Black Rose

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Brett pov

today was the day I finally get to ask Anna out, I wanted her for such a long time, but all she thought of was Sam, and now thanks to there break-up, I finally get my long awaited chance. besides girls fall quicker for the guy who offers them a shoulder to cry on after having their heart broken, to them it is nothing but a romantic gesture from a loving and reliable guy, so I was jumping at this chance. I have always wanted this girl but Sam just had to go along and keep her by his side, was it not enough that he is already richer and more powerful than I am, and with all the girls swooning over him, couldn't he just break her heart sooner for me? but guess what, he couldn't, because without knowing it, he had gone and fallen for her. at first I did want her because I found her attractive, but now I know that if I get her, Sam will be so heart broken he could go into depression, and that will great a good opportunity to take over his company, and all the years that I have been told to keep him happy and close will finally pay off, and once I take over him, I wont need to keep up this pretence any longer. he has so much but he values none of it, and to him, I am nothing but a beggar that requires him to play hero to save me form bankruptcy. and I know deep down he is happy that I had to ask for his help, but one day I will hurt him were it hearts the most. I curse the day my father made me save him from drowning, he is nothing but an arrogant, rich snob

I got to Anna's apartment only to find that friend of hers telling old Kim about them moving away for a while, "Anna wont be here for a while grandma, she needs to clear her head, but please keep everything safe for her, I already told you everything that happened, so try to understand..." before he could finish that, it hit me that I cant carry on with my plans as long as she leaves, " what do you mean Anna is leaving, and for how long will she be gone?" they turned to look at me, and the friend looked mad. I knew it was the whole Sam thing, and it pleased me to see so much hate, I guess she must feel worse, meaning there will be no chance for him anytime soon. just as he was about to say something, Anna rushed towards us with her suitcase which her friend pit in the car, then she went along to coax the old lady, then turned to me, she wasn't as cheerful as she usually is so I knew that she was hurt, the most dominating emotion in her ice blue eyes was pain, but disappointment did not lose either. "so you are really leaving, and you did not even tell me?" I tried my best to look hurt, and it seemed to word. "yeah, its only for a short while, but I will be back" I pulled her into a hug just as soon as she said that, but from our usual hugs, this was different, she tensed up, or more like she was repelled by my touch, but I did not think much into it. just as she was about to say something, the annoying friend of hers shouted "hurry it up, we need to go NOW!!!" and just like that she left, but not before turning to me, "I will be back Brett, you can bet on it. goodbye" I stood there as I watched the car take off until it was out of side, but her last words kept ringing inside my head, I wanted to brush it off, but something told me that soon, something big will happen, and I should be prepared. the more I thought about it, the sillier I found myself to be, its just Anna, what kind of trouble can she bring. after clearing my thoughts, I made a phone call then got into my car and left with a smirk on my face, " this is sure to be one interesting show"

Sam pov

I was peacefully enjoying my day at work, I thought nothing could ruin this day for me. For the first time this week, Anna was out of my mind, so obviously I was happy for once, but my happiness did not last long, because in burged a furious Mary. This girl is really going to drive me crazy. I frowned then looked up at her and my assistant, "she just burged in sir, I really couldn't stop her on time, she is too strong" she looked scared so I just signed " it's fine, you can go now, even I can't stop her" I laughed and she left closing the door behind her. " Don't you laugh Samuel Rivers, you told me that you had a solution, but thanks to your poor and slow planning, our engagement is pushed to next week. Daddy says, and I qoute 'since you two seem to be getting along so well, we should hold the engagement as soon as possible, there is no need to wait any longer', so please my dear Samuel, can you work faster, I cant keep up this façade any longer. I don't want to be married to an ignorant butt head" she said that fuming, hands on my desk and he breath on my face. if we had not been friend since childhood, I would literally throw her out, she is so annoying, and I can fell the veins on my head about to pop. " listen here Mary, I have no idea what to do, why don't you tell your father that you have a boyfriend already, I don't want to be the one taking the fall for you. and who said I wanted to get married to you, you are just a self-centred, arrogant fool, and besides, who is this secret lover of yours that you seem so ashamed off. I don't know any guy that will be willing to keep up with you. just the sound of your voice is enough to make me lose my sanity, I don't think anyone will want you around them for too long or the poor guy will end up in a mental institution." I fired back at her, and if it was any possible, her whole face would be up in flames right now. "you.. you.." she said pointing her finger at me. the fact that she could not find her words told me that she was damn angry, and if I know my Mary, there should be a punch on my face right about now, and just like I predicted, its came swinging, but lucky for me, I was able to dodge it, or I would have a blue eye right now. " you stupid idiotic imbecile, hoe can you say that about me, are you trying to wish me bad luck in my relationship with Josh. just because you are not...." I cut her off when it registered to me who her lover is. " did you just say Josh, as in chief of police, the one guy I know to be a good, honest and trustworthy guy. that Josh? as in my good friend Josh?" I asked in utter surprise and that seemed to make her realize that she just blabbed his name to me, so she calmed down from her high. " Yeah, that's the one" she said in a wispher and looked at her feet like they are the most interesting thing, with her jet black, waist length straight her covering her face. and if you looked closer, you could see that her cheeks had turned a light shade of pink.

just looking at her, I laughed, and I laughed hard, so hard that my stomach hurt, and her face went even more red. " now I get why the guy is still with you" I told her between my laugh, and she moved from her now calm and shy(which surprised me), to go all angry. " what do you mean Sammy?" you could feel anger and curiosity radiating from her. " I mean, the guy under went special training, he is the only one with the mental strength to tolerate you. the guy is trained to deal with psychopaths after all" I said to her and she just blew up. " do you mean to say I am crazy or unstable Rivers. you know I can show you unstable" she said coming at me, so I got of my chair and ran across the room laughing. " now, now baby cakes, just calm down, I meant to say that, he is the only one capable of handling my wild girl" she just began screaming insults at me while chasing me around, while I just laughed all the way. this is how it always is between us, we may blow each other's fuse all the time, exchange insults, but it is always fun, and no hard feelings.

our little moment was stopped my cell phone ringing, we stopped our chasing and I went to look at who is calling. it turned out to be Brett, he has been calling a lot lately to check on how I'm holding up after my breakup with Anna, and I really appreciate his concern, but I wish that I could be left to my thoughts, so I chose to ignore it and let it ring. "who is that Sammy, a stalker you just cant get rid off" the girl just had the nerve yo roll in laughter, I was about to reply when the ringing came again. this time I just sighed then picked it up. " what up Brett" I asked already annoyed. " what's with the attitude Bro? not even a 'hey'? I just called because I have a message for you, are you busy?" he sounded worried. I knew it was about Anna, I wanted to ignore it but something told me it would be a bad move, so I just sighed. " I'm with Mary, nothing important, so you can tell me" I stated looking at Mary pout. " well Anna told me to deliver a message to you, she says she wishes you all the best in your engagement and understands why you never loved her. she left with Michael, she wanted time to get over you and move on, she even gave the house keys back to old Kim. dude, if you heard the way she said it, it was so dark yet so heart breaking she......." he just kept going on and on, but my heart stopped when he said that she left. 'she left with Michael' this sentence kept going over and over in my head while I held the phone to my ear. so many questions were going through my mind, 'has she gotten over me and climbed the wall so soon?' ' is it that she never loved me and was playing me as well?' ' what if I never get to see her again?' my heart seemed to hurt with that last thought, it was like my heart was being squeezed inside a too small and thorny metal clap. it seemed like something clicked inside me, because I just hung the phone, shoved it in my pocked, grabbed my keys then ran out. I could hear Mary calling after me asking if I am ok, and my employees' eyes on me as I ran twenty floors of stairs like a mad man, all the way to the parking, but I did not care at the moment, because one thing was going on through my head, I need to find Anna Rose, I just cannot lose her.

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