The Ties That Bond

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The Ceremony

After Levi goes back to his office, I look around mine. The walls need repainting and it needs some color and simple touches to make it my own. The only thing in this office is the desk and chair along with the computer and filing cabinets. On top of the desk are stacks of papers that look like they haven’t been touched in a month. “Levi, why is there so much paperwork? Did you not have anyone do this for months?” I holler through my office door.

“That is just from the weekend, love.” He yells back. I groan internally and decide that I’m going to order things for my office first. If I am going to be able to concentrate on things, then I might as well make it more comfortable to be in. An hour later and I have managed to order new paint, a couch, and some odds and ends like plants and paintings, etc. With that being done, it is time to start on all this paperwork and get it organized.

I decided to start with the stack of papers that need to be filed for the pups that have been born within the last week and believe me when I say that there have been a lot. Part of being a Luna is to file paperwork for the newborns, pack transfers, visits to and from different packs, and help the Alpha with contracts. They also make sure that the pack is taken care of and their best interests are at heart. I finally get all the birth paperwork done and start to think that since I am already going through the motions of being Luna, why wait for the ceremony. I step into Levi’s office and he is on the phone.

“I don’t care that you don’t think it’s fair. You expect to build on my land for free! It’s not going to happen. Come up with a new offer and then we’ll talk.” He yells into the phone. I walk over and stand behind him and massage his shoulders.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

“Alpha Jamison is wanting to build a club and it crosses into our borders and he expected us to let him use that land for free.” He explains.

“Ah, I see. Well, I was thinking…since I’m already doing the Luna duties, why don’t we have the ceremony tonight?” I ask as look for his reaction.

“Are you sure babe? I don’t want you to feel rushed. I mean we just had that blow up and I want you to trust me completely. I know what I did lost me some of your trust and I want to have it all.” He explains.

“Yes, I’m sure Levi. I have already forgiven you. You are my life, my soul, and my other half. I would do anything for you and even though you did that, I understand why you did it. I want this. I love you with everything I have and more.” I tell him and his jaw drops. I know I just said the L word and I don’t regret it. It may be the bond, but I can’t help the way I feel.

“Okay, I’ll have my mom set everything up. Oh, and Willow, your stuff you ordered for your office arrived. I’m assuming you used my credit card?” He says with a smirk.

“Oh honey, of course I did. It’s the least you can do after leaving me in a hospital room for a week!” I say with a giggle.

“I’ll have someone bring it up and get everything settled. You’ll have to either work from home or in my office until they get done with painting though.” He said. How did he know what I bought? “When a large purchase is made with the card, I tend to find out what is being bought, love. You’re lucky I love you. I don’t let just anyone use my card. How did you get it anyways?” He asks.

“Maybe you shouldn’t leave your wallet laying around for anyone to take Mr. Alpha Man.” I laugh. He left his pants in his office when he changed for training earlier. “You left it when you went to training. Speaking of which, I need to go to the training area and oversee what is going on so I can file the papers for the new warriors. Care to join?” I ask.

“Yeah, I let mom know that we are moving the ceremony to tonight. It’ll be at seven, so you’ll have to start getting ready around five. Which gives us about two hours to look at our new warriors.” He says as he stands and grabs my hand. We head to the training arena and when we arrive the warriors are sitting around.

“Excuse me fellas. What exactly are you doing sitting around?” I ask. “Shouldn’t you be training? How do you expect to become warriors if you’re not training?”

“Who exactly do you think you are? We don’t have to tell you anything.” One of the guys says to me. Levi starts to say something, but I stop him. I can handle this myself.

“If you MUST know, I am the Luna of this pack and you WILL TREAT ME WITH SOME RESPECT!” I boom at him. He looks flabbergasted. The nerve he had talking to me like that even with Levi standing right there.

“I’m sorry Luna, Alpha.” He said. “Alpha Levi I didn’t know. I’m sorr…” He says before I cut him off.

“Hey, I’m right here. Don’t talk to him, talk to me. I’m the one that asked you the questions. What’s your name?” I ask.

“Jefferson.” He says.

“Well, Jefferson, why aren’t you training?” I ask again.

“The training officers aren’t here. We have been waiting for an hour.” He explains with his head down.

“I see. Well, I guess I’ll be the one training you today. I don’t want to hear it. Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean I don’t know how to fight. So, don’t even start with that shit! We’ll start with a ten-mile run and while you guys do that, I’m going to find the training officers. Levi will join you on your run, so I know you are getting it done.” I say. Levi just looks at me with his sexy ass smirk until he registers that I just volunteered him for a ten-mile run. “Oh honey, don’t look so sad. You’ll be fine. I have some asses to chew out. Who is supposed to be training this evening?” I say.

“I do believe it was supposed to be Wilson and Robert.” He says to me before turning to the warrior trainees. “Alright men, let’s get this run over before my mate has our balls!” He says laughing as they all take off. After they leave, I call Ryder and have him meet me at the arena with Wilson and Robert. It’s been about thirty minutes and Ryder and the two men arrive along with Levi and the warriors.

“Luna, what did you need?” Ryder asks.

“Well, I need to speak to your two trainers here.” I state with a glare in their direction. They immediately bow in submission to me acknowledging my title. “So, would you two care to explain why you had my trainees waiting for an hour for training and still not show up until someone hunted you down?” I ask.

“We lost track of time?” Wilson says, but it comes out as more of a question.

“Is that a question or a statement? You care to tell me the truth or are you going to continue to lie to me!” I growl. I don’t have the time for this nonsense. I have a ceremony to get ready for!

Robert is the one to speak this time, only he looks to Ryder instead of me. “Well…um…we…we were…hungover.” He stutters out. Wilson glares at him not wanting him to tell us apparently. By this time the trainees are back, and Levi is walking up and stopping to stand beside me.

“Let me get this straight. You decided to go get drunk, knowing you had work to do the next day, and wanted to nurse your hangovers instead of doing your jobs?” Levi asks and he doesn’t look happy.

“Yes, Alpha.” Robert says.

Wilson just scoffs and that seems to upset Levi. He lets out a loud growl and marches up to Wilson so that he is in his face. “DO YOU HAVE SOMEHTING YOU WOULD LIKE TO SAY TO ME OR MY MATE WILSON?” He booms.

“N-no, A-alpha.” He stutters.

“Alright since you want to miss out on training, you’re going to be my volunteers for the day and believe me when I say this, I’m not going to take it easy on you.” I say as I head to the middle of the arena. They just stand there looking at me bewildered. “Well, come on now!” We start training and Wilson doesn’t look so good after I’m done with him. Robert doesn’t either for that matter. Levi just looks amused. “Now that you have gotten your asses kicked, I expect you to train the trainees everything that I just did and be at the Pack House by six-thirty!” I say heading to get ready for my ceremony.

It’s time for the ceremony to start and I am a bag of nerves. Why did I decide to do this now? I’m marrying Levi right now. The ceremony to become Luna is basically a wedding in human terms. Oh, Goddess what have I gotten myself into? The music starts and that is my que to walk down the aisle. My dad is waiting for me at the doors and I feel a little calmer.

“You look beautiful princess.” He whispers in my ear.

“Thank you, daddy.” I said blushing. My mom and Levi’s mom picked out the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen in my life. It is a strapless, white, mermaid style dress that has just enough lace that it’s not tacky. It hugs my curves perfectly and they picked out white pumps to match it. The doors open and I instantly see Levi’s face. He looks so handsome in his tux and I see the mist in his eyes as he sees me. Everything looks beautiful. I’m surprised it got pulled off only having a few hours to get it ready. We make it to the alter and my dad gives Levi my hand and he helps me up the stairs. His dad is in front of us officiating the ceremony. “Are you two ready to begin?” He asks and we both nods, not looking at him.

“Let us begin!” He states. “We start by thank you all for coming to support your Alpha and Luna making the bond and commitment to one another. There are many things in life that will come into your life unexpectedly and you must work together in order to make it through. Do you, Levi Noel Andrews take Willow Grace Thompson to be your Luna and mate. To not only cherish and love her, but to uphold to the duties that becomes of being a mate, father, and Alpha for as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” Levi says with a smile.

“Do you Willow Grace Thompson, take Levi Michael Andrews to be your Alpha and mate. To not only cherish one another, but support him in his duties and have the best interest for the pack as their Luna for as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.” I say as the tears start to come.

“Then by the power vested in me by the Moon Goddess, I now pronounce you husband and wife, Alpha and Luna of the Orange Moon Pack! You may now mark one another.” Suddenly I’m nervous. I didn’t think about the fact that we would have to mark each other in public! Levi leans down to my neck and starts kissing until he finds the spot that makes me moan and shudder. I’m embarrassed beyond belief for moaning in front of everyone. During my freak out moment I feel his canines plunging into my skin and the pain that comes with it. It subsides and turns into pleasure after a few seconds and he takes his canines out of my neck and licks the blood away. Now it’s my turn. He’s taller than me, so he has to lean down. I kiss on his neck until I find the spot that makes him moan and growl lowly and I sink my canines into his skin and release them and lick the blood away.

“You may kiss your bride!” Alexander states and Levi wastes no time kissing me. “For the first time I would like to introduce you to Alpha and Luna Andrews!” He says and the pack cheers with hoots and hollers. Our mothers are crying among others as we walk back down the aisle and to the reception room.

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