Black Rose

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Anna pov

It’s been a week since my encounter with Raven, and since then I have been working my butt off. Despite the amount pf anger I felt towards him, I knew he was right, I can’t lead this people with the attitude I have now, and to gain his respect, I have to become stronger. Right now I was handling the company’s documents, even though they had no idea wo I was, I still had a lot of work to take care of.

Besides, I’m only six weeks away from going public, and to do that, I need to know that we will be indestructible. I did take the shot like I had told Raven, and weirdly enough, thanks to his words, I got to realize a couple of things, people who did not know that I am Christian, they all took me for granted when I went for it, they all thought I was nothing but his priced trophy girl, only God knows how hard it was to control my anger and not snap their necks, but regardless, I will make them swallow those words, another was that there is a mole around me, and in this very organisation, and I can’t find out who, just increasing my workload and frustration.

A knock came from my door that distracted me. “come in” the door opened to reveal Mike, I was surprised for the guy never knocks, so this is a first. He came in and took a seat before me, his every action just shocking me, and if I know him, which I do, I knew he was nervous or trying to hide something, I just have to find out which one it is.

“what do you want Mikey, for you are sure acting weird” I told him as I closed the document I was working on, and leaned back into the chair. “well I have news, depends on you how you take them” he said facing the ground. “just tell me Mike, I can take it” I was getting annoyed at him for delaying like a scared little baby.

“well, I found out how Samuel is always a step ahead of us. He is working with Raven. Though he does not know that Raven is one of us, he keeps asking him for help, for which Raven provides. That’s why, he is getting closer and closer to finding out where you are, and worst, why we can’t seem to overthrow him, he knows all our moves before we even get to take action” he finally looked at me when he was done. Inside I was about to explode, but on the outside, I was calm and even had a small smile on my lips. “I found out also that Raven owns 49% of the shares on Rivers and even owns Brett’s family company, he is also owner of the world’s leading investment company. He is feared for his mysterious dealings in the underworld, though he is one of us, he cut all connections with us, so naturally no one can connect him with us. The reason, we have not been able to overthrow Rivers is because he is protecting him from all attacks, his reasons unknown” he said more with anger this time, with a look of betrayal, which I would have missed had I not been observant.

“but what could be his reasons for betraying us, and is there no way to deal with him, any weaknesses, family, friends” I asked furious, I wanted to hit where it would hurt him the most. I finally understood it, he cared not for everyone here, his loyalties lied elsewhere. “actually, there is no way, there is a ban on going against him, it was put there by your father, whatever his reasons where, we cannot violate them, we just have to figure out a way to fight fair and square” he said looking guilty, giving me a feeling that he was hiding something from me, but I decided to brush it off. “if that’s the case, I’ll just have to handle it my way, I have six weeks to take over the US or we have to delay operations and lose a lot of money. I said he will respect me, I that’s what I want to achieve. I will not play fair with and enemy, there is no such a thing as a fair fight in war, he may know all our secrets, but I will still take him down” I was so furious that I slammed my fist on the desk, cracking it were it was hit.

“sent the first rose to Rivers, keep a close eye on them. Prepare the guys as well, in six weeks, either I destroy them, or I lose it all, so everyone should be prepared even for the worst” I said as I calmed down a bit, I have to take them down, even if it costs me everything, I will take them down with me. Two things, either I win, or we all go down. Mike sat there in shock, I could tell he knew what I was thinking. “Anna, are you sure about what you want to do, why not just find out raven’s reasons, your father trusted him for a reason you know!” he looked worried and I just wanted to laugh. “those were his reasons, not mine, Raven works with the enemy, hates to be led by me and to top it off, he is obstructing our operations, and I cannot take that. I said I will help us reach the final stage, and I will do that at all costs.” I told him as I made my way towards him and sat before him.

“I just need one thing from you Mike, when there are two weeks left, I want you to take the guys and Victor far away, should anything happen, I want you all to be safe. With all the money we have hidden, I can guarantee that you guys can live stress free all the way to the third generation” I smiled as I said that and he just got up and made it to the door. “you cannot do as you please just yet remember that Anna, these six weeks left, are still within the three months we agreed on, think carefully on your decisions, and don’t let the guy get into your head. Six weeks and you can send the first warning to Rivers, before then, talk to Raven” he growled at me before he made it out the door, leaving it open and me furious. ‘damn you Michael, you are using this to trap me, how can you expect me not to fight back’ I took the glass that was on my desk and slammed it on the wall, I was shaking with rage.

“finally accepted that you are weak, or are you just going to keep trying to be a man” and there came that annoying voice. I turned to find none other than my current king of plague leaning by the door. “I don’t think any sane woman would degrade themselves to le level of a man” I hissed at him and he just laughed. “then where is the strong woman I once knew, for the one before me is nothing but a foolish emotional b***h, one wrong word and you want to fight to be as powerful as a man? What, trying to fight for gender equality as well?” he smirked and came closer. Gender equality? Hahaha! Who wants that. “no Mr, I’m fighting for gender equity, to be respected for my gender, despite my short coming in comparison to a man, for who would want to be an equal of yours, it’s just dropping standards” I growled hoping to hurt his pride, but he laughed so loud and sweet it send chills down my spine, especially since he was right in front of me.

My previous hate clouded by something I couldn’t explain. I couldn’t even think to ask him about his disloyalty. “that’s what I want to hear, and let me give you a hint on how to take the enemy down, he knows about the signature look and is planning to hit where it hurts the most, so be the turtle in the story and stop with all the emotions, they will only bring about your downfall” he whispered in my ear as he tucked my hair behind my ear, successfully making me shiver and my brain turning into mush. He laughed at my reaction and expression, before he pulled away.

“oh, sometimes the best decision is to be an emotionless b***h even to the one you love, because second chances and compassion could lead you to your grave” he smirked at me. “one question, why work with the enemy?” I finally asked him. “James trusted me for a reason” he smiled then left. I stood rooted to the ground, my brain not functioning, and my heart in my throat. ‘stop Anna, you can’t get lost now, you know you will regret it’ I told my stupid heart and that seemed to calm me down. but what the hell did he mean by what he said. Who would have guessed that a week later I would find out what he meant

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