Black Rose

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Anna pov

We have been in China for a week now, and I have to tell you, I love it here, a lot. This place has everything I love, all the way from weapons to poisons and drugs, it’s like being in some dark fairy tale castle. Ok when we got here a week ago, everything happened just like I thought it will, just a couple of minutes after leaving the airport, uncle G’s phone could not stop ringing, one call after the next, and he was giving me the stink eye, everyone had almost the same questions, ‘is Storm back to take over?’ ‘what does that mean for our positions?’ ‘are we in trouble?’ ‘what has happened this time, are we planning another take over or are we at war?’ seriously, they were all just ridiculous.

It’s not like I was here to kill anyone, well not yet anyway. But seriously, they made it sound like death follows me everywhere I go. The man was so mad that he switched off his phone and promised to make me pay. The whole car ride was filled with his lecture on how I’m irresponsible and just causing panic without any need for it, but I enjoyed it. You know, knowing that everyone is still wary of me, it makes my job so much easier. Uncle G kept telling me off all the way to storm mansion, as people call it. It is a place build by my mother when she was still in power, when my dad handled the corporate world, and man do I love it her. From the outside, this place looks more like a castle than anything else, to others, it was a place where the Rose family lives when overlooking operations in Asia but to others, this was a fortress.

This place is fully equipped, it goes two floors down, more like, two basements below. One floor is for our weapons, assemblement, invention and storage. The second is for poisons and drugs, we invent our own and sell them in the black market. We have from those that can cause paralysis, either temporary or permanent, for slow and immediate death, those that heal, generally all kinds. But for each one of them, we have an antidote. This house like I said, is built like a fortress, the security is very thorough, no one unauthorised is allowed any entry, and forcing or breaking entry is just foolish, I could say ask those who tried, but well, let’s just say they are not around. It’s the safest place you can find, and when you leave those two danger zones, it’s practically a home, a living room, dinning, a lot of bedrooms, offices, I don’t even know how many wings this place has. All I know is that it has everything we need from training grounds, torture rooms, prison cells, you name it. But it’s not all bad, there is a game room for the family game nights, and man that room is huge, after all there are about thirty adults living here with their kids, so yes, we are huge, but I love it, there is always someone around to talk to.

This whole week we have been familiarizing ourselves with everything. It’s an easy week, all fun and merry. Been going out more, getting to know the city, uncle G told us to enjoy it because it’s the last fun we are going to have in a long time. So finally today we will start our work, they think we need it easy, so Mike and I have been stuck in a meeting all day, we are meeting our represents in different countries, but only the three powerful ones get to stay here with us, the once king of Europe, one of Asia and finally, one of Africa’s heirs, they get to stay because, apparently, they need the training as well since they are taking over from their parents. It’s all about us getting to grow together and getting to know each other, I mean, why the heck should we even have to train together. “one question uncle G, why should they have the same training as us, this is the Rose family training course, why are they not learning from the leaders?” I asked when the meeting was over and everyone gone, only uncle G, Mikey and I were.

I really couldn’t get it, shouldn’t they be learning to adapt in their own continents, from their parents, it’s not like we are bringing about continental war. “that’s a good question, but they need to take this training as well, for we don’t know what will happen in the near future everyone should be prepared, though risky to know everyone’s weaknesses, it’s also helpful, should we go into war, and knowing the strength of each makes everything easy, besides, they are to lead beside you before they go out on their own, if you don’t know them, it could be risky for you should they betray you” he said that as a warning then stood up to leave. “besides it’s a great way to make friends, you will need it, trust me. Have you never had, treat them like family and they will forever be loyal to you? Anyway, I have a date to get to enjoy, tomorrow training begins” with that he was off, almost running, leaving Mikey and I laughing at him.

“do you think it’s a good idea to have them here, I mean, don’t even know if I can trust them” Mikey looked worried when he said that. “we don’t need to trust them, if they betray us, they die, including the extended family. But I guess we should give them one chance, we are after all stuck with them” I just shrugged it off, and he knows that I am right. “ok, now let’s go out and meet our new guest, we cannot keep them waiting”. I said ready to leave. “wait Anna, I need to tell you something” it sounded serious and he looked worried, so I sat back down. “Yeah, tell me. What’s going on?”. I looked at him trying to figure out what was happening. “it’s about Sam” he looked at me, trying to figure something out, and I felt myself begin to sweat. I might be mad and looking to destroy him, but that does not mean I am over him. I nodded so he can continue.

“you do know that he got engaged today right? To Mary of GTR? It’s something about them being lovers before Mary went abroad, so they rekindled their love and decided to get married. But I think they are just hiding that it’s an arranged marriage, they are just friends. The wedding is in a couple of months”. He looked almost scared to tell me, so despite the fact that I can feel my heart tear, I gave him a smile to assure him that I am ok. “I’m ok Michael, besides, he was never mine to begin with, so whoever he ends up with is his business. I just feel sorry for Mary, she got tangled with the wrong person, but I’ll try to not let her get involved” I gave him a smile then left, I just wanted to strangle someone right about now, so I went to train.

Mike pov

The moment she left, I knew she was not ok at all, you could see it. She was shaking in both pain and anger, more reasons to hate Rivers. I need to find a way to cheer her up, but right now I got boys to meet. I found them chilling in the living room, I know dad said to treat each other like friends, but this atmosphere says otherwise, it’s just too tense. “so guys, I would like to know more about you, for all I know, one is China aka Asia, Nigeria aka Africa, then UK aka Europe. I think it’s fair if we get to know each other’s names. My name is Mike, so can I know yours?” I said trying to liven up the mood, but all I got were death stares. “is that your real name or are you just blowing us off, because from what I have had, that’s not even your real face. So why are you trying to get us to trust you if you can’t trust us, I mean, even your so called leader is all fake” said Europe looking all pissed. I was about to reply when a voice came from behind me, “well you don’t need to trust us, because personally, I don’t trust any of you. In the years I worked with my father I learned to trust your fathers and they learned to trust me, they know the Rose family tradition, I can’t show you my real face, you will have to wait like the rest of the word, or you have to earn my trust, which by the way, judging from your attitude is a long shot. And let me tell you, I don’t work with people I can’t trust, you will either get replaced, or I will have fun” right now, she was in the guy’s face, literally, as she held him by the neck. She had this evil smirk and you could see everyone shiver, myself included. I have never seen her this way; murder was written all over her.

“I won’t be polite with you, we will all be living here, so its best we learn to be honest and loyal, and most importantly trust each other. I know we all hate it, but from now on we are a team, and if you don’t want to be here, leave now and send someone else in” she said it with a murderous tone, more like a warning, and I don’t know why, but I feel scared. No one got up, so she took that as a sign to continue. “ok so from what I heard, we have Marcos from the UK, Lu Ting from China, and finally Jackson from Nigeria. From the details I got, Marco you specialise in weaponry, Lu Ting you are our best Assassin, after me of course, and Jack is good with tech. We will need you to develop those areas more but this training is more than just about your specialities, it’s about you leading people, one wrong move could result in war, leading to the deaths of many innocent civilians and as a result, the extermination of your family, friend, etc., I’m sure you get it. We are going to train to be able to handle anything, to make your bodies handle any conditions, from torture, starvation, extreme conditions, and make It immune to our drugs and poisons, as long as it’s available in the black market, you are safe.

And since I know everything about you it’s only fair you get to know me, I am Anna Rose aka Christian Storm, and this here is my best friend Michael Collins aka Mike.” She said that as she stood to get rid of her disguise, and I could hear everyone gasp so I did the same, if they know our names, they can easily find what we looked like. “so let’s start this training and see how things go, but keep in mind, this is not a competition, if we can’t learn to work together and support each other, we will be here for longer than five years. So if you have anyone you want to say goodbye to or to hear their voice one last time, I suggest you call now, because in a couple of hours, everyone in this house will be the only ones you get to see” she smiled sweetly, and I could feel everyone begin to relax. She turned to leave and I followed. “see you guys tomorrow” I waved as I ran after her.

Just as I was about to catch her, she turned “and Lu Man, there is no need for the disguise, just let your hair flow and embrace your inner sparkle. I know Ting is not here, your family may think they can hide from us that he is severely injured after the last mission, but we have our ways. Don’t pretend to be him, he will get here in six months after all. And don’t worry, I will let this slide, and if you want to continue the training when he comes back you are free to do so. But take this as the first and final warning, one more deceitful act, you will all be erased. Tell your father to call me” and just like that she left. Leaving us all shocked, with china shaking in fear, I guess she never thought she will be discovered and none of us saw this coming, but one thing was for sure, this is going be one long and bumpy five years.

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