Black Rose

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Sam pov

I was currently having dinner with Helen but my mind was not in it, it kept going back to Anna, her friends and child. After leaving my office today, I was so happy to take Helen out, I even planned on proposing to her but now I don’t feel like it at all.

You see, six years ago, after my engagement with Mary, things changed. We were supposed to get married five months later but then she found out that she was expecting, around two weeks to the wedding, and for the first time in a long time, she finally had the guts to tell her father about her relationship with Josh and that she was expecting his child. Turns out the man wanted nothing but the happiness of his daughter and only fixed the wedding because he thought little Mary was happy with it, so upon finding that his daughter’s happiness lies with another, and hearing the news about his first grandchild, I was demoted from groom to best man, weird right? So just like that, I was serving someone at the wedding that was originally meant for me. and seven months later they had beautiful baby girls, they lived happily and two years later had another bouncing baby girl, a perfect angel and my favourite. Since the wedding, my parents have been off my case about finding a girl because a year after that, I began to date Helen, all up to this day. She is perfect, she is kind, docile, caring, beautiful, supportive and intelligent, graduated from Harvard at twenty-one, she’s everything a man could ask for.

During these six years I have taken Rivers corp to the peak, across the world. We have been doing good, increasing our profits by 150% almost every year. I also took control of the US underworld and got the leaders of the underworlds of countries around me to sign a treaty, I couldn’t take any risk. So far, the only company at par with me in the US is the Rose corp, but luckily for me, they have no power in the US underworld, though they may control many powerful countries, they can’t use them unless they want word war 3. As long as it’s within the northern America continent, I am king, and fighting me in my own territory would just be foolish, it will mean fighting against all the countries here.

Today when I leaf my office I was so happy, I was finally going to get the girl of my dreams but I never thought I would run into the last person I ever thought I would see, Anna Rose. At first I was not sure if I was looking at the same girl so I called her name to be sure, it took a couple of tries before she heard me and turned to face me. Man was I surprised, she looked so different, the good kind of different, she was beautiful, dressed like a kickass heroin, she was no longer the girl that hid behind legging and oversized sweaters, completely dreamy. When she looked at me, I felt my heart skip a bit, which I found weird, this has never happened to me. When she looked at me, he eyes looked cold for a moment before it completely disappeared and she smiled at me, but something was wrong with that smile, but I could not quite put my finger on it. “Samuel, it’s been a long time” though she smiled at me, I could find it in me to smile back, something was just off with her. “you look different, no longer the shy girl I know” I told her smiling and cursing myself at the same time. ‘you look beautiful’ that’s what’s I wanted to say, but what came out was just crap. “six years is a long time, it’s impossible not to change” she told me smiling but it felt like swords were being thrown at me instead. “so what are you doing here?” I asked her, trying to keep her with me a bit longer. “I’m here with some friends, and now that we are on that, I have to go inside, it was good to see you” she said with a smile and turned to leave, so I did the next best thing, I grabbed her hand to stop her from leaving, but I regretted it immediately because when she turned to face me, the expression on her face made me release her at one, she had a look of disgust and sheer hatred all over her, and it could not be hidden. “I’m sorry, I was wondering if we can meet sometime, and if you could give me your number, I will call you so we set a date” I said looking straight into her eyes, I knew it always worked, I was happy to see he defences drop but my happiness didn’t last long because Helen came out and wrapped her arms around me, it was her sign of possessiveness. She became cold instantly, “I’m sorry Mr Rivers, I can’t do that, now I should go” she said as she turned, I felt hurt, I hate that she was using formalities, gone was ‘Sammy’ I miss her calling me that.

I just stood there and watched her back as she left, I did even listen to Helen or what she was saying, my thoughts were occupied by another. I saw a group of guys come out of the restaurant and a boy run to her. One thing caught my attention about that boy, and that’s when he called Anna ‘Mommy’. I didn’t hear what they were talking about because that one word occupied my mind. I turned out that she has moved on, she even has a child that old. I took a closer look at the boy, he was cute, black hair, green eyes. At first I thought he could be her son with Michael since he was there, and he is the only guy I know around her with green eyes. But that thought flew out the window when I saw him holding a pregnant Asian girl protectively. So looking at the two other men, I guess one of them has to be the dad and a part of her life. After picking up the boy, she faced me as she made her way to the car, she looked cold and I couldn’t help but shiver, I have never seen her this way. She looked ready to kill, and something told me that I never really knew this girl. Michael did not even spare me a glance, he walked right passed me and whispered something to Anna while everyone got into the car. They got in as well and she looked at me, ‘calmly’. “until we meet again Hun”. And just like that she was gone, I looked at the car until it was out of sight, I left only when Helen pulled me inside and since then, Anna has not been off my mind

“Sam, what’s wrong, you are spacing out again.” I snapped out of my thought when Hellen touched my hand and looked worried. “I’m ok baby, no need to look so worried” I told her with a small smile but she just sighed and pulled her hand back. “it’s about that girl from earlier right, you changed since you met her” she looked straight into my eyes when she said that, I just faced down, I couldn’t deny it and I hate lying to her. “you know Samuel, I don’t know what happened between the two of you, or who she is to you, but I can’t use a boyfriend that thinks about someone else while with me, so I suggest you figure yourself out then come find me. But don’t take too long, I won’t wait forever.” She looked so sad when she said that. I didn’t react and I guess she took that as my consent because she got up, kissed me then left, but I grabbed he had, and looked into her eyes. “it will only be a just for a short while, I’m coming back” I told her with a smile to assure her. I just need to figure out why Anna returned and that too with such a drastic change, and I can’t risk losing Helen when I go out on my hunt., she gave me a teary smile before she left. I watched her back as she left then took out my phone and dialled a number.

As soon as the call went through, “I want you to find out everything you can about Anna Rose for the past six years, I want it in an hour” I told the person then hang up before he could ask anything. I paid the bill then left. I got home and went to change my clothes then made my way down to the kitchen for a cup of water, then my phone ringed, and I picked it immediately as soon as I saw the ID. “boss, we found nothing, it’s like she disappeared into thin air, her last activities are when she was in the hospital six years ago” he informed me, almost hesitantly. I just bust in anger and began to yell at him, “what do you mean you can’t find anything, you are my best team, you have trackers, hackers, sneaks, spies. So don’t tell me that bullsh*t” I just lost it, how can they not find anything, they are so incompetent. “boss, we will try harder but it might take a while…” I cut him off, I couldn’t listen to him anymore. I went and poured myself a glass of vodka then sat on the couch thinking about what I was just told and nothing made sense, how can she just disappear like that and that too without a trace? Who could be backing her? Nothing really made sense.

One month later

It’s been a whole month but my team have not been able to find anything about Anna, all they know is that she visits old Kim twice a week, but then they lose her as soon as she makes it to the road. In one moth, we have not been able to find out anything about her, no address, not about her child, the father, or her activities. It’s like we only get to see her when she goes out to public place, we tried looking into Michael as well but we still found the same results, his old house has been sold, his mother is living a peaceful life around the world, I couldn’t even find out anything about his Asian girl. Everything about them is mysterious, it’s like they never even left the country, heck, it’s like they never left the city at all. Its making me uneasy to not find anything out, it feels like the power behind them is commendable, it’s my city and also I am at loss. I need to figure this out quickly, I need to talk to Anna, and just like that, I thought of a brilliant idea, only one person can answer my questions and to get to her, it means to practically live with old Kim until she goes for her weekly visits, and just like that, I went with a luggage to old Kim and she just let me in, saying she has been expecting me. And so, I have been living with her for two days now, I took a week off so that I can be home when Anna comes by. Now all I have to do is wait for her to make it past that door.

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