The Ties That Bond

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Willow’s POV

“Why isn’t she awake yet doc?” I heard a voice say as I was slowly regaining consciousness. My head was pounding and my entire body aches inside and out. Why am I in so much pain? What happened? I crack my eyes open, but immediately close them when the light hit them. It was so bright and didn’t help with my splitting headache. “It has been four days since she has been here. She should be almost healed from the silver.” The same voice said. I have heard that voice, but where? What happened? Where am I? Silver? I slowly open my eyes again letting out a groan as I try to look around. “Willow! You’re awake.” It was Levi. That is the voice I heard. All I could do is groan in agonizing pain as I open my eyes wider. I am in a hospital room. My parents are here along with my sister.

“Ow. Why does it hurt everywhere?” I ask, my voice cracking from being so dry. Then it hits me. Jake and everything he did to me. I thought I was dying. I thought that I had died. I couldn’t remember much after I went into the darkness the last time. Wait did he say I’ve been asleep for four days.

“Ms. Thompson how do you feel?” The guy I’m assuming is the doctor asks me as he checks me over.

“I feel like someone stabbed me with a silver knife and threw me up against the wall and tortured me over and over again.” I told him with a hint of sarcasm to his stupid question. I mean seriously, how does he think I feel? He knows what I went through to some extent. Now is not the time to be sarcastic Willow. He’s just trying to help. My wolf tells me. Ever since I went through two and a half years of torture I have changed. “Sorry, it’s a defense mechanism. My head is pounding and my body hurts.” I said.

“I understand. You went through a lot and we didn’t know if you were going to make it. We had to open you up to stop the bleeding from some internal injuries. They should be healed by now, but the wounds on the outside still need a couple more days to heal. You hit your head when you hit the wall and had a gash on the back of your head. We closed it up and it is healed, but still tender. I will have someone bring you something for the pain. It is good to see you awake. We weren’t sure if you would wake up due to the blood loss that you endured. I will be back later to check on you.” He said and I didn’t say anything as I was taking everything that he told me in. I just wanted to go back to sleep and wake up with all of this being just a dream.

“Can I get some water. My throat hurts and is dry.” I asked anyone in general. There are so many people in my room so someone should be able to get me something to drink. My parents, sister, Ryder, Levi, and two other people that I didn’t recognize. How are so many people allowed to be in my room? Well I guess Levi is the Alpha, so he had the authority to change the rules. My mom is crying as she brings me the water.

“Oh baby. I’m so glad you’re awake. We didn’t think you would wake up.” She said with her voice cracking with unshed tears. After she sat the cup down, she immediately hugs me trying not to cause me any pain. My dad and sister come over and we have a big family hug. I can’t help but to look at Levi. He has worry and relief written all over his face. His scent of freshly cut grass and rain sends me some comfort. I don’t know what it is, but those have always been my two favorite scents since I could remember.

“Okay guys I can’t breathe! I need space.” I said still staring into Levi’s eyes. I can’t bring myself to look away from his dark blue eyes. With worry and hurt in them it makes my heart feel exactly what his eyes show. Well and pain anyways. Then he just leaves and that makes me confused and angry. His brother kisses Shay and follows him out along with the two people I didn’t recognize. Wait did Ryder just KISS my sister? I didn’t have time to get an answer because the nurse came in just long enough to give me medicine for my pain and before too long, I was out like a light.

It’s been a week and I am finally healed completely and able to go home. Levi hasn’t come back since and I can tell that my parents have something to ask me, but I don’t know what it is. I haven’t told them what all Jake has done to me and when I was told that Levi killed him for what he did to me I couldn’t find it in me to feel sorry for him. I was glad that I wouldn’t have to look over my shoulder every time I turned around. I’m still extremely furious that Levi hasn’t come to see me since I am his mate and I want answers. So, as soon as I get home, I’ll be making a special trip to the Pack House to get my answers.

I get home and everything looks just as it was before the attack happened. All the damage that Jake caused was gone and fixed. I take my time getting ready. I take a nice hot bath and pick out my most “I’m pissed that you left me in the hospital alone, but I want you to make me yours for good” outfit. I put on my daisy duke shorts with a tank top that shows off my cleavage nicely and fits to my form perfectly. I throw my hair up in a pony and put on a little make up. I slip on my flip flops and head to the Pack House.

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