that’s why I stay with him because no one will ever want me. I’m damaged from the abuse over the years. They say it’s hard to get out of an abusive relationship and its true. Not today. Not anymore. I can’t keep doing this. Just make it until he goes to sleep it off then leave. I keep telling myself that each time this happens. He goes on his rampage for another thirty minutes. I’ll be wearing a long sleeve shirt tomorrow. The bruises from him grabbing my arms will start to show soon. He finally passed out and I made the decision to run.

We still have school and classes, together, but I can’t take it anymore. I run over to Alexis’s dorm and she just gaped. “He did it, again didn’t he?” She asked as I walked in, she got me a rag and I started cleaning the blood from my lip.

“It’s never gotten this bad Lex...I can’t do it anymore. I told him it was over tonight. Now I just have to make it four more months.”


“What are did you...LEAVE!” Why is he here? How did he get in?

“You should really make sure all the windows are locked when home alone kitten.” He used to call me that when he was drinking.

“J-Jake you’re n-not welcome here. We’re done. We’ve been done.” He’s extremely calm right now and it has me freaking out. What is he going to do? He’s only this calm when he’s really pissed. I need to get out of here. Where is my phone?

“Willow, Willow, left me. I tried to get you back. You wouldn’t come back. Now you need to be punished for leaving.” He has completely lost it.

“P-Punished? Why? You’re the abusive psycho.” I just need to get to my phone. I need to call someone. Alexis is still at the club surely. I don’t have Levi’s number and my parents won’t get here in time...before I could finish my thought, he slapped my face, splitting my lip. “You’ll learn you little bitch!” Stars...I’m seeing stars...I need to fight back. I’m still sobering up. I’m dizzy and my hands and knees meet the floor. Could Levi feel my pain even though we haven’t marked each other? A kick comes to my side and I roll over and go into the fetal position. He pulls me by my hair and throws me into the wall. There’s a stinging pain in my head from where I hit my mirror. Damn why did I have to drink? Although we have healing capabilities when we consume the amount of alcohol I did tonight it slows it down a lot.

My phone! It’s in the bathroom. I need to move to the bathroom, but I can seem to find my strength.


I know it probably won’t work, but I must try.

“Ahhhh!” I scream out in pain when something slices into my side. It burns. Silver? “Why Jake?” I ask with a shaky breath.

“Because no bitch of mine is going to leave me and not get punished.” He seethes.

“I-I’m not...y-yours.” I muster up what little strength I have left to kick him in his family jewels as hard as I can. He goes down. This is my chance. I fight through the dizziness and the nausea and manage to crawl my way to my bathroom and lock the door. It won’t last long, but hopefully it’ll buy me some time.. RYDER! He’s Levi’s brother I have his number.


I send the text. I can’t let him know I asked for help. He’s trying to break down the door. It’s starting to splinter. This is it. I can’t hold on much longer as the darkness from blood loss is starting to come. He’s still at the door. One good thrust and the door comes down. “Now, now kitten that wasn’t very nice. ” another slice with the knife to my arm. He’s toying with me now. Darkness is coming faster.

LEVI...I... CANT...

Darkness comes. I’m out for a few minutes. Trying to fight the blood loss. I’m in and out of consciousness every time he tortures me with the knife.

Levi’s POV

It took every ounce of control I had not to take her right then and there. The way her lips tasted and the way her arousal smelled. She needed to be sober when I had my way with her and marked her as mine. I went back to the VIP section after leaving the bathroom. The way she stood up to me. It turned me on. It’s not often that people stand up to me. I have a reputation of being ruthless when it comes to people questioning my authority. I’ve had Wolves challenge me for my title of Alpha before and they never came out alive. You see, if I am challenged, I don’t do it for submission. If someone is stupid enough to challenge me then they are going to face death. Rouges are even afraid to come into my territory, but this mate of mine is something else. She’s going to make a great Luna.

I watched her as she talked to her friend and walked out of the club. I watched as she left and got into the uber.

I got back to the pack house and went to my office to finish the paperwork I had left. I couldn’t get her out of my head. The way she looked tonight in that dress. It made concentrating on work a lot harder. I had to get these papers filed tonight. It was about midnight when I finished. I want to go see her, but probably shouldn’t. Not tonight anyway. So, I go to my room and shower. Training new warriors tomorrow means I have to get up earlier than normal.

The front door opens and closes as I’m in the kitchen getting something to eat. “Ryder. Is that you?” I call out.

“Yeah just got home. What’s up bro?” He asks, walking into the kitchen.

“I found my mate while at your graduation. Willow Thompson.” I said.

“Willow? She’s been through a lot with her ex. He was abusive to her. She ended up at Alexis’s dorm a lot.” A growl made its way to my throat. The thought of someone hurting my mate made my wolf want to take control.

“I’ll kill him.” I snarl.

L..V... HEL... someone was trying to mid link with me, but it wouldn’t work. Willow? She’s the only one in my pack that wouldn’t be able to since we’re not connected. A ding from Ryder’s phone brought me out of my thoughts. His face paled. “What is it?” I asked. He showed me the text


“Let’s go now! I mind link some warriors to go to Willows house. I jump in my car and I’m going way over the speed limit trying to get to her. I should have just shifted into my wolf, but she lived in the middle of town and the humans might see and we can’t have that. I barely get the car in park and shut off before I’m at her door. Blood and lots of it. The iron smell of her blood has me kicking down the door. I follow the blood smell up the stairs. Ryder and my warriors behind me. Willow is unconscious on the bathroom floor and that ex of hers is standing over the top of her and is slicing into her with a silver knife. I grab him by his throat and throw him up against the wall. Within seconds I have his throat ripped out and rush over to Willow. We need to get her to the pack house now. “GET THE CAR NOW WE HAVE TO GET HER TO THE PACK DOCTOR. I order Ryder as I pick her up and carry her bridal style to the car.

I should have followed her home. Paperwork be damned. She wouldn’t be in this situation if I had. “Stay with me baby.” She opens her eyes fighting for consciousness. “Baby you have to stay awake okay. We’re almost there. Stay with me. If you die...I die...I’m nothing without you.” If one loses a mate they don’t die, but they never get over the pain of their mate. Even if they find another. Their death is always present in their hearts. I’ve only known Willow was my mate for a couple days, but the mate bond is stronger since I am an Alpha. I feel so much for her in such a short amount of time.

We arrive at the house doctor and I rush her in before the car is completely stopped. “Doc. Save her. I don’t know what exactly happened but there was silver involved. Save your Luna!

“Yes Alpha. I will do everything that I can.” The doctor says before he disappears behind the doors and I’m left waiting.

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