Black Rose

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Anna POV

I woke up to the loud banging at my door, I got up from my bed and went to open it, fuming. The only thing I wanted to do today was to spend the whole day home, pack my bags then leave, I had no plan of meeting anyone today. I opened it to find Mike standing there with a smirk. "Do u know what time it is, why would you be here, and couldn't you use your key and let me sleep, it's only 6 AM" I could almost chew him, I hate mornings, besides, I spend the entire night tossing and turning. "Yeah, yeah, not a morning person, besides, I left my key, and I wanted you to wake up, I have a whole day planned out for us" he just waved his had and strode inside like some sort of royalty.. I closed the door then went over to him, he had made himself comfortable on my couch, he made it look like he owned the place. " So anything you need Mike, because this sure is not the time to go out, if you need me, get back to me in like, 5 hours" I said making my way up the stairs with him right behind be going on and on about his plans. I was so annoyed, I shut the door in his face when I got to my room, but that did not stop him, he strode right in, and pushed me to the shower, "we have things to deal with Anna before we have fun, and we have very little time. There is my family company, our visas, practically everything. and we only have a few hours to do it. so please do me the honour of being a morning person just this once hunny" he gave me that puppy dog face I just cannot say no to, so I just sighed and went to take a quick shower and get ready. when I went down, he had already prepared breakfast for himself, and well for me, zilch.

I just made a bowel of cereal and sat next to him on the sofa. he is always like this, he never seats at the table like a normal human being. " so what has you so worried, I mean, I'm sure uncle G will take care of everything." I told him shrugging my shoulders. " Anna we are leaving the US for China tonight, are you not worried, you will leave in a country under your rule, people will be targeting you. for one, I'm worried" his worry was evident on his face, he also looked a bit scared. I knew I had to explain things to him. " look Mikey, there is no need to be scared, everything will go well, besides no one will know our real identities until we have completed our training and strong enough to hold our own" I tried my best to calm his nerves down but I did a poor job, he just looked ready to panic "look Anna, I don't get how you are not terrified, we rule over two continents, 44 countries in Europe, 48 in Asia and now 45 out of the 54 countries of Africa. and lets not forget that we need north America, just because we need the Us underworld, how can you not be terrified that this countries will not gang up and go against us?" he was so panicked he was sweating. " don't think of them as countries, think individuals, we have the countries leaders on our side, and controlling a country, we just need those people in power and with influence, then the rest will follow. besides, Rose corporation controls more than 50% of each countries' economy, if we go continental, I would say, roughly 53% Europe,63% Asia and 70% Africa. if we fall, they fall along with us. as for the rest, we are just sticking to the influence we have. so for how people will be after us, that is true, we have enemies and we cant avoid that, but no one can take over so easily. during this coming five years, no one will know who we are, we will have a change of identity that is known to everyone else, enabling us to still live freely when with our real names, when in the organisation, you will wear a mask, and I will carry on with my male disguise. people will know who we are when we come to take over rose corporation, not before" I told him and he just looked shocked, like he wanted to ask a lot of questions but had no idea where to begin. " listen Mikey, the next five years are of us to enjoy being normal, because after that, its either people will know Michael Collins, not just your average play boy and heir to a construction company, but as the next in command to the black rose, some will fear you, some will want to kill you and some will ignore you, its up to you what you choose, if you are weak, they will come after you, but if you are strong, you will stay protected. its up to you. but if you are unsure, I suggest you stay, I don't want to endanger you" I told him firmly, but scared that he will choose to stay " I'm leaving with you, besides, look at me, I am like captain America" he said puling of his shirt, trying to show off his muscles, and that had me laughing hard. " don't worry, we have nothing to do but to enjoy our last day here, uncle G has everything under control" with that I took his plate, placing them in the sink then grabbed his hand and out we went.

We went straight to the amusement park for a little fun, this is were we come every time we want to just be goofy and weird. We got our tickets and ran inside, we were like a couple of kids. We first rode the rollercoaster, it was the highest we had ever been on and Mike puked his guys out once we reached the ground, and I couldn't help laugh my heart out, he looked so terrible. Then we went over to the bumper cars and it was amazing, they are my favorite. After going on a few more rides it was time for lunch, so we settled for a close Chinese restaurant. " This food is delicious, I must compliment the chef" Mike said wolfing down on his food. "It's a good thing it's what you will be eating for a while" and we laughed together. " So what are you going to do with ur apartment, my parents are renting the house out" he told me looking up from his food." I don't own it, old Miss Kim does, so I will return the keys, she will rent it out until I come back. Besides, I don't have anywhere else to put my furniture" I just shrugged my shoulders at that. " I'm sure she will agree with you, besides, she spoils the heck out of you. Remember the time you broke her window and she scolded me for it, despite witnessing you break it" he posted and I laughed " yeah, she said it's your fault for bringing a ball, and she was adamant that I would never do anything without your bad influence. Besides I was 16 and you 18" we both laughed holding our stomach at that. "She was pointing her walking stick at me, she almost hit me" with that he took up and begin to imitate that day. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

We enjoyed our lunch and went for a few more rides before it was time to head back and prepare. We made it to the gate holding a bunch of stuffed dolls that we won. "Come, I'll drop you home then head back" he didn't have to tell me twice, I still had to pack and fix my make-up. Fifteen minutes later we were outside my place, I was scared out of my wits, the guy is a maniac, he took fifteen minutes for a forty-five minutes ride. "Are you are hurry u with your bags,I'll get old Kim, you have ten minutes, dad wants to talk to us, so we need to hurry" as if on cue, his phone rang and he put it on speaker. " You guys better get here soon, we need you in that mask now Micheal and no delays. Tell Anna I also have her outfit. We leave in one hour, so be here Now!" He spoke before we even said a word, using his 'im a boss' voice "yes sir" and we replied in unison with Mike. "Oh, you are there too Anna, guess you heard it, get here" and just like that, he hang up before we can say a word. "That's Uncle G alright, I better get going" with that we left the car, I packed my necessities quickly while Mike got miss Kim. In six minutes flat, I was done and at the door with my suitcase, that's where I saw miss Kim, Mike and Brett standing by the car. ' what is this guy doing here, can't I just leave in peace' I just wanted to strangle him but I kept a smile on my face nonetheless as I approached them. I went and hugged old Kim first "This boy just told me what happened and that you are leaving. Didn't you think to tell me all of this before you took your decision? Now who will I stay with, you know you are my little girl" old Kim said hugging me and between sobs. And damn did I feel bad, she was always so good to me and Mike, like our very own grandmother. " Come on grandma Kim, there is still Maddie and Suzie. Besides, I won't be gone forever, I'll come back" I said hugging her to calm her down " that boy has forgotten his mother since he got married, it's only Suzie who comes by this days and now I'm losing my daughter, but it's fine, I will wait for you, and you have to come by as soon as possible" she hugged me tighter. " I will leave now, don't want to keep you here for too long" she kissed me then left, so I turned to Brett who looked shocked," so you are really leaving, and you did not even tell me?" He asked with a look of pain and worry, " yeah, it's only for a short while, but I will b back" I told him while he hugged me. " And here I thought we will have a night out, only to find that you are leaving" he patted my head as he looked into my eyes. I was about to say something when Mikey yelled " hurry it up, we need to go NOW!!!" With that I turned to leave but not before I gave him a look "I will be back Brett, you can bet on it. Goodbye" with that we took off.

We went to find uncle G and aunty L waiting for us outside the door, pissed" you had to be here a while ago, now we are behind schedule. Anna, your stuff is in Micheal's room, I'm sure you know how to put it on, and you Mike, get in there right now, we need o work on your face" , aunty Linda said sternly, leaving no room for discussion, so we did as ordered to us and rushed, I put on my outfit, meaning my male disguise that everyone knows, and Mike put on his mask then we headed off to the airport. Mike's once dirty blonde hair and green eyes were now replaced with black gelled hair and chocolate brown eyes. And I wore a short brunette wig over my currly blonde hair, put on my bicker outfit, and turned my eyes crimson like my father's.

With that we headed to the airport. "So why did you wear the same disguise that people know, once we enter China, everyone will know that you are there, won't that cause havoc, the current black rose will have returned, so that will go around in the underworld, how are you not freaking out right now" Mikey asked while we were in the care, causing everyone's eyes to be on me. " That's actually the plan. Just like my name, I'm prepared to take the underworld by storm. So it's good that they know that Christian Storm has returned" I said with a smirk causing the whole atmosphere to tense, but mostly it was filled with worry. " So what about the corporate world, what are you going to do about the management of the company?" There he goes against, can't he just enjoy the silence. " Mike, the people representing us will continue to do just that, it will not have a CEO until I'm ready to take over, besides, they are doing a great job job, and uncle G is still holding the rains" I said closing my eyes to rest and no o e said anything the rest of the way.

One we got to the airport through the clearance, we made our way to our very own personal plane, what better way to wreack havoc than to appear in style. As the plane took off, I looked down at the city where I grew up in, my Golden city, San Francisco, I will come back here, and I will create a storm.

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