Black Rose

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Mikey pov

It’s been a week since Anna told me about her being the legendary black rose heir. One might think that it’s a crazy story and may think I’m crazy for believing her just like that, but I’m sure of two solid things, Firstly- Anna would never lie to be, she’s my best friend, and when she lies, I can tell just from the sound of her voice, it gets higher. Secondly-I did know the black rose heir is female, after all, I did lose my father to that organisation, so I did learn a couple of things before he left. My mother always told me stories about him, at least I got to know him for my first eleven years of life before he decided to leave us for good. Mother always says that she believes he will return one day, for if anything, he would die to protect us but for me, I have lost all hope, it’s been ten years and he still never appeared.

Well as I said, it been a week since Anna told me that she is to take over the Black Rose, and in that time, we found out that all the boys in that senior year had been part of that bet, to say she was angry was would be an understatement, she was furious, especially towards Brett, she had trusted him and treated him as a friend, she looked so broken. Well, she has been discharged three days ago, and she told me she has to leave and move to Asia for the next five years, you can just imagine how I took that, it was not at all pretty.

Today she brought me out, she says she has a surprise for me, as a way of her apologising and making it up to me for leaving, I may hate to lose her, but I understand why she has to leave, and I can always visit her. Right now she has me blindfolded driving to the restaurant where my “surprise” is waiting. “we are here, and once you make it through this door, you have to keep an open mind, please” Anna was practically squirming in excitement while taking off the blindfold. “come on Anna, you know I always love your surprises, you are queen of surprises, at least for me” I told her smiling and messing her hair, and she pouted causing me to bust out in laughter. For now, we were still waiting inside the car in front of Scarlet, the most expensive restaurant in town, to make it through the door, you need special membership, but the fact that we are here is not surprising, after all the girl is rich.

We got out of the car and made our way towards the door, she stopped, looking unbelievably nervous all of a sudden. “are you ok Hun, or are you scared that I won’t forgive you? don’t worry, even if it’s a terrible surprise, I’ll forgive you anyway” I told her with a smile, the way I know helps her calm down, and just as I thought, she took one deep breath and looked better. She smiled and said “come on, let’s go in. I’m fine now” with that, we pushed the door open and I was shocked with what I saw.

Standing right before me was someone I never thought I would ever see again, I had lost all hope but here he was, standing right in front of me, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Instead of being over joyed like I always thought I would, I felt a surge of pain and anger shoot right through me. “dad?” I said, my voice come out heavier than I had intended. “hello son”

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