Black Rose

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“So what do you want to talk about?” this hurt me, but I could never love her, I was getting engaged to someone else at that. “well it’s about us Anna, I…I… I don’t think it’s going to work between us” I looked away from her, I didn’t want to see her pain. “why? Is it something I did Sam? Is it about last night, I know I am not experienced at all, but I can learn, you can teach me what you like and I’ll do it” “can you please tell me Sam, please, I don’t want to lose you, I’ll do anything” I turned my back on her, I didn’t want seeing her cry, it felt like my heart was caught by a painful metal clap. Then I did the only thing I could think off, I became ruthless to her. “Anna, you and I can’t be together because I don’t love you, dating you was just a bet to make you fall in love with me the dump you when you think I am serious about you, it was all a plan to hurt the most innocent girl I come across, and taking you virginity was just a bonus. You know, a reward for keeping up with this whole façade. Now I suggest you take you things and leave” with that said, I left and went upstairs to my room, stood by the window to swallow down my guilt. Moments later, I saw her running out of the house in tears, “goodbye Anna Rose” I said in my heart blinking back tears that formed there somehow, somehow at that moment, I knew things would never be the same.


Somehow my eyes felt heavy, and I could smell some kind of disinfectant and I felt someone holding my hand and begging me to wake up. “Anna, can you please wake up, good God!” it was Mike and I could sense his frustrations. It took some time but I finally managed to open my eyes and it took some time for my eyes to adjust to the light, I could see Mike with his head buried in my hand and holding it so tightly it could break. “hey Mikey” I managed to say while coughing with my mouth dry. “he quickly raised his head and engulfed me into a big hug, I could feel my lungs begging for air. “oh God Anna, don’t ever do that to me again, I’m still too young to lose my best friend” he said between Joy and tears. W... (cough)…water” I managed to say and he immediately let go of me and poured me a glass of water, “come on drink up” he said bringing the glass to my lips and I took big gulps of water before I could speak again. "So tell me what happened?" I told Mike and he looked sad.

"Well... I found you having a panick attack in the street, if I was even a bit late, I'm worried about what could have happened to you" I could see the sadness in his eyes, that's when everything came back to me, I was crying heavily and I felt this tightness in my chest and could barely breathe, that's when I saw Mikey making his way to me, then everything went blank. " I guess I should thank God that you are rich and drive a really fast sports car" I said laughing, and a deep frown appeared on his forehead and it scared me, he looked mad and he never gets mad at me, " do u think you life is a joke to me Anna? Is that what it is, what if I didn't make it to you on time, what could have happened? And tell me what that punk did to you so I know which torture method to use on him" Mikey stated angryly that even his voice was high, you could see how red his face is and could clearly see his veins popped out.

"Well Mikey, I'll tell you what happened and you won't do anything about it, I will take care of that myself" with that said I began to tell him how everything went down and it's a wonder he didn't explode from anger. " Just because he is rich, that does not mean he can do whatever he want, I'm going to kill that man, I can't let you handle it on your own, he will crush you, besides we only have each other, I'll help you" when he said that, I could feel my heart warm up, I could always count on him. "Well Mikey, thank you" I said in tears. "Don't cry and tell me how we are going to break that punk" he said hugging me. "Ever heard of the Black Rose?" I said with a smirk and I could see the shock on his face.

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