Black Rose

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Mike pov

The whole car ride was a nightmare, Anna was murderous and everyone was don edge, tension was heavy in the air. This was a pretty awkward atmosphere after a very fun day. As soon as the car stopped by the entrance, Marcos and Jack took the quickest escape route, while Manman just looked at me. I knew she wanted me to talk to Anna, but I can’t do that with the aura around her. One wrong word and she will put a bullet through my head, so I did the best next thing. I looked at the sulking, worried and forgotten Victor, he was my ticket to calm down the beast. So I nudged him and he looked at me, hurt. Part of me wanted to laugh, he only shows this expression to his mother. “Vic, I think you should talk to her, guilt trip her so she can calm down, put on your best expression” I told him with a smile. He just rolled his eyes at me, the hurt look he had now gone, he was glaring daggers at me and I shrugged it off. He looked at his mother who was now by the entrance, and he walked quickly to catch up, and I followed behind. The moment he was close enough, he hugged his hands on his stomach and was on the verge of tears, he looked so pitiful, like a forgotten puppy, which he was. I rolled my eyes when I saw this, he should go into acting. “mummy, did I do something wrong” he said, his voice breaking. Anna turned to look at him, and her murderous aura disappeared when she took in the sight, so she knelled down and hugged him. “why would you think that, you are mummy’s favourite baby, I will never be upset with you” she said softly, still hugging him. “you did nothing wrong” she looked into his eyes and wiped away the ear that he let slip. He sniffed and began complaining about how he felt forgotten and how she doesn’t love him blah blah blah. She picked him up and put him to bed, the moment she closed the door, she saw me leaning there in the hall, and she sighed and nodded.

We made our way down to the living room, I sat on the couch with her opposite me. “tell me what happened with that man” I told her looking straight in her eyes. So she began from how they met, how he wants to meet her, how she felt, all the way to us coming outside. “seeing him again reminded me of why I came back, I want to bring him to his knees. I’m not one of those girls that he gets to use, cast aside and not care about her feelings at all, by tomorrow, his stocks need to fall, I want to buy his shares, nothing less than 40%” she said looking crazed, eyes free of emotions and I have to say, this is crazy. “are you crazy Anna, six years ago I would agree with you, but right now, you are going to start an unnecessary war. The man has grown, he has control of the US underworld, he is at par with us in business. With us having no power in the underworld at the moment, we are as good as dead, he will fight with all he has to take us down” I told her standing up in order to control my anger, she wants to take us down and we are not ready yet, there are so many things at stake at this moment, one wrong move and we will be obliterated. “this is what I came back for, before being the queen, I am a woman with feelings, and I won’t let them be trampled upon” she practically growled at me and stood up to match me. “you will not use us to fight your personal battles, we agreed on three months, you won’t be doing anything before that time is up. I understand how you feel, but the man you want to take on is the devil himself, and we are walking in his hell. We won’t win unless we know our battle field. Three months and you can do anything you want, and don’t forget, he is not only your enemy and ex, he is also Victor’s father, you need to tread carefully or he will find out about the boy, and you don’t want him to be caught in the fire between his parents, so be careful. Three months Anna, you waited this long, what a little bit more?” I told her softly trying to convince her and it worked though she was still angry, she can’t break a promise. “three months Mikey, that’s all, when it’s over, don’t even dream about stopping me” she turned her back and walked out to the garden. I just sighed and sat back down, and just then, I felt someone was in the room with me. Turning around, I found a mad Victor there. “you know I don’t care if she has his head, no one hurts my mother and gets to be happy. Three months’ uncle, either you let her destroy him, or I take care of it myself” he told me so calmly it was scary, before he turned and went back to his room. How can Anna think this little demon is an angel? In front of his mother, he is so obedient and cute, but without her, he is the devil himself. I just sat there and thought about how miserable this two are going to make my time here.

When I was ready to leave, finally having accepted my life, can you guess what happened? Someone else entered the room. I turned to find the person I have not seen in seventeen years, Raven Parkers. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. He was my best friend before he disappeared without a trace, all I know about him is that he started an investment company and now he is the third richest guy in the world, his record clean. No illegal dealing and no name in the underworld (surprisingly). But anyway, here he was, standing right before me. “what is it with you people and staring, have I grown two heads?” he said annoyed. “hello to you too, I’m fine as well. It’s been so long, I’m so happy to see you did you miss me?” I said sarcastically and he just rolled his eyes before he sat beside me. “no need for formalities Collins, we are already friends, no need for any further friendship between us” he smiled at me. “what are you doing here Parkers, you never show your face to me unless it’s something you need. So what do you need this time” I told him fuming, cursing my luck, first murderous Anna, second demon Victor and now Him. This has got to be the worst day. “there is no need to blow a fuse, I need you to help me with something, well tell me. Why does my ice queen not remember me?” he looked at me as he said seriously. It took me sometime before what he said could register. His ice queen, he used to tell me about her, he used to say she was his first love, the girl who chased him and declared her love since she was two, the girl who promised to wait for him, the one for whom he went out to start his company and grow for, the one who promise his forever, his ice queen, the girl with ice blue eyes, but why the heck was he asking me for, do I look like I’m keeping tabs on someone I don’t know. I glared at him angry,” how would I know, it’s not like I know the girl. You left me all these years and the first thing you do is ask me about a girl?” I was so mad at him; does he not care about me. “hold you horses Collins, I have things to worry about more, true I left seventeen years ago, but I came back five years later for her, but she had already fallen for someone else, I stayed away to let her be happy, but then I see her again today and she does not remember me at all, in fact, I think she hates me.” He looked so sad when he said that, after spending your entire life loving someone, then they forget about you and fall for another, you meet them years later and they don’t remember you, I guess it must hurt like a bitch. I put my feelings aside, I needed to comfort my friend. “so who is this girl, and why would you ask me, I don’t know why she forgot you, but I’m sorry man, I think you should talk to her” I said softly trying to cheer him up but he just stood up and left “I’ll figure it out” and he made it out the door. I sighed heavily, first murderous Anna,second demin Victor and finally mysterious Raven,a curse my luck. Something told me that things are about to turn for the worst, I knew something big was coming, it’s only a matter of time. But this was not time to think about that, so I made it to my room and hugged my dear baby to sleep, thinking about things that are yet to come.

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