Black Rose

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Anna POV

“What do you mean baby? And how do you know about that organisation? It is said that they are the most ruthless underworld organisation. They rule both the Asian and European underworlds and are taking over Africa. As far as rumours go, they also have businesses all across the globe and are the richest worldwide. It is said that members of the organisation are extremely loyal to their leader but have been running blindly since their leader died two years ago, and had it not been for his right-hand, the organisation would have ended. They say that there is an heir to the organisation but no one has ever seen him, they say he is more ruthless and powerful than his father, and can kill without batting an eye.

But why do you ask about it? Mikey explained everything in a whisper as if afraid of being heard by others, but was even more shocked to see my smirk. “I ask Mikey because its time I take over from my father and relief old man George” I told him and he just stirred at me like a lost puppy. “Anna, what do you mean take over? You are making no sense at all” he looked at me like I had a few loose screws. “what I mean is that, the Black Rose will finally have their leader. I was supposed to take over when I turn 21 but now seems like a good time as any” I told him smiling, I could see confusion in his eyes but it only took a moment before fear registered in them.

“A…Anna, are you trying to tell me that you are the heir to the Black Rose, that you are the ruler to the underworld? That you are the mysterious leader that everyone wants to be associated with, my family included? That you are the ruthless and fearless heir everyone talks about but has never seen?” he looked at me and I gave him my warmest smile, and he seemed to take that as an answer “but how come? You are so sweet and innocent, more over you are a girl, so how can this be” he looked at me with disbelief and confusion, his mouth literally hanging open. I let out a sigh “My father wanted me to live a normal life, so whenever I went with him to the company or met anyone from the BR he would disguise me as a male, it was his way of keeping me safe, and thanks to that, I had a free life. Anyway that’s not what I want to talk to you about, we will have a lot of time to talk about my upbringing later” I looked at him seriously and he seemed to understand me. “so what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to search for me all the names of people who took part in this bet, their motive, well technically everything you can find about them. And most importantly, their connection to the underworld” I told him in all seriousness and he looked shocked for a minute but soon recovered. “alright, I’ll get right to it” he said taking out his phone to make a call. “ah…. Mike, why do you just believe me, don’t you think I’m lying to you at all, I mean, all this should seem like a sick joke?” I couldn’t even look him straight in the eyes. I suddenly felt a finger on my chin, and he raised my face so I could face him, and I was met with his gorgeous smile, “I know you would never lie to me Anna, besides, even if you did lie, I would still believe you because you are my best friend and I trust you” he stated and I could feel my eyes get moisty. He hugged me then went out the door with a phone to his ear.

Having been left alone, I took my phone from the stand beside the bed and made a call to a very special someone. I held the phone as it rang a couple of times before it was finally answered “Baby Anna, you finally remembered this uncle of yours, it has been so long since you last called me, so to what do I owe the pleasure this time?” I could hear how happy and worried he was over the phone, he always tells me to check-in every day, but since I was unconscious, I really couldn’t do it. “hey uncle George, I really miss you. I’m sorry I haven’t called in so long, I was just busy” I was almost in tears. “it’s not good to lie Anna, you know I already know everything that happened, so there is no need for you to lie, just tell me what you need me to do” he sounded angry now, gone was my happy uncle. “I want you to tell everyone that the heir will be taking over the organisation, and before you protest, I know it’s still early but I know I can handle it and I can take care of myself, you know I can fight all you strongest men singlehandedly. Besides, it’s the Rose family’s legacy, I have to take over it. And don’t you think it’s time?” I could hear him sigh in defeat and it made me want to do a mini dance.

“fine Anna, but you do know that it means you coming over to Asia for the next 5 years in order to familiarize yourself with everything. Isn’t this a big move? I wanted you to enjoy your teen years a bit more, but I guess I have no choice, but how are you going to tell Mike about all this, it seems absurd” he told me and it made me feel guilty, I had totally forgot that I had to take Mike along, he is after all my right-hand. “uncle, I think it’s time you talked to Mike, he is your son after all. I can’t just uproot him, he has a life here, besides, he’s my best friend” I could hear him sigh at the other end when I said that. He had left Mike in order to keep him safe, it has been 10 years and I know this reunion will be hard, but it’s necessary. “believe me baby, I’ll try, let’s hope he does not hate me, I can’t bare that” you could feel pain and sadness sapping through his words. “I’m sure he won’t uncle, you left to protect him” I tried to comfort him, but all he did was sigh and tell me that I will see him in a week, and just like that, the call had ended and I was left to my thoughts, mostly the betrayal of one I thought was a friend and had my back, Brett.

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