Black Rose

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Anna pov

I got off the car holding a bunch of white roses, they were my mother’s favourite. I got them form a flower shop on my way to the cemetery, I just had to come here to be with my parents, it has been a while and this is the only place where I can find peace. I walked a little up a hill, and there beneath a willow stood the graves of my parents, just looking at them reminded me just how much I missed my parents. I feel so disconnected without my family. I just stood there, for the first time I didn’t know what to do or say to them today, I just wanted to be here with them just for the comfort. They did everything to protect me and here I was thinking they were selfish and left me without reason but they did it all to protect me and for the sake of my future.

For the longest time I stood there until I just broke down, I missed them so much, and now I finally feel all alone in this miserable world, for the first time in a long time, I cried. I cried to my heart’s content, letting all the pain I ever felt out, because after today, a new Anna Rose will rise. I don’t know how long I cried but by the time I had come down, the sun was already starting to set. I wiped my tears then sat between their graves then spoke to them, I won’t be able to come here for a long time. “mom, dad, I’m so sorry for doubting you for all this time, I didn’t know all the pain and sacrifices you had to go through for me and for the people you regarded as family, all to protect all of us, you gave up your own lives. But I won’t be like you, I won’t put up with the pain, I will take revenge on all those who hurt me and my family. I promise to protect the business and the organisation at all cost.

But I still wish you both were still here so that you can be the once to guide me when I take over, you know, the way you always tell me that grandpa taught you when you turned twenty-one” I finished this part with a smile, the stories he told me about his training with grandpa are the funniest I had ever had, they always managed to light up my day and make me laugh every time I cried. “I always dreamed you would be the one to teach me everything so we can make our own memories that I could tell to my children one day, but I guess the memories I have with you guys are even better, because if anything, I got to meet the greatest parents in existence.

You know today uncle G told me about everything that happened in this past ten years, and it made me realise that if I keep up the way I am, then I will lead both the business and the organisation into ruins, so I am going to become better and stronger for you but mostly for me and all those who hurt me will finally bow down to me. At least I still have uncle G, aunty L and Mikey. I wish you could be here to give me your blessings but I know you are always here with me” I said that as I stood up prepared to leave. “oh! I almost forgot to put the flowers, I may not be sure if this is even your graves but just know that I will come back, it will take a while, but I will be back, but it will be a lot stronger than I am now” with that I turned and left, this time feeling more determined and ready to take anything that is thrown my way.

When I got to my car outside the cemetery, I found uncle G standing there, and guess what, I was not surprised, I did feel that there was someone up there with me. I have to admit that I was happy that he was there because now I can get a hug from him. It’s a long journey ahead and all I want right now is comfort before I go into the big bad world, more or less. As if he can read my mind, he engulfs me in his signature bear hug, the first time I got it was during my mother’s funeral, the second was when he told me about my father’s death, so this makes it the third time he hugs me, and it always makes me feel better every time. After a while, I pulled away, and I felt a lot better. “are you ok now hunny” he asked looking worried and you could hear it in his voice as well. “I’m good uncle G. but I think it’s time we make a move on, we leave tomorrow night. Tell aunty and Mikey, if they want to come its fine. if they don’t that’s also ok, but if they don’t come with us, you stay with them, you’ve been away from your family for too long” with that I got in the car and headed straight for my apartment, contemplating how I will keep up if they decide to stay. But this was my battle and my family’s legacy and I do not mind going in alone.

George pov

After Anna left the restaurant, Mike went to chase after him, I knew it was useless and she just needed to be on her own. After a couple of minutes of him shouting at her, he finally came back in. “we have to go after her, she can’t be on her own when she is in that state” he said looking frantic. “just sit down, I have something to talk to you and your mother about. Anna will be fine, beside, there is only one place she could go and she is more than qualified to take care of herself” he hesitated for a moment but finally sat down. “here’s the thing, Mike, it’s in our family’s tradition that the eldest child will serve as the right hand of the black rose leader, and you being my only child, that responsibility falls on to you. And to be clear, I am not forcing you, I am asking if you would like to take over from me, if you do agree, you will have to leave with me and Anna for Asia for you training for the next five years, and if you do decline, Anna will choose someone else and you don’t have to go.” I told my son, I know it is a lot to take in but I need to know his decision.

Then I turned to my wife “hunny, you can come live with us, you can leave with us or wait for me for a bit more, though I would love for you to be there with me, I don’t want to just uproot the both of you. You both have life’s here, and I will understand if you do not want any part of this, for the moment you both make it into the organisation, there is no turning back, you must be ready for danger and prepared to fight.” I looked at both of them hoping for a positive answer. “of course I’m leaving, I can’t leave my best friend all on her own” mike said determined and that made me happy, as for Linda, she just kissed me and smiled, and I knew she can’t take being away from me for much longer and it warmed my heart. I had missed this and dreamed of it every night.

After some time, I put the now resting on my lap Linda on her seat then made it to the door. “do you know where she is?” Mike asked worried. “yeah, there is only one place she could go. I just hope she has calmed down” I told him with a sigh, and just as I was about to make is out the door I heard his voice again “and why is that, you can calm her down if she is not” that had me freezing and Linda laughing. “what? Did I say anything wrong?” he asked confusion written all over him. “let’s just say he has had his chance at calming her down and it did not go so well. and he even has a scar to prove it” Linda said amidst her laughter and I left shutting the door behind me. On my way to the cemetery, I got thinking about that time I got that scar. It was after I told her about James' passing, she completely shut down for three days, she didn't eat or talk, nothing. On the third day I went trying to cheer her up, I took some swords and asked her to fight me. " Come on hunny, it will be good for you, you haven't practiced in quite a while and you have a mission coming up" I never understood why she loves swords, her father loved guns. "Besides, it will take your mind off things" and she just lost it, she took the swords and charged at me, I understood she wanted to let the pain out, but I didn't expect her to be this strong, she was almost as good as her mother, who by the way, was stronger and more cruel than James, but innocent and sweet. Let's just say that I got careless(can't admit that she is really good), that's when she stabbed me on my right shoulder and that snapped her back, she cried while yelling at the medical team to hurry up and help me. The wound was pretty deep, so they stitched it up but unlucky for me. It left a scar, well this is just the short version of it.

When I got to the cemetery I saw her talking to her parents, I know she felt me because she frowned. I stood at a safe distance to make sure I don't disturb her moment, after some time I saw her stand to leave, with an expression that told me that what was coming was far from good, and somehow, I had a feeling that this next five years, I will not like what she will become. I left to wait for her at the car, it took only a couple for minutes before she got there. She watched me and I knew she wanted a hug, so I just pulled her to me, I could feel her relax, I knew she misses her parents and it weight on me, but I can't betray James.

She pulled back," are you ok hunny?" I was worried about her“I’m good uncle G. but I think it’s time we make a move on, we leave tomorrow night. Tell aunty and Mikey, if they want to come its fine. if they don’t that’s also ok, but if they don’t come with us, you stay with them, you’ve been away from your family for too long” then she got in her car and left. I just stood there and watched, I knew I have lost her today, it's goodbye Anna and hello to the leader

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