Black Rose

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I had finally done it, she and I have finally broken up, but somehow I don’t feel as happy as I thought I would be, instead I feel worse, like I just lost all purpose in life. I remember when I first approached Anna, it was all because of a bet between the senior boys, well actually it was because of Brett, my friend, I owed him a favour, he had approached the girl so many times and was rejected each time. Well, Anna was a freshman at the time and everyone wanted a piece of her, but each was rejected each time, so the boys decided to place a bet so that anyone who got her had to date her until she graduates and the lucky guy will win one million dollars. Well since Water Hill high is a prestigious school of the rich and famous, everyone wanted to win the bet.

At first I didn’t want to be a part of it all, it was so wrong on so many levels, but then Brett’s family was having a crisis and he could really use the money, so he asked me to try to win her at all cost. As someone who saved my life, I was ready to help him, even if it meant losing all morals. So we talked to the boys and they agreed that if I got her, they will give me the money in advance as long as I kept my part of the deal. If you are wondering why I just couldn’t borrow him the money, despite the River family being the richest in the country, running a multibillion dollar business, I couldn’t just take that much money without consent from my parents, ant they said investing in Brett’s family would be a bad investment. My parents believe that my sister and I should be raised without too much access to money, so that we will learn to value it when the time comes.

Anyway, that’s how things first started, it took a whole lot of patience and persistence to get her to agree to be my girlfriend, to be precise, I tricked her into it, with her innocence, it was too easy, and two weeks later, Brett had his money and he helped save his family business. So from then on, I dated Anna while I went off to college, it was pretty easy really, we spend the rest of her high school years, and when I came back, I immediately took over the business and had even less time on my hands, or that is at least what I told her, truly speaking, I had forgotten all about her, and focused on Mary, the girl my parents want me to marry, she’s a socialite and also from a rich family, an only child and heir to the GTR chain of companies.

So when Anna came to find me after I came back, things where awkward but I didn’t want to hurt her and decided to give her a chance, just some time to repay her for using her, that was one and a half years ago. She told me Brett had told her that I was back in town, seems like they kept in touch all those years.

Well Anna and I took thing from there, but I kept keeping my distance form her, but somehow she grew on me, the more I spend time with her, the more I got to know her, the more I liked her. But yesterday, I just have no idea what happened, I didn’t want to see her leave, she was so beautiful with her snow white skin, blonde wavy hair and ice blue eyes. The dress she wore brought out all her curves, and I never knew she had because she always wore a hoodie and leggings.

Anyway, I just lost control of myself and ended up in bed with her, and that was the best sex I had ever had, though I was a bit surprised that she was a virgin, it made me happy. But also guilty that she stayed loyal to someone who would never love her.

Well last night I got a call from Brett “hey buddie, how are you doing, want to come out for drinks?” “sorry Brett but I’m a bit occupied at the moment” I told him, I just dint want to be separated from Anna. “busy? Sam it’s a Friday, come on spend time with your bud, unless you are with someone at the moment if you catch my drift” I could practically hear him laughing from the other side. “no Brett, I’m with Anna, and I suggest you leave me be, next time” I said almost irritated but calmed down when I saw Anna’s sleeping peacefully. “bud, don’t tell me you already had sex with her, what do you think will happen to her when she finds out that you only dated her because of a bet and that you are set to marry someone else and you just don’t love her? She’s a good girl Sam, u think you should break it off before things get out of hand. I know that this is all my fault for putting you through all this, but it’s enough now” I could practically hear how serious and hurt he was, he always says Anna is like a little sister to him. “I know, ill end it tomorrow, besides I’m getting engaged in three months from now” I said as I hang up, I didn’t want to hear his lecture. I looked at Anna and hugged her close, thinking of how to break things off with her tomorrow.

The next morning, I went to prepare breakfast, my heart heavy, then I heard her coming down the stairs, I could feel her eyes on me as I finished preparing the last dish. “good morning, you just going to stand there and drool or you going to come over and eat?” I said to her and I could see her blush, I loved how shy she was. It was cute how she apologised, it made my body heat rise, and I was surprised I had that kind of reaction to her. “no need to apologize, come sit beside me so we could talk, its important” I told her seriously, and I could see the fear and confusion on her face and it made me guilty. But none the less, she came over and began wolfing down her food, she was so cute.

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