Black Rose

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Anna pov

Since that day that I met Sam a month ago, Mikey has put me under house arrest. I get to leave the house only to see old Kim and after I leave the house, I have to lose the spies that Sam set on me, which may seem fun but it is also very annoying. You see, in this whole month, he has set out to look into my past, my son, my present, practically, everything about me from all the way back. I found it funny, there is nothing he will find, they cleared me, Anna Rose is practically non existent for the time being, all he will find are thing dating back to before I left. I guess he felt helpless from not finding anything that he decided to crash at old Kim's in hopes of catching me when I go there for my weekly visits. This guy sure is a pain, but then I will not let him get to me. I'll visit as usual, besides, Victor loves old Kim. From their very first meeting, they got along beautifully, now they are pretty much inseparable. Old Kim threatened death if I do not bring Victor by very week and Victor would not shut up about the fun he has with the woman.

So today, like every other week I'm going over there to meet the old woman. and I'm prepared to meet Sam, who apparently decided to crash there and wait for me, how dumb can this guy get? does he really think that I will not be able to find out what his plans are, hahaha?! I have to put my feelings in check and create a show. "Victor, you better hurry up or I will leave without you" I shouted to my son, who apparently still is not down, and its getting late. " don't leave me mummy, I was preparing a gift for grandma" he said running down the stairs. "would you stop running, what if you fall" I shouted at him and he froze, I can't help it, I'm overprotective. "mummy, I will not fall, beside grandma says a boy should be strong, how will I be strong if you don't let me train or fall to learn?" he pouted as he made his way to me. "I just don't want you to get hurt, you are my little baby" I picked him up and kissed his cheek and he smiled. "I want to become strong so that I can protect mommy from all the bad guys" he said as I put him in the car. "mommy will be fine, as long as you are ok, so what did you get old Kim?" I asked as we got on the road. "its a secret mommy, for grandma's eyes only" he stuck his tongue out as he said that and I just laughed. the trip to old Kim's was filled with our laughter, which died the minute we entered the neighbourhood, Samuel's spies were now on my tail, its like they have been waiting for us, but oh well, lets just see what they have in store today.

I packed the car and Victor took off running for the house. I laughed as I chased after him, and ignored the guys watching us. when we made it to the door, it was suddenly opened before we even knocked, and standing there was the one that will make today fun, Rivers. I just couldn't help but smile, while he looked at me confused. Victor rushed past him and went inside to look for old Kim. "you be careful Victor" I shouted as he dashed to the kitchen. "can I come in now Mr Rivers, you are blocking the door" I sated to the man that was standing at the door and obstructing me from getting inside. that snapped him out of his thoughts as he went aside to let me through. "you don't look surprised to see me here" he said confused as he came to sit next to me on the couch. " no I am not" I just shrugged and that seemed to confuse him more. "I guess you are here because you want to talk to me, so get straight to it, I wont be here for long" I said as I sat up straight. he just sighed and his earlier confusion disappeared and he looked at me seriously. "here is the thing Anna, I don't want to lie to you, since we met that day, I have been thinking about you, and I had people look for you so..." I cut him off. "you mean investigate about me". he nodded then continued. "I wanted to find things about you since we separated, how you have been, how well you were living, your son, his father, but nothing came up, its like you just disappeared into thin air, I even looked into Michael but the results are the same, so can you tell me what you have been up to, because all this is just strange and suspicious" he looked so serious, his expression told me that he wanted an answer. I couldn't help but laugh when I looked at his expression. he looked confused but it soon turned into anger. " its none of your business, but I will tell you, on a condition that you make me a favour" I looked at him and he nodded instantly "anything, I promise" I smiled at that

"here is the thing Rivers, I left this city, I wanted a fresh start. thanks to Mikey's connections, I got a job, I am a forensic accountant after all, I made friends and created enemies, that's why my info is not available. as for my son, hahaha, he is a good kid, but his dad is a scumbag. so that's about it. I came back because I'm done with my job" I said smiling and he just looked at me like I'm crazy. "how is that information useful to me" he said controlling his anger. "you never asked me to go in detail, and since I told you, you owe me a favour" I smile at him and his eyes went red in anger. "no way, you must be crazy, how is that you answering my questions, I wont do anything for you. " he gripped my shoulders tightly as he yelled. but I just laughed and got him off me before I stood up. he looked surprised by my strength. "since you cant keep a promise, let me make things easy, stop looking into my past, you wont find anything, secondly, get your spies to back away, I don't need anyone to follow me, and when you are on it, tell them to get rid of that tracking device they just put on my car. lastly, you don't do any of this, I wont mind sending their heads to you" I shrugged as I walked past him, and he grabbed my hand tightly. " what do you mean Anna? you will do no such thing, you in what power? you ...." I yanked my hand from his grip. "mind yourself Rivers, I'm not the weak girl that loved you six years ago, this Rose is full of thorns" I went cold when I said that and it seemed to calm him down. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you, its just that you seem so different that it surprises me, its like I never really knew you" he said facing the floor. "you did Rivers, but you destroyed me" I turned to leave for the kitchen but his voice stopped me before I made it inside. "do you think we can ever go back to the way we used to be," his voice was so soft that my heart skipped a beat and my breathing became laboured. "no, I don't love you, and you cant force love." I replied coldly, glad he cant see my expression for I wanted his blood right now. "but I want you back, I will protect you and your son, and treat him as my own" he said taking small steps forward. "give me your phone, I want to send you a song." I said and he handed it to me instantly. I send him the song then tossed his phone to him then entered the kitchen before he could say anything.

I found Victor and old Kim baking and they looked so adorable. Victor raise his flour covered face and gave me a smile. "mommy, you see, victor knows how to bake, grandma says a man should know how to cook so he can always spoil a lady. so I'm doing it to spoil you everyday" he said cheerfully and I kissed him as I put on a apron. "let me help as well" we baked all day long, from pie, cookies, muffins all the way to cake. when we were done, Victor packed them up and ran to put them in the car. leaving just me and old Kim in the kitchen. "how did it go with him" she sure does not waste time, she was just waiting for Victor to leave. I told her everything that happened and she sighed. "you need to be more careful, why don't you come back to live here, it will make things easier for you" she suggested with glowing eyes. its true living here will reduce a lot of my problems with Samuel, but I don't think that's the reason she wants me her, she just wants Victor. "I will come stay here, sadly I have to leave Victor behind." I teased her with a smile and she just exploded. "what no, don't come here without him, who cares about you..." and just like that we laughed, she realised she fell for my trap. "we will move in next week, just have to arrange it with daddy Mikey" I said that with a laugh and she joined me. "that kid will grow old too early, he should learn to relax." we laughed and Victor came back and ran straight for old Kim. "baby, did you know, your mother agreed to let you come and live here with me" she told him and he cheered, getting off her to kiss me.

after it was settled we made it to the car, with Victor over the moon. he seemed happy to get to live here. I looked at him as we drove out of the neighbourhood. and then the alarm came. the stupid guy did not get rid of his trackers, instead he chose to hide it, right under the car. I should say I warned him. this car may look ordinary, but it was designed and built by my people, anything that is not ours will immediately be detected and destroyed depending on how dangerous it is. just when I thought that it was just too low and began to calm down, I see three black cars following me and his spies watching me. "f*cking hell, he just chose to challenge me." I cursed coldly and Victor stared at me. "what's wrong mom?" he asked confused. "its that foolish man, lay low and be safe, I'm going to lose them" I said as I went into overdrive, but regardless of how much I tried there was still just always one of his people around watching me. "I warned you Rivers, now be responsibly for this" I as so angry as I took my gun out. I was angry that he chose to play this while I have my son in the car. "Victor, I'm going to put the car on autopilot, it will take you straight home, if they catch it, I want you to jump out and hide. I have activated the tracking device on you and on the car, so don't worry, Marcos and Jackson will find you" I told him getting ready to leave. looking at his worried face, I couldn't help but go mad. "what are you going to do mommy?" he looked worried, his voice breaking. "I'm going to teach a bastard a lesson, he challenged me. he wants to see what I'm capable of and what I'm hiding, its time he found out. " my voice came out icy. I kissed his cheek then smiled. "this is not the first time we have been in this situation, lets be happy they are not using guns, so it will be easy. I'll be home later" I jumped out of the car and watched it race off as Rivers' goons surrounded me. I smiled when I realised that none of them followed the car. "so what does Rivers want?" I asked smiling. "he found out something that he would like to ask you about" one of them replied. "so he sent six men to get a woman and threaten her and her son, does he want me dead?" I asked and the one who answered first looked angry. "we don't need to answer you, come willingly or we will use force" he said and they all took out their guns and pointed them to me. I laughed and it agitated them more. "well if that's the case, lets play then" I took mine and fired at the first guy. when the rest saw him drop to the ground, they looked ready for blood. bullets flew while I just lied on the ground while they made things easy for me as they killed each other. I got up covered in blood and looked at the dead bodies around me. though I got shot on the right shoulder, it is nothing to worry about. I was glad that we were far away from the city. I searched one of them for a phone. when I got it, I send a text to the number that must belong to Rivers for it was written 'boss'. this is just the beginning Rivers. I warned you to get this fools away from me but you refused to listen. you want to know about Anna Rose? then be prepare sweetheart for this journey is going to be bloody. and again don't mess with my son ever again, that will not end well for you.

when it was sent, I took off walking home but I was losing blood and began to feel dizzy, I lost consciousness but not before seeing a car stop in front of me and the weird guy coming out of it

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