Black Rose

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Sam's pov

I was currently in the car making calls to my contacts, at the airport, train stations, etc, I wanted them to tell me if Anna made it through there and her destination, and if she has not arrived, they should stop her at all cost and inform me immediately. right now, I was making my way towards her old apartment, if anyone is to know where she is going, it has to be old Kim. I arrived there within fifteen minutes, with thirty minutes to spare, after running red lights and avoiding a close accident, ignoring the insults of other drivers. I did not even stop for the police, but I guess they realised that it is me for they did not follow behind. I cut the engine the ran out the car and up the stairs to the one old Kim stayed in. I knocked on the door vigorously until it was opened by a mad Suzie, who by the way, upon seeing me, just the door in my face before I could even say a word. " come on Suzie, open the damn door, I need to talk to grandma Kim" I stated furious, banging at the door until it was opened by none other than old Kim, who stood there in all her glory. upon seeing her I froze, and was shocked to see her smile instead of beating me up with her stick. " you wanted to talk to me Samuel, so don't stand at the door, come in and shut the door behind you" she turned then walked back inside, I stood there for a minute, until I recovered from my shock and followed her to her living room, were I found her seated in her rocking chair.

I stood behind the couch, for the first time, I did not know whether to sit, stand or run. for someone who sees Anna as a daughter, she sure is too calm to even let me into her home. where was the beating I had prepared myself for? this is a lot scarier. " sit down Rivers, its time we talked, and judging by the way you were banging at my door, you must want to ask me about my little girl" I just nodded and took a sit on the couch beside her. " yes grandma, can you tell me where she went of to, I need to find her or I might be too late" I said urgently to her. " calm down Rivers, there is no need for you to hurry. for someone with your power, influence and connections, you must have the whole police force out looking for her, and if you don't, I'm ashamed you are not as intelligent as I thought. so that gives you plenty of time to have a little chat with me" she said this with her eyes closed, head resting at the back of the chair while rocking, looing quite peaceful. I didn't know whether to feel proud or angry at her words. but I just sighed and nodded. " yes grandma, we can talk, as long as you promise to tell me where she went after this" I told her almost pleading. " you are truly a business man. we have a deal. so tell me Rivers, why do you think I didn't want you around my little girl when you two started dating, and why did I grow to accept you over time?" she asked me, and the question surprised me, I thought something along the lines 'why did you hurt her?' but I guess I was wrong. " I think as a parent, you wanted to protect her against men, especially since she was at such a young age, and you thought that I was too old for her. you warmed up to me because you got to know me more through all the times that I came over here, I started to see me as your son as well" I answered her questions, thinking about how any parent will feel. " you are right, I didn't want her dating someone older than her, there is a four year gap between you, and I didn't want her to be hurt by an older guy, who by the way, was to leave her and go on to collage, but that's not the whole reason, I also did not like you because you come from a rich family." she paused and looked at me this time. " you see, when I was sixteen, I fell in love wildly with one college guy, he was twenty-two, and he always treated me right. I thought I have found the greatest love of all time, he was handsome, rich and boy was he good with word. I had given him everything, my heart, soul and body. everything went well through our first year dating, around three months into the second year, that's when things went down hill. I told him about the pregnancy, I thought he would be delighted, despite still being young, we were in love and that's all that mattered, we could find a way to make it through. but instead, he went hell mad, telling me to abort because he cant have an illegitimate child while engaged to someone, turns out, my love for him blinded me so much that I couldn't see him for who he really was. turns out, he was already engaged to someone, and I was just a flirt. when I refused to get rid of the pregnancy, he poisoned me, leaving me to die, but luckily someone found me in time and took me to the hospital, I was saved and so was my child, but when Maddie was born, he was close to dead, he had to undergo so many operations, but through grace, he made it. i got married to the man who saved me, but I was never able to have another child, so he treated Maddie as his own, and I lived with him happily until God took him from me" by now, she was in tears as she told me about her story, making me feel terrible for her.

before i could ask if she was ok and about Maddie's father, she continued." so you see, I did not want to put her through that, and I wanted her to break things with you. but when I saw how happy she was with you, how she had her spark back, I thought that maybe I am wrong to judge you based on something you never did, so I worked and put my feelings aside and gave you a chance. I treated you like my own son but you went and disappointed me, treating her exactly the way I feared you would. you used her, and now, in just a week, you will have fiancée. you used my daughter and disposed of her like an old rug, I do hope you are satisfied" with that she stood up and made her way to the kitchen, I stood there speechless and hurt, my heart was in so much pain, it felt difficult to even breath. after a few minutes, I followed her to the kitchen, to find her enjoying her cup of tea, is it not strange for an old woman to be this calm and scary in situations like this? but I just brushed it off. "grandma, I want to make things right with her and regain your trust, plus, you haven't even listened to my explanation yet, and you are already judging" I said walking towards her. " just stand right where you are Rivers, I was civil enough with you all this time, now I want you out of my house, and don't bother looking for her, when she is ready, she will come back, looking is nothing but a waste of your time, and will only make her gain unnecessary attention, which she does not need. and keep you little game to yourself, because to you, this is nothing but a way to boost your ego, a woman can never leave the mighty River boy, it looks bad on you. and if you so much as get a glimpse of her, I will take pride in torturing you" she said taking a sip of her coffee and turned to go up the stairs, leaving me wondering what she meant. "grandma..." I was about to ask but she suddenly turned to face me. " I used to be an officer Rivers, I know how to torture people, and I am not your grand mother, so never call me that again. now leave, I'm sure you know your way to the door.

I left the house devastated, she did not tell me where I can find Anna, but instead pulled the disappointment card on me, making me feel even worse than I already do. I left the place and searched all over town, my contacts keep telling me that she has not left the country yet. and so I expanded my search to other cities, but I got nothing that night.

after days of no sleep, no eating and continua's searching, there was still no sign of her and Mike anywhere, its like they just vanished. as if this is not enough, my assistant keeps calling me about missing important meetings, my clients are angry, the board is also mad, they say they cannot relay on a CEO that goes AWOL. on another hand, my mother wants me to come out soon and keeps pressuring me about the engagement and Mary wants to know if I'm ok or she should prepare to run

I was currently inside my secret apartment with a bottle of tequila in hand, the one only Brett and Anna know of, I have not showered for days and I'm sure I'm stinking up the whole place, but who cares right? just then the door opened and in came Brett, " how are you holding up buddy, well except for your need of a shower" he said trying to cheer me up. I really appreciate the help he has been giving me, he has been there with me, helping me and doing all he can to help me locate Anna, but its all useless, I think I should give up, she is no where to be found and I have literally turned the whole country upside down but there is still no sign of her, I can believe it took knowing that I may never see her again , to make me realize that I care about her. " I'm fine Brett, I just want to be left alone" I just wanted him to leave, I did not need pity. " you have to get over it soon man, in two days its your engagement, and you do not want to be the run away groom, besides, the company is falling apart, the shares are dropping, and investors are complaining, you need to get back on you feet soon. you cannot let one girl ruin you" he said trying to convince me to get back to my life and it worked, this is not me, I am not the kind of man to let a simple girl ruin all that I have, I am better than this. true I care about her, but its not worth losing my business and my sanity over her, after all, what she does has nothing to do with me, she is after all, nothing more than a bet to me. so since when have I ever cared about my targets, she is just the same as the rest, nothing but an addition to the list. " you are right, thanks man" I smiled at him. "just go take a shower and lets go and get out there, the world is waiting. with that, I pushed Anna Rose to the back of my mind, to a place where she can never resurface again, and carried on with life there after. I stopped all operations to look for her, and life returned to its peace, like she was never there to begin with.

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