Black Rose

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Third person pov

Finally having begged, Anna finally got to leave back to her apartment with Victor, with a promise to check in everyday and keep their trackers on. You would think she could just leave and do as she pleased without having to get permission like a teenager, but it’s always best to reach an understanding with people who worry about you and have your back. So finally, she gets to move back to the place she lived most of her life in. the first thing she did was to try to settle with Victor, who she thought would be around to help her unpack, but as soon as they arrived, the little boy ran to old Kim’s place, without even once glancing back at his mother as he left. The only thing she could do was sigh and shake her head when she realised that she was left to unpack on her own. Thankfully, her apartment was exactly the way she had left it, if not cleaner, thanks to the old woman for having someone clean once a week.

She had done most of the packing and was preparing to cook dinner for them when a knock came from the door, thinking it was Victor, she rushed to the door, only to be disappointed by meeting the one at the door. Sam had rushed all the way here, breaking all the traffic signals to rush here as soon as possible, he had waited eagerly at the door, waiting for it to be opened, and the minute it did, he felt dumbstruck, looking at the woman before him, in leggings and a hoodie, topped with a pink Minnie mouse apron, hair tied in a ponytail, when he saw the smile on her face, he couldn’t help but remember the times she used to look the exact same way when he got home, she would rush to the door every time she heard him pack the car, and receive him with a smile and a smell of deliciously home cooked food. It was at this moment he realised how much he really missed it. Back then she was just a little teenage girl and he never took it to heart, but right now before him was the exact same person, but just more mature and a lot more beautiful.

The both had stared at each other; one’s gaze was filled with hatred while the other was reminiscing the past. Samuel had been too stuck in his own world to realize that the smile on Anna’s face had fell, the only thing left was annoyance, irritation and pure hate. “Samuel, what are you doing here? Still having people watch me or do you have a tracker on me” Anna had said angrily, but the guy just did not catch a word of it. Seeing that there was no reaction from him, her annoyance grew. “did you not hear what I said? Are you just going to stand here and waste my time?” she was fuming and wanted to shut the door, but the damn guy was blocking it and just stood there like a fool. Producing no reaction. Not being able to take any more of it, she began to slap him lightly, hoping to snap him out of it and it worked, for Sam went back to reality when he felt her touch. Seeing that he was back, she wasted no time in shutting the door in his face before he could react, after all, all she needed was for him to get out of the way.

Sam pov

I can’t believe that I was walking down memory lane, that is until I felt someone slapping me lightly, and that snapped me out of my thoughts, I took a step back in surprise, only to have a door slammed in my face. ‘god, I didn’t even say anything, how can I lose focus to this extend’ I couldn’t help but be frustrated. “open the door Anna, we have to talk” I said slamming my fist on the door, trying to let out my frustrations. I stood there for some time ‘knocking’ but I got no response at all. I tried to open it but she locked it from the inside. “open this door Anna or God help me I will find a way inside and it will be impossible to get me to leave” I yelled in frustration, more so since people passing by where giving me weird stares. ‘for goodness sake, doesn’t she know I have a reputation to keep?’ I thought, barely being able to control my anger, but what can I do with all this people watching. ‘just bare this Samuel, you want her on your side, patience. Yes, patience’. It felt like I was giving myself a pep talk.

I went from yelling in frustration to begging, for a full hour I have been here, and she did nothing to show that she acknowledged me. “please Anna, just let me in so we can talk, just five minutes” I waited a while but nothing came. “listen, I’m sorry about what happened the last time, it was not my intention, I did not mean you and he boy any harm. I apologise for that and all the things I did” I kept going on and on, sometimes grinding my teeth at having to beg this way. I just wish this was not the last option I had. I was seated in front of her door, when the little boy came running, and stopped at a safe distance and seemed to analyse me, before he came and took a key out to open the door, completely ignoring me. “hey there little guy, do you remember me. Uncle Sam” I said looking at the boy that was now before me. He looked like how he normally did, far from the boy in the video. “I do remember you” he said plainly, not the cheerful boy I always saw, which had me a little taken aback but I chose to ignore it. “it’s good that you remember me” I smiled and let out a little laugh. “do you think you can open the door and let uncle in? I want to talk to your mommy” I smiled at him and he smiled back. “open the door, I will, after all, I need to go inside since mommy cooked tonight, I miss her food. But to let you in, I’m sorry, it’s not my house, you have to talk to my mother on that one”. Just like that, he went inside with a smile, and when I was about to get through the opening, it was for the second time shut in my face today, and you bet I felt it this time.

“what is wrong with this family? Is it tradition to slam the door in people’s faces” I yelled and kicked the door in rage. “I will not leave this place until we work things out and you give me a chance” I shouted and settled myself on the floor besides the door, determined to stay here until she does at least pity me and decides to let me in. I never would have known that it would take four days of starvation, dehydration, exhaustion, begging and being ignored for her to finally give me the time of day. That day changed it all, I achieved my goal and was finally given a chance

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