The Ties That Bond

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I make it to the packhouse with determination to rip my mate a new one. I’m fuming. He should have been there when I needed him. Even though we haven’t known each other long, but the bond between mates puts the whole getting to know each other part of a relationship on the back burner. It is something that is supposed to be so strong that you don’t want to leave the others side at any point in life. So why wasn’t he there? I have sadness running through my body, but the anger that I have overpowers the sadness. He has another thing coming if he thinks that he can ignore me while I am in the hospital after he saved me and not give me an answer as to why. I am a mad woman on a mission and he’s not going to like me. There’s nothing more dangerous than a woman scorned.

I have changed so much in the past four, almost five, months. I used to be the type of person that was shy and let anyone and everyone walk all over me. I don’t do that anymore since I went through what I did. Going through that hardens a person. I swore that I would never give my heart away so easy after I gave it to Jake. Look at what he did. I have all the scars to prove it. I always defended him because I loved him, and I got good at hiding the scars. I knew that once you found your mate you can’t not give them your heart, soul, and body and that scares me more than anything. It’s like love at first sight, like jumping into a pool with both feet and not testing the waters first. Maybe he realized that I am too much for him and he just ghosted me. Whatever the excuse I am going to get to the bottom of it.

My anger seems to be leading me as I throw open the doors and head straight for Levi’s office. I know he is in there because I can smell him. I am so focused on where I am going that I don’t even notice the receptionist trying to tell me that he is busy.

“You can’t go in there Ms. Thompson. He is in a meeting.” She said to me in my angered haze I don’t care what she has to say as I burst through his doors not caring who is in the room. He seems shocked that I am here.

“Willow wha..” He said before I cut him off after slamming his door shut.

“NO! You son of a bitch! How could you leave me in the hospital and not even check to see if I was okay! I am supposed to be your mate and yet you could care less. You bastard! Don’t even think about interrupting me.” I tell him when he opens his mouth to speak. “It wouldn’t be good for you! I don’t care if you are the Alpha. You should have been there when I needed you, but instead you were doing Goddess knows what with Goddess knows who! I was in so much pain and yet you get to escape?” His wolf is starting to come to the surface and right now I don’t care. I know you’re not supposed to yell at the Alpha, but I am his mate and I have all the rights to yell at him.

“Maybe we should go.” I hear from behind me.

“No, I will get to you two after I am done with this asshole in front of me.” I hissed.

“Now back to you Mr. Alpha. What was more important than your mate dying in a hospital bed after being attacked? What was so important that you couldn’t stop by and check on me after I woke up? What? You see that I have a past and just disappear? Is it too much for you? I know that the doctor told you about my scars and you know that I had been abused in the past. So, did that scare you off? The least you could have done was let me off easy instead of disappearing! I am so pissed at you right now I could just slap the shit out of you!” I turn to Ryder and Jason before Levi gets the chance to talk. Once I am done with them then they can have a chance to explain.

“As far as you two! Why didn’t you make him go to the hospital? I don’t care that he is the Alpha. You are his brothers! You could have knocked some sense into him! Are you both just to scared of the big bad Alpha brother that you can’t tell him to go see his mate? Or is that you guys are just to stuck up my sister and best friends’ asses!” There is so much that I could go on about, but they all look like they could shit their pants right now. I sit down on Levi’s desk. I did say that I am going to give him a piece of my mind, but I also said that I was going to make him want me more than he has never before. Good punishment those blue balls. “Now would you men care to explain yourselves?” I say in an eerily calm voice.

I don’t think Ryder and Jason know what to say since they can’t close their mouths long enough. I don’t think they expected me or anyone for that matter to talk to Levi like that. We sit in silence for about five minutes before Levi starts to speak. “LEAVE! NOW! I would like to talk to my mate in private for a moment and don’t speak a word of this to anyone!” The guys leave and then it is just Levi and me in his office. I seem to be losing some of my confidence that I had when I first walked in here.

“You care to tell me why you thought it was smart to come into MY office and speak to ME like that?” He asks with his Alpha tone. Little does he know that that doesn’t work on me since I’m his mate and it just so happens that I am as stubborn and defiant as they come.

“Don’t you DARE try to use your Alpha tone on me again Levi! You have no right to be pissed at me. I’m not the one that left you in a hospital alone!” I hiss in his face.

“Willow, I was there every night. I watched you while you were sleeping. I couldn’t bring myself to face you because I wasn’t there to protect you. I didn’t want to see the hate in your eyes for me not being there when you needed me most. I should have been there and then he wouldn’t have been able to do that to you.” He says as he positions himself in between my legs. My anger evaporates even more at his words and the tingles that run through my body when his hands find a place on my waist.

“That’s still no excuse for not being there. You should have talked to me instead of just leaving me. You should have been there while I was awake instead of while I was asleep. Levi, it would have happened eventually. You don’t know what I have been through with him. “You don’t know what he has done to me. Maybe one day I can explain it all to you, but the attack just brought it all up and I have tried so hard to keep the memories away. I don’t want to relive that right now.” I explain to him. I hope he understands. There is so much that I want to tell him, but I’m just not ready.

“I understand Willow, but you will be moving into my house with me so I can keep you safe. It is going to happen eventually with your Luna ceremony this weekend so you might as well do it now.” He says.

“So, you’re just going to tell me to uproot my life and move away from my family home instead of asking me? I thought I told you at the club that you won’t order me around. I am your equal. I am NOT your property. When were you going to tell me about the ceremony?” The nerve of this man! My anger is slowly coming back to the surface.

“Will you just not be complicated about this. Please! I just told you about it. You have four days to prepare. I’ll send someone over to get your things from your house and have them brought to mine. Well, our house now.” He said.

“Why exactly can’t I get my own things Mr. Bossy Alpha man?” I say in a sarcastic tone.

“Because you have Luna duties that you need to attend to here. Your office is right through that door.” He says as he leans down to give me a kiss.

“So, I just get to jump right on in on this huh?” I say as I run my fingers through is hair and tug on it lightly. He growls lowly and kisses me again, but deeper than before.

“Oh yes you do.” He breathily says. I start to run my hand down his chest to the hem of his shirt before I put my hand underneath, running my fingers over his abs. God this man is sexy as hell. Time for a little revenge from the bathroom incident and then him pulling the disappearing act.

I slowly take my hand to the waistband of his jeans and play with his happy trail. I unbutton and unzip them and stick my hand in his briefs and grab is shaft. He hisses and leans his head back. I lower his pants and briefs down, so his erection springs out. My eyes widen a bit at the size of it. I start to pump my hand up and down as he wraps his fingers through my hair. “If you don’t quit, we won’t be getting any work done today and I might not be able to control my wolf not to mark you little one.” He says through his grunts. I start to kiss down his chest down to his cock and lick the tip with my tongue before taking him into my mouth. He lets out a low growl and starts pumping himself in and out of my mouth. He starts to play with my breasts through my shirt and I let out a small moan and take him deeper. When I feel he’s about to go, I stand up and head to my office.

“What the hell Willow! You just gave me blue balls.” He says as he follows me to my office.

“That’ll teach you to not leave me hot and bothered in the bathroom or leave me in a hospital room by myself now won’t it?” I asked with a smirk.

“Well played love. Well played, but tonight you’re mine.” He says before going back to his office.

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