Black Rose

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Raven pov

I was sitting on the bed next to my unconscious Anna, the minute that bastard said he wants her alive, I knew things would not be that easy, she is not the type to go down without a fight. But I didn’t expect to find her covered in blood with a bullet in her. It makes me wonder how she can be so careless, it’s a miracle she is still alive. Their bullets contain poisons. Regardless of where they hit, you are guaranteed death.

The poison dissolves into the blood stream attacking all the organs, they are specially designed so that, should the bullet miss the vital parts, they should be sure that they will have your death regardless. She should be immune to this poison, but typical Anna did not take the injection, but instead just depended on taking the delay meds they provide, if not, she would be dead. I can’t believe she can be so careless.

I stood up and looked at her sleeping face, she was just too angelic, but I was too worried, she has been unconscious for two days now, I have cried, begged, yelled, practically trashed the room, but nothing worked. She should be awake, I treated her myself, but instead, she looks pale and lifeless. I kneeled by the bed and held her hand. ‘can’t you just wake up for me Anna. I have waited for seventeen years for you.

I can’t lose you this way’ I sat there, with my head in her hand. I felt so useless, I couldn’t be with her back then, and I failed her this time as well. ‘Just you wait Rivers, you want to use her to escape your fate, I will destroy you quicker for this’. I couldn’t help but direct my anger towards Rivers, despite knowing that this is all my fault, if I had not threatened him, he wouldn’t have gone after her, but I just can’t stand having him close to her, she is only mine, and it will remain that way

I was disturbed by the door opening to reveal Jackson and Mike. “Rav, are you alright? Dude you need to shower, you have been by her side since you brought her back, you are still covered in blood, you haven’t eaten. It’s not healthy” he looked at me in shock. I know I must look terrible and stink badly, but how can I leave her? “I’m fine Mike, I’ll stay here until she wakes up” I looked away from them. “get up and shower now, you are killing her with your stink, if not I will take her back to her room, you are a health hazard” Jackson told me angry, attempting to get close and take her away. I got up, suddenly mad at him.

“you touch her, kiss your black ass goodbye” I hissed at him, but I knew he was right, I need to at least look presentable. “no need to get personal, just shower, I’ll call you if she wakes up, besides, you are practically in the next room” he said raising his hands in defeat. “I’ll just be in there” I said pointing to my bathroom door. “should she wake up, call me, and don’t you dare touch her” I said sternly, and they just looked at me shocked then raised their hands and sighing in defeat.

I went to take a shower but ended up standing under the shower and let the water fall on me as I went down memory lane. Seventeen years ago, she would chase me wherever I went, I would walk quickly to leave her behind with hope that she would give up, but she would always run after me. She would do little things, like get me water during a hot day, sit with me and just keep talking about everything, without care of whether I was listening or not, and eventually, her little efforts grew on me, I found that I loved having her around, and little by little, I warmed up to her and we became inseparable.

She promised me that she would always love me, even told her father than the only son he will have was me. And because of that, we were betrothed, my little ice queen was mine from that day on, my fiancé, just waiting for the day she came of age. Because of being betrothed to her, I had to leave. I remember telling her on her birthday, that was the promise that made me wait for so long just for her.

“I have to leave Anna, in a week, I’m sorry to tell you on your birthday, but I felt bad waiting this long before I could tell you” I told her as we sat by the fountain after I pulled her from the party. “why do you have to leave Parks, will I ever see you again?” she was on the verge of tears, her voice breaking. “it’s just for five years, I have to leave and train to be by your side the day you need me, I need to be strong enough to protect you, I want to be worthy of you” I said holding her, I couldn’t bare to see her cry, I felt terrible for making an angel cry. “what about me, are you leaving me? I can tell dad to let you stay a while longer?” she looked hopeful, but I had to leave, I knew she was going to grow to be powerful, and I needed to work to be the man she deserved.

“I will come back for you, besides, we can talk every day and I’ll always be there when you need me, I promise” I had said looking at the eight-year-old before me, making me feel old for being seven years older than her. “you can leave, as long as you don’t forget about me” she had said with a smile. “I promise, you just wait for me, I will be back for you, there is no one I would be with if not you, I swear on my life Anna” I told her seriously, and that seemed to come down her crying as she stayed in my embrace.

“I will wait for you, for as long as it takes,” she looked at me seriously and that put me at ease, I knew she would keep her promise. “here is your present” I smiled as I took the velvet box out. She opened it and smiled when she saw the locket I got her, and it got wider when she saw I put our picture in it. “never take it off” I want to know that I am close to your heart” I said putting it on her. “I never will” she smiled back at me. And just like that, we spend the week together creating memories, until it was time to go.

Those five years were the worst time of my life, I found that I signed up for more than I bargained for, I was just locked inside that place, training like a machine, no contact with the outside world, training to handle such a huge organisation, the corporation, and managing my own company.

I almost went crazy when a year after I left, I got word that the queen was killed, the king on a rampage, but regardless of how hard I tried, I could not contact my ice queen, I wasn’t there to comfort her, I had gone into a rampage of my own, but there is no point fighting if nothing will change, so I worked extra hard and pushed myself passed my limit, and got to leave a year earlier, but when I got back, she was gone, nowhere to be found. I went searching for her but I was too late, she had already fallen for another, my locket nowhere in place.

Though it broke my heart, I let her be, she looked happy, so I watched from a distance, became her stalker, happy to at least get a glimpse of her. So I grew my company, made it to the top, all for her, so that should I get a chance on day, I would be all I promised her to be, but it haunted me every time that I couldn’t be there for her when she needed me most. So when I watched her get her heart broken and watched her leave, I promised myself that I would keep my promises, I believed that I could be there for her and help her heal, but who knew that she would leave and when she returned she would not even recognise me at all.

I was snapped back to reality by the loud banging on my bathroom door. “what is it?” I yelled as I got out to dry myself. “she is awake hurry” the anxious pleading voice of Jackson came. I never knew it was possible dress in second, I quickly put on pants on my wet skin and rushed out, ignoring the fact that my hair was still dripping wet. I got out to see her trying to get up, without thinking, I ran to her and took her in my arms “thank God your awake” I held her tighter while Mike and Jack gave me shocked expressions, well, I’m only soft to my queen, the rest can just f**k themselves. I was suddenly pushed away and that’s when it registered that to her I’m nothing but a stranger, but I just couldn’t help the anger from rising within me.

“what are you doing touching me, who the hell do you think you are?” the anger in a voice made mine worse. “I don’t know, someone who saved you and cured your foolishness” my anger slipped out, but heck, I could barely control it. “thank you for saving me, now I owe you, tell me if there is anything that you need in return for this” she said as she attempted to get out of bed. “are you crazy, where do you think you are going, stay down and rest. And what makes you think that I did it because I need anything from you” I said pushing her back to the bed and covering her.

“then why did you do it, a good Samaritan, a loyal member? I find those hard to believe” she glared daggers at me. I looked at the guys, who have been looking back and forth between us, but they just looked away. “I don’t need anything, after all, it good to save a life” I told her. “It wouldn’t have killed me even if you had left me” she said with confidence. “yes it would, their bullets contain poison, and because you are utterly foolish, you didn’t take the shot, so believe me, you couldn’t repay me for you owe me your life” I said irritated, I couldn’t control what came out. She looked shocked for a minute but then covered it up. “but the meds…” I cut her off. “they delay not prevent, some leader you are, you ae just going to be our down fall” I was so angry at her ignorance that I said something I began to regret immediately.

She looked at me shocked but then I saw her anger rise. “what do you mean by that, do you think I am that weak” she said shaking in anger, which did nothing to calm mine, but instead made it worse. “you are a woman, with your foolishness, you should be behind the scenes being safe, not leading us to the ground” I said that but immediately calmed when I saw the shock and anger on all their faces, that’s when I realised what I just said, but it’s not what I meant, I wanted to tell her that she should be careful and aware, instead on relaying on just weak meds, she is a woman and should always remain safe, but what came out was trash.

“thank you for saving me, I’ll take the injection. Excuse me that I couldn’t take it back then just so I could save my sons life, but he is here now, I’ll go take it and make sure you don’t have to worry about our destruction” she got up and almost fell, causing me and the guys to rush to help, but she glared at me causing me to stop dead in my tracks. She leaned on Jack. “take me home, let’s not disturb the nice Mr anymore” she said to them and they just nodded, but I could just watch her leave. “so what are you going to do with him?” I asked curious, I could help her if she wants. “it’s none of your business, but if you should know, I’m not doing a thing for this, it’s not worth it” she said as they began to walk towards the door.

“but he hurt you and tried to hurt your son” I asked, mad that she was just brushing this off. “he was just foolish, why waste time on a fool” she shrugged and I went and grabbed her from Jack, causing him to stumble backwards. I held her tightly by the shoulders, “it’s because you still love him right, he is after all Victor’s father” I growled at her but she laughed. “nothing I do has anything to do with you. Just one thing, I will prove to you that I’m capable of running this group, woman or not, I will make you respect me” she smiled at me and it annoyed me.

“just answer the damn question” I hissed at her as I held even tighter. “why do you care?” she looked me dead in the eye with a smirk. I looked at her and let her go. “take her away” I pointed at Jack then went out and slammed the door behind me. One thing came to my mind, ‘I blew it’. But how was I supposed to take it? How could I tell you that I have love and waited only for you for seventeen years when you don’t even remember me? If I do tell her, wont she hate me for not being by her side as I promised? Wont she think that I am too old for her? Its seven-year difference, we are two generations apart, will she reject me? ‘you will never understand my feelings Anna, I’m afraid to lose my ice queen once again’

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