Black Rose

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Anna pov

The car made it through the gigantic gate, after undergoing through check by security, not that I blame them, this guys have not seen me in sixteen years. We drove for a couple of minutes before we made it to the front door, and there stood in all its glory, the ‘black mansion’. Just by looking at it, I became emotional, not only was it the safest place to be because of the tight security or the fact that it has its own self defence mechanisms, or that it is drop-dead gorgeous, its neither of those. It’s a special place to me, this is where I grew up, the place my parents raised me before life played us at its best. I took control of my feeling and joined the guys, they were busy unloading our luggage from the car, while Manman was already on her way inside with Victor, they were both admiring the place, like they were on some sort of a sight see. I walked over to the boys to help them. “I’ll help you guys to carry it inside” I told them, causing them to look at me with smirks on their faces, and I just knew they were up to no good. “well since you insist, I’ll wait for my luggage in my room, right after I choose a better one than them” Jack said pointing at Marcos and Mikey, then they took off running, leaving me standing there. “why the heck did I even offer to help them, if they think I am some sort of slave to them they……” while taking out my frustrations by kicking their bags, a voice interrupted me. “you are nobody’s slave senorita” I turned my head so quickly it’s a wonder my neck did not snap, I was prepared to lash out on whoever it was that dared to disturb me but then my breath hitched and word I wanted to say got stuck at my throat, because there stood a gorgeous man, ripped but lean body the tight shirt he wore failed to hide that body, black onyx eyes, ginger brown hair that seemed to fall to his face, a beautiful smile that showed his perfect white teeth, everything about him screamed perfection, and without realising it, I was staring.

“stop drooling, you should take a picture, it will last longer” that snapped me out of my thoughts and touched my mouth to see if any drool was there, I found nothing and he laughed at me walking away and that just made me angry. “hey! Who are you? What are you doing in my house? I know everyone here, but I do not know you. And can you help bring this inside?” I told him angrily but he just looked at me like I am some sort of fool, ‘where the heck did Grandpa Jake (the house keeper) get him, he is so disrespectful’. He looked at me then laughed, “firstly I’m Raven, secondly I live here this is my home and thirdly, I am nobody’s slave Rose, there are a lot of guards around, ask one of them” just like that he walked away before I can even answer, I was so mad but I just made a mental note to ask Grandpa Jake about it, then asked the guards to help me carry the luggage inside. Making it through the door, I was shocked by what I saw, everything in this place was exactly the same, from the white wall, to the ancient but modern furniture, there was still even that terrible vase I made my dad for father’s day when I was four and it still had the artificial black roses I got my mother for her birthday the very same year. They were a complete contrast to the styling of the house, but my parents still put them there. I couldn’t help but go down memory lane.

I could see a very young me, surrounded by the love and warmth of my family, the smiles on my parents faces and the funny faces they made to cheer me up when I cry, to when they would disguise themselves when we leave the house during the days when we had a huge price on our heads. Despite the situation then, they would always take me out, and go on dates. Despite mom always saying it was

dangerous to go out when we have people after us, that too with no guards, dad will always smile and say it’s called hiding in plain sight. Just thinking about them brought tears to my eyes, but my moment was ruined when the boys came arguing down the stairs, so I just blinked the tears away and looked up at them.

“so what happened this time, and where is Victor, he can get lost” I asked them when they made their way towards me. “Mike took my room, and you speak about that little brat getting lost, he used Manman to get the second room I chose, now I’m stuck in a dull black and white room, who wants to stay in such a room, I want colour” Jackson said angry, his voice was high to show how mad he was. “well you won’t have to be, that’s my room, you can take the one at the end of the hall, you get to turn in anyhow you want, just tell Grandpa Jake how you want it, and it will be done” just when I was done telling him, could you see his face light up, he acts like such a kid sometimes. “wait, who is Jake? No one was here when we arrived” Mike said looking worried, and as if on cue, the old man made his way toward us, despite being old, he still looked healthy and super regal, his every step screamed royalty and confidence, his once brown hair was now grey, had green eyes, but still kept his build muscles. “I am Jake, the house keeper here, and you young man has to show this elder some respect” he said glaring daggers at Mike and I just laughed when Mike looked at the floor looked it’s the most interesting thing, I knew he couldn’t handle that glare. “what are you laughing at, come and give this old man a hug, I haven’t seen you in so many years, now look at you, you are such a grown woman and I missed out on it” he looked at me, his gaze soft, and I went in for a hug, it has been sixteen years since I was engulfed in his bear hug, and boy did I miss it. I pulled away from him when Victor came in screaming a tour so we laughed. I introduced him to the boy and he teared up, I knew it’s because he missed dad, he did raise him after all, and Victor must remind him of the man. We waited a while before he released Victor from his hug then we went ahead to tell him about the plans for Jack’s room, he was pretty demanding for someone who will only be here for three months, but I’m not complaining.

After everything was settled, we went to freshen up, promising to meet down in an hour for a tour of the city. When the guys left, I finally remembered what I wanted to ask the old man. “Grandpa, who is Raven and why does he stay here, I don’t know him and he is too rude to work here” I told him and he just gave me a confused look then smiled. “but you do know him Rose, and this is also his home. And don’t ask me any more questions, figure it out yourself” he told me with a smile, I know he was hiding something, and I intend to find out what. So I decided to leave him and go to my old room and freshen up. Opening the door, the room was still the same, everything black and white, to others it looks depressing, but I’m comfortable here, everything is simple and it makes it easy to think, all the things I did in this room. I just put my thoughts aside and washed up. I got dressed in my black leather tights, grey vest and black leather jacket, by black boots, I tied my hair into a ponytail and made my way down stairs. The guys were already dressed, looking casual and picture perfect, wearing sunglasses to hide, but they looked perfect either way. They looked up to me when Victor came running up to me. “mommy, you look beautiful, you put those bickers to shame” victor said smiling and I picked him up. “you look handsome as well my baby, I see you predicted how mommy was going to dress” I smiled and kissed his nose, causing him to blush a little. My little boy looked handsome, his hair black and with green eyes, they did a good job and hiding his signature look.

We spend the day having fun, we spend it playing at the amusement park, this guys wanted nothing but to visit their childhood but I must admit, they did make the day a lot fun, with a promise to tour the other day. It was getting dark and even though we wanted to carry on all the way to closing time, we had a pregnant lady to care for, so we left the park and made our way toward a restaurant close by. This restaurant was classy and famous, it provided the privacy people need and it was not crowded, only the rich and famous can afford it. We made our way inside and we were given a table besides the window, it was perfect, you can see the world outside but no one can see you from outside. A waiter came and took our order, while we chatted away about our day, even when the food was served did we not stop talking. We enjoyed talking until it was time to leave, not because we wanted to but it was already late, and we had a child and a pregnant lady, who both need to rest. I left to go and get the car while the guys settled the bill, I came back with the car and planned to go inside to get the guys when someone called my name. I looked around and guess who I found, you guessed it ‘Samuel Rivers’ and boy did my good mood just evaporate.

"Samuel, it’s been a long time” I said with a smile to hide my emotions and extended my hand. He looked hurt and hesitated before he shook it, then he seemed to analyse me. “you look different, no longer the shy girl I know” he told me smiling but hesitant. “six years is a long time, it’s impossible not to change” I smiled back but deep inside I wanted to just cut his head off. “so what are you doing here?” he asked, I think trying to keep up conversation. “I’m here with some friends, and now that we are on that, I have to go inside, it was good to see you” I said turning to leave but he grabbed my hand and I felt my stomach churn in disgust. It must have shown on my face because he suddenly let go when I faced him. “I’m sorry, I was wondering if we can meet some time, and if you could give me your number, I will call you so we set a date” he looked into my eyes when he said that, I could feel myself be pulled into those ocean blue eyes. I wanted to beat myself up when I realised he still has this effect on me. I was about to speak when a girl came out of the restaurant and snaked her arms around him. “I’m sorry Mr Rivers, but I can’t do that, now I should go” I looked at the girl, she is beautiful, the perfect picture of a princess. I turned to leave when I saw the guys coming out and Victor running towards me. “mommy, I was getting worried, you left me all alone for so long, uncle Mikey said you forgot all about me” he said pouting and crossing his arms looking away from me, so I picked him up laughing and kissed his nose."I won't forget you hunny, now get in the car so we can go home" I turned to walk back to the car, only to find Samuel still standing there looking shocked, and surprisingly hurt, but hell I don't care what he feels, so we made it to the car with the guys right behind us giving me weird looks. I knew I had a lot of explaining to do and as if Mikey could read my mind,"you have some explaining to do, for now put your murderous emotions under control, you are scaring everyone, and it's not good for Victor" he wisphered to me and I knew he was right so I took a deep breath and and calmed down then smiled and looked at the stunned Sam, "until we meet again Hun" I closed the door and drove off before he could even react. The drive back home was silent and I was glad about that, I'm in no mood to answer any questions right now, first day back and already I'm reminded about why I was so adamant to come back here, just for one person. I am going to take and destroy everything he values, from his family, to his business and lastly his underworld. 'you better be prepared Samuel Rivers, there is a storm coming'

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