Black Rose

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Sam pov

after Anna gave me her song, I took my stuff and left, I couldn't bare to be there anymore, to watch her with a child and stand the hatred directed my way. I made my way to my office, though I was on some sort of vacation in old Kim's place, it has to come to an end, I still have a company to run and work was pilling up.

when I got to the office, my employees kept giving me weird stare, I guess its because they have never seen me in anything but a boring black suit, so I guess they are surprised to see me dressed so casually in my jean and blue shirt. I didn't have time to change, and besides, I don't have meetings all day, ill just be cooped up in the office all day long.

I got to my office only to sigh to myself, just like I thought, there are two stacks of documents I have to go through. I looked at them then went to look them over, the quicker I finish them, the sooner I can listen to Anna's song, maybe it will give me a better explanation than the useless information she gave me. I quickly went through all the documents, and when I was about to finish the second pile, the door was bust open. I looked up to see none other than Raven Parkers, I just smiled at him.

"you still don't know how to knock I see" I looked down to carry on with my work. "and you still have not gotten used to it" I could hear the laugh as he spoke. "what do you want Raven, I'm busy" I closed the file I was working on and looked at him while I took the next one. "cant a guy just drop by, plus I wanted to see how you have been handling things here" he said coming close and taking the file I just completed. "everything is good, if that's all, you can leave now, I'm busy" I said without sparing him a glance.

you see, I love this guy, we became friend around six years ago, some time after Anna had left, I was a mess then, she was gone and I wanted to apologise, so the guilt made me go crazy. my company began to suffer and my stock were falling faster than normal, no matter how hard I tried, there was always something pulling me down, some shareholders began to sell their shares and my investors pulling out, he was the one that came to my aid, he bought the shares, making him own 30% of my company.

with me owning 51%, and the rest of the 19% was bought by someone mysterious. he helped me and we worked hard to rise to the top once again. once we were stable, we made some investigations behind my sudden collapse, and you wont believe it, Raven found out that Brett was the reason for my destruction, he wanted shares in Rivers co. and as such, worked with some of my employees so that he would be able to buy the shares. Raven was the one that was able to help me expose their conspiracy.

I don't know what he did but in the end, he bought those shares from Brett, and also 70% of Brett's company shares, so thanks to him, I finally got to know, that my best friend was just using me to grow his company and wanted nothing but to destroy me. so thanks to this man before me, Rivers co. became the leading company in the county and even went ahead to conquer some international market, making the Rivers family rise the ranks to the second riches family and business worldwide. since then, we have become good friends, he is so good at managing a business, I don't get why he just does not start his own, but he says he just wants to enjoy life.

"do you realize how many mistakes you made on this documents" Raven said while slapping me, like he was trying to wake me up, and it helped to bring me back to reality. "what do you mean mistakes, I'm always careful" I said snatching the file from him, only to realize that he was right, I just approved worth billions, but it has no means to generate profit, for even the land they want to use is terrible for building houses, not only is it close to the market area, its damn noisy from the train station.

" so tell me what has you so distracted?" there came his annoying cheerful voice. "its nothing, just in a hurry to listen to a song my girl sent me" I told him while looking for the mistakes I made on other files then fixing them. "so you, a twenty-nine year old male, is distracted because Helen sent you a love song, she must have forgiven you" he said faking shock. " its not Helen, just someone I know, I'm trying to figure out the mystery surrounding her" I told him seriously. "what would you do that, who is it" he asked curious. " its the girl I told you about, I want to keep her by my side but she seems to hate me. she comes back different and full of power, and I want that" I told him looking him straight in the eye.

"you mean the one you don't love but feel guilty towards. the very one you said has a son an has moved on? why don't you just say you are angry and annoyed a girl is over you and no longer gives a damn about you" he looked angry but then I don't care. "I'm Samuel Rivers, no girl can resist me, much less move on from me, I will show her that she belong to me, by my side. now lets stop talking about my personal life" I said sternly and that seemed to shut him up, he just snatched my phone and began to look through it, I ignore him and went back to work.

"I found it" after time of searching for the song, Raven's cheerful voice is back. I looked at him and he began playing the song. my anger kept rising as I listen to the lyrics. I was fuming when I snatched the phone from Raven, who was laughing at me. damn this lyrics

Are you crazy?

Are you crazy?

Are you crazy?

Are you crazy?

Must be stupid if you think that we can start again (start again)

Are you joking? Must be joking

You ain't laughin', I ain't smokin'

Must be crazy if you think that we can start again

I looked at the song's name ' R U Crazy by Connor' just the name alone was enough to make me blow a fuse. this damn girl just wants to piss me off. I wanted to text her, only to go mad when I realised I don't even have her number, she sent the song using shareit. I looked at the damn app for so long, wishing it was at least a means to text her. i was about to throw my phone when something caught my eye. her profile was the one ting I never expected,

if I had not looked closely I would have missed it, just in the tiny corner, there lies the symbol of the rose, not just any rose, a black rose. just looking at it, I had my suspicions 'could she have disappeared to work for this organisation? and if that is the case, what did she do there, and why ,would she come back? as far as I know, people from this organisation are vicious, what could she be? is that why she is so different? and if she is a part of it, this means I can use her to get the information I need and finally destroy them'. just the thought of it made me giddy. I took my phone and called the hesd of my team, the one that is watching Anna. "Robert, I want that woman today, dowhat ever it takes to get her here alive"

when I was done, I found Raven looking at me all weird. "its time you left, I have things to deal with, we will go out next time" I gave him a smile, he must be here to take me out, he does that a lot. "that's fine, I'll see you next time" he got up and left, leaving me alone to my thoughts. 'if she is part of them, this will mean that she was right, she is not weak. with the power behind her, I wont get her if I don't try it quickly. with the threats out for me, she is the only one who can get me out of this. a mysterious power is out for me, all I keep getting this whole month is 'stay away from Anna Rose', making me wonder what she has to bring on such power, someone in the underworld threatens to overthrow me, unless I stay away from her. so what would be better than to use her for my benefit, as long as she is with me, he wont try anything.

I sat there and waited for her to be brought to me, but it seems to be taking longer than I wanted. I was getting anxious waiting, so I went on with my work to distract myself. half an hour later, I got a text from Robert 'this is just the beginning Rivers. I warned you to get this fools away from me but you refused to listen. you want to know about Anna Rose? then be prepare sweetheart for this journey is going to be bloody. and again don't mess with my son ever again, that will not end well for you.'

after I read the text, I felt my blood boil, she is strong I will admit that. but who does she think she is to challenge me. 'well Anna Rose, lets play shall we'

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