The Ties That Bond

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We walk to the reception area and once again it is stunning. The tables have white tablecloths on them with roses as the centerpieces. Each chair has a red or green bow on them. Our friends, family and pack members aren’t too far behind us as they enter the room shortly after we do.

“You look beautiful, my queen.” Levi whispers in my ear bringing me back from my thoughts. I blush as he kisses my cheek and leads me to the dance floor. If you would have told me this is how my life would end up before I started college, I would have thought you were crazy. I had a plan. I was going to get a job and open my own law firm. I wanted to start my career and then focus on starting a family, but the Moon Goddess had other plans for me, and I couldn’t be happier. “Don’t worry, my love, you can still have all of your dreams come true. You’ll just have me to support you along the way.” Levi says and I fall that much more for this man standing in front of me.

“I love you my Big Bad Alpha.” I say as I stand on my tiptoes to kiss him. Then I bring my lips close to his ear so only he can hear me. “Maybe, if you’re a good boy, you can show me just how bad you can be.” I nip at his earlobe, causing him to growl lowly.

“If you’re going to talk like that and do things like that then we might not finish our reception.” He whispered as he kissed my mark.

“Maybe that’s my plan” I say in my most seductive tone. His eyes go from sky blue to royal blue and back. He’s fighting his wolf. I can’t help but to smirk at him.

“Alpha! Alpha!” we heard from someone bringing us out of our sexual stooper. We whip our heads towards the voice so fast we could have given ourselves whiplash.

“What is it, Andres?” Levi asks, clearly irritated for being interrupted.

“Rouges.” Was all he could get out before we heard the screaming. We both rush out to see what is going on along with our parents and siblings.

“How did they get past our borders Levi? We’re supposed to have the best warriors!” I hissed. There had to be at least fifty rouge wolves surrounding our Pack House. “What do they want? Should we attack?” I asked, still not getting any answers from him. I look over him and see that he is mind-linking with someone. Probably the warriors.

Calm down Willow. I mind-linked Jason to have him bring the warriors and be discrete about it and not to attack until we find out what they want. Levi told me through our private link. This is odd now that I think about it. Rouges normally don’t strategize. They kill whomever on sight.

Levi, you expect me to calm down. We don’t know what they want. We don’t even know how they got past patrol! This is a nightmare and you expect me to CALM DOWN! I say to him.

Baby, you need to calm down. We can handle this. I need you to be strong for me and our pack. He says as one of the rouges come forward and shifts.

“I suppose you’re wondering what we’re doing here.” The rouge said. “Well if you must know, I’m here for the Luna and her sister.” He said with a menacing tone and immediately Levi shoves me behind his back and Ryder shoves Shay behind his and they let out ferocious growls.

“You’re not getting anywhere near them!” Levi says with his Alpha command. The rouge doesn’t seem phased one bit.

“How did you get past our borders and what do you want with our mates?” Ryder asked.

“Your patrol made it easy as there was no one patrolling the southside border. Maybe you should get better guards.” The rouge said with a smirk. Levi lets out a growl that shakes everything around us.

I want every single border patrol guard and warrior in the arena after this is handled! I angerly mind-link Jason.

Yes Luna. We will be there as soon as we take care of these rouges. He says back. I step from behind Levi’s back and start to walk towards the rouge, but Levi stops me and pulls me into his side.

“You won’t get out of here alive, so you better tell me what you want with my sister and myself before I kill you!” I yell at him and all he does is laugh.

“You wouldn’t kill your own father, would you?” He says with a smirk and my heart drops to my stomach as I look to my mom.

“You’re lying! What do you want with my sister and I?” I ask again getting impatient.

“Ask your mother and father. As for what I want with you and your sister, I need your blood. For what though, is none of your concern.” I can’t keep the shriek that rises into my throat down as I step closer into Levi’s side.

I turn around to face my pack. “I want all of you to go back into the Pack House and do NOT come out until I or Levi tell you! GO!” I tell them.

I’m calling the attack Levi. I say to him.

Go ahead my love. I trust your judgement. He says tucking me safely in to his side.

Jason, I want you to start the attack on my mark! Be discrete.

“You’ve come to the wrong packed and messed with the wrong people and you will pay. You will not get my mate or her sister! I will kill you before you get the chance.” Levi sneers.


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