The Ties That Bond

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I walked with the doctor and the nurses as far as they would let me. I didn’t want to let her go without me. She is my mate and even though we haven’t marked each other, I can’t help but to want to be with her every step of the way for the rest of my life. I guess that is because of the bond that we share. I was furious that they wouldn’t let me go back. I couldn’t help but let the growl escape my mouth as they took her back. I wanted to go into that room and make sure they did everything they could and then some. There are things that I need to do. I need to inform her parents of what has happened. When I saw that bastard standing over her with that knife and seeing how much damage he did to her, I couldn’t control my wolf as he ripped him off her and threw him up against the wall and ripped his throat out. Why didn’t I follow her home? Why did I have to go back and take care of the paperwork? I could have helped her sooner.

“Levi, you have to let them do their job and save her. They can’t have you back there telling them how to do their job or taking their attention away from Willow. You know as well as I do that if you just barge in there that you will just distract them from saving her.” I heard my brother tell me, but it was hard to comprehend as my wolf was starting to take control. It took everything that I had to calm him enough to jump into action.

“We need to inform her parents of what happened. I need their number.” I barked.

“I’ll get it for you. Go sit down and I’ll grab us some coffee. We’ll be here for a while.” Ryder said and then he mind-linked someone to get what I asked for.

“If it were anyone else here with me, I would have ripped them apart for stopping me. You need to go to the Pack House and take care of the business until I can get back there. I am not leaving her side until she is better and then I am going to have her move into my house after that so I can keep an eye on her and make sure that she is safe.” I told Ryder but knowing my brother he was going to stay here with me no matter what I said.

“I am not going anywhere Levi. Not until I know that she is out of the woods. She is your mate and our Luna, and I am your brother. I will be here for you no matter what. I’m going to get their numbers and I am going to let mom and dad know what is happening. I know you haven’t told anyone yet, but they are our parents and would want to be here with us.” Ryder told me. I didn’t answer just gave him a nod before he left.

I have been sitting here for about thirty minutes before Ryder came back and I was in my thoughts the whole time. Scolding myself for not being there to protect her. Wondering what is going on in that room. I couldn’t get the image of her laying on the bathroom floor covered in her own blood out of my head. She had cut marks across her abdomen, all over her arms, one on her face. Stab wounds in her side. She looked so defeated. She had given up all hope of someone coming to help her. Just from our encounter in the club, she didn’t take any shit and stood up to me. I know alcohol, though it takes a lot for wolves to get drunk, weakens us slightly, but why did she give up? I couldn’t feel her pain because I haven’t marked her yet and that is why the mind-link didn’t work properly. That and the fact that she has been away at school with the education amnesty she wasn’t in the link. I should have marked her right there in the bathroom.

“I have their number and here is your coffee. I also filled mom and dad in on everything and they are also on their way. They are worried for you and your mate.” Ryder said and he handed me the paper with their number on it. I didn’t want to make this call, but I needed to.

“Thanks Ryder.” I said walking out of the hospital to make this dreaded phone call. I dial the number and wait for someone to answer.

One ring…

Two rings…

Three rings…

“Hello?” I hear Mr. Thompson answer after the fourth ring, and I take a deep breath trying to contemplate on how to tell them that their daughter might not be alive when they arrive at the hospital.

“Hello Mr. Thompson. This is Alpha Andrews. I need you and your family to come to the hospital as soon as you can.” My voice cracks and I must pause for a moment before continuing. “It’s Willow, she was attacked and is in critical condition.” I waited for what seemed like an eternity until he finally answered.

“We’re on the way. Leslie get Shay and get the car now! It’s Willow. Thank you Alpha. We will be there as soon as we can.” He hung up right after. I found myself leaning against the walls to the hospital trying not to cry for my mate that is fighting for her life. I can’t be losing my shit when she needs me to be strong for both of us. I take a deep breath and head back into the waiting room.

About thirty minutes later, Willows parents enter the hospital. You can tell that they are worried, and I don’t have anything to tell them that will calm them down. It has been almost two hours and the doctors are still in there. What is taking so long?

“What happened. Where is she?” Mrs. Thompson asked me.

“She is in the room with the doctors now. She has been in there for almost two hours now and they haven’t been out to tell me anything. Trust me I am just as worried, if not more, than you are. Willow is my mate. She is my everything and more.” I told them about Jake and what happened to him and I explained that as soon as I got to her, I rushed her here. I told them what that piece of shit did to her and how I found her. I couldn’t spare any details because they needed to know. There isn’t anything that we can do except sit here and wait.

My parents had shown up shortly after Ryder called them and he went to get food while we waited. I wasn’t hungry. I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than her. I just sat there and prayed to the Moon Goddess that Willow will come back to me and we will be able to get our start. Ryder came back and as soon as he walked in, he saw Shay, Willows sister, and couldn’t take his eyes off her and she the same as he walked to her. “Mate.” They said in unison. What a way to meet your mate right? In a time of darkness there is always light that comes through.

“Alpha.” The doctor finally came out. “We did all that we could. The silver punctured some internal organs. That is what took so long. Since it is silver, it doesn’t heal as quick as the other wounds will. She lost a lot of blood and we had to replenish that. We managed to stop the bleeding; however, it will take about a week to heal completely. She is not awake yet and it is up to her when she wakes. We are now playing the waiting game. Also, Alpha, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson may I see you over here for a moment?” We all followed him over by the wall and then he continued. “Your daughter, our Luna, has been beaten. There are scars on her body. They are old, but I just thought that you should all know.” He said and I started shaking. My wolf was trying to take control and force a shift. He must have been beating her for a while. Now I guess all we can do is process this information and wait until she is ready to wake up. I can’t wait until I see those beautiful green eyes of hers again.

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