Black Rose

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Sam pov

It been a week since I last got that message from Anna, have been looking into her but I keep hitting dead ends. So I have been watching her old apartment waiting for her to go back, her son has been visiting, but is always being taken by Michael these days with no sign of Anna, its making me wonder if she got hurt. You would think that this is my only problem, but no, ‘the masked man’ as they call him has been on my case, every move I make to find anything out, he blocks it, always the same warning, ‘stay clear of what mine’. I wonder who this woman really is to have such a powerful figure protecting her, a man threatening to overthrow me. I just need to find her and get her back, only then will I be peaceful, I don’t believe he will do anything if I have Anna in my possession.

A knock came from the door disrupting my thoughts. “come in” I said clearing my thoughts and getting into work mode. In came my secretary. “sir, this came for you,” she said placing the envelope on my desk then leaving. I waited for her to close the door before I opened it, only to find a disc in it with a letter from my team. ‘we found this video about her from a couple of weeks back, it seems it’s when she came back, but there is no other information about her, not even where she was from, it’s another dead end. take a look while we try to find out more’

I played the disc, it was when she was at the airport with Michael, that Asian girl, her son and those two males. Looking at the scene play, she looked so happy with all of them, the exact contrast of when we met. I could look at her smile all day in this video, but this does not explain anything about what she has been up to. They were right, it looks like a couple of teens playing around the airport, it’s just not useful at all. In my frustration, I shut the laptop and slammed a fist on my desk. “damn it, this is going nowhere” I yelled in frustration, just as the door opened revealing my beautiful sister. “whoa! What has you so mad” she said shocked with hoe I looked. “and what are you doing here, you never come here” I asked her back, I know that she needs something if she came to find me personally at work. “I need your help, get mom and dad off my case” she gave me her puppy face, she knows I can’t resist it. I just sighed,

“what do they want this time”. She looked sad before she sat down. “they threaten to close my shop if I don’t agree to marry that a** they chose for me. Who said I want to get married? Why can’t they force you? Do they know that I build my business with my own blood, sweat and tears? Do they think that just……” I cut her rambling off, she was giving me a headache. “Samantha, why don’t you just settle down, we will be thirty next year, are you telling me that you don’t want to have a family of your own?” I asked her and she faced down, I knew she wanted one, but she was just picky, ‘waiting for the one’. I really don’t understand her. “just get them off my case” she was getting mad, just my typical sister, getting furious every time. “fine, I will help you, it’s not like I have anything batter to do” I told her sarcastically as I opened my laptop to continue working. “what is bothering you?” she said serious, I guess she caught my sarcastic tone. “nothing” I said without looking at her.

“Samuel Lawrence Rivers, I will not leave this place unless you tell me what has you so worked up” her tone was cold, I knew she has no time for jokes, especially since she used my full name. “you know everything Sammy. You know I have to get on the god side of Anna in order to save this company and our stand in the underworld, but each time I look into her, I’m just met with dead ends, I don’t know what to do and I only have six weeks left in the time I was promised before he attacks” I told her, feeling as though a weight is being lifted off my shoulders, it felt good to share my worries with someone. “all we have so far is a stupid video that does not help one bit” I continued, and she gave me a look of pity. “I really don’t know what to do this time.” I stood up and went to pour a glass of water. “let me see the video, I might be able to help” her voice came behind me, and when I turned, I was met with her serious face, I didn’t argue and went to play the video for her. “it’s useless to watch, I couldn’t find anything” I said as I gave the laptop to her. I sat down and looked over some documents as she watched. “give me a pen and a sheet of paper” she said watching and I gladly handed them to her.

Half an hour later, she shut the laptop and handed me a couple of notes she wrote, and by a couple, I mean tonnes. “what’s this?” I looked at her shocked. “this is the details of everyone there, their physical appearances, and a couple of estimates, we already know that Anna is not an ordinary woman, so since we don’t know the names of those people, I suggest we search for people that match tis descriptions I wrote, then we would be able to look into them thoroughly, to get to know about her, I think we should look into everyone around her, only then would we be able to know what kind of woman she is. We find out about them, we find out about her. “she said before she gathered her stuff to leave. “oh look at the time, I am going to be late” she said in a panic as she ran out the door leaving it open. “thank you” I shouted to her. “if I lose this contract, you have to pay me” she laughed and waved as the elevator close.

I looked at the descriptions she wrote there and only one caught my eyes, it was the weirdest one of all, child; brown hair, red eyes, looks five to seven years…. It’s was weird. Her child has green eyes and black hair. I watched the video again, focusing more on the child, only to find that though his physic matches Victors, he just had a different appearance. ‘if that child is hers, why must she hide the way he really looks?’ I thought about what has been happening lately and only one thing kept coming to mind. I took out my phone to make a call. “find out about all the people that have natural red eyes that you could find. I need it in half an hour?” I said as I hang up and kept watching. ‘who are you really Anna? I just hope that it’s just not true’ I couldn’t keep my thoughts from racing.

Twenty minutes later I had the feedback of what I asked for, and just like I feared, only one family possessed such a rare colour, the Rose family. Only the leader or future leader from the Black Rose and Rose corp have such eyes, and if Victor has those, it means Anna has connections to that organisation, and worst, Victor’s father is the mysterious Christian Storm. Getting Anna would mean starting a war, or would I have him on my side if I get to gain his son? But how would I fight against someone whose identity is not revealed yet. But if they are here, could it be that Storm is also in the country and soon to reveal himself? I held my head, I could feel my frustration growing. Why is this woman suddenly bringing me trouble? But if I do get her, I will be untouchable. Ah! This is just too frustrating. But I will get you on my side Anna, no matter what it takes.

I put my thoughts aside and carried on with my work, after all, I still have a company to look after. Two hours later I was done and wanted to leave, but then my phone rang. “what is it?” I said in frustration. “the woman is her with her son and luggage, it seems like she is moving in today” came Taylors voice. I had him and his team watch Anna’s apartment and tell me when she gets to go there. “I’m on my way, watch her closely until I get there” I hang up then rushed to get to her. It was time to win her back.

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