Black Rose

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raven pov

"sir, we did not want to disturb you on your business trip, so I thought I should tell you when you get back" this came from the head of Anna's security and it just made me more furious. I just got back today after a whole month of business, all for them to tell me that my Anna has been playing family with Rivers. first, the amusement park, then dinner, picnics, sleepovers, the list goes on. soon, she may give him a second chance. "What about Victor, is he warming up to him?" I asked trying to hold in my anger. "master Victor know about him being his father. at first, he was cold and distance, but has recently began to accept him. I think even though he may not quite like him, he will eventually accept him wholly, after all, every child would want a father's love" he said taking a step back and I just snapped. "Zack, sometimes its good when you don't think" my voice came out harsh and he lowered his head.

"I want you to find out what Rivers is up to and if he has found out that Victor is his, I doubt that he is foolish enough not to realise. if he has found him out, I want to know what he intends to do" I told him rubbing my temples to keep calm and sooth the headache that started because of this conversation. I looked up to find him still standing there. "Zack, I would expect you to be out the door by now, what is it?" he looked like he wanted to say something but was hesitating. "can you just say what you want to already" I growled at him, annoyed that he was acting like a coward now. " excuse what I'm about to say, but why don't you just tell miss Anna who you are, it would make things easier than you lurking in the shadows" he said taking another step back. I don't get what he is so scared of, but I'm happy he is cautious.

"tell me Zack, how do you want me to tell her? how do I tell her that I'm that guy who claimed love but was not there during her hardest time? how do I tell her that I trained to take over her family business? do you think she will trust me, or do you think she will just distance herself from me?" I questioned him while getting up for a glass of water, he watched my every movement. "but sir, you two are betrothed, you had to train to rule by her side, and you had no choice, the Queen was killed during the days of your training" my hand tightened around the glass I was holding, I couldn't help the guilt. "I think if you tell her, she will understand, but if you keep around Rivers without her knowledge of your plans, she will see you as his accomplice and eventually, you will lose her" he finished and the glass I was holding broke. he looked at me in shock and at the blood oozing from my hand before he took off running out the door. I may love that man, but he sure knew how to push my buttons.

after my little moment, I bandaged my hand then got back to work, I could barely concentrate, always thinking about all the possibilities should Anna find out who I am. this whole thing is just causing me problems, no one in that house seems to trust me, its like they are waiting for me to do something to stab them in the back. my thought where cut short when my phone rang. I took it and looked at the caller ID to find Mike. 'why would he call me, he made it clear he wants nothing to do with me unless I change', each time I confront Anna, it always ends sore and he and I always fight. I took the call already annoyed. "what do you want Collins?" I said as soon as I picked up and his panicked voice came through. "Raven I'm sorry for this but I need you to find Anna and help her find Victor, we have no idea where he is but we suspect Rivers. I have the guys searching, Anna is going crazy. I would do this myself but Manman is going into labour. I'm begging you, go back to hating me after this" and just like that he hang up. I was already running down the stairs the minute he mentioned Anna and help.

the moment I reached my car it hit me, 'my bud is about to be a dad. he is going to be a DAD!!!'. damn! I cant imagine the stress he must be under, whoever is behind this sure picked the perfect time. I raced to the mansion, that's were she seemed to be, but still I couldn't track Victor down. I got there and ran inside, to find her sedated, lying in her bed, with Jackson and Marcos besides her, and from the fear in their eyes, I knew they knew something about this whole thing. I went and checked her then heaved a sigh of relief when I realized she was ok. "you two, meet me down stairs right now" I growled at them and immediately they went down.

"what happened, I know you two know something" I growled at the two men seated across me, but they just looked at each other before facing the floor. "can any of you tell me where Victor is and what the hell is happening, I've been gone for a month only to return to crisis. now SPEAK!" I growled then slammed my fist of the table, causing them to jump. "well, put short. The kid found out about the microchip you placed in his eye and asked me to remove it, which I did. he found out that Rivers knew he was his son thanks to the data he stole from Anna, he allowed himself to be captured by Rivers and his sister in order to remind Anna of the kind of Man he is" answered Marcos in the Quickest way possible and I felt myself boil. "you listened to a Kid and even helped him out? you cut my way of tracking him and even assisted in him getting captured. and none of you cared to tell me that we have been compromised, Rivers not only has data on our company, but also on the black rose, and none of you cared to tell me? and from the looks of it, you didn't tell Anna. do you know what you have done? do you?!?!" I hissed at them, frustrated.

"Victor is no ordinary kid, besides, he is the rightful heir to the empire so how is it so terrible that we listened to him?" Jackson answered, clearly unaware of the seriousness of this situation. "Jack, if you have nothing to say I suggest you keep shut. I want you to put your hand to work and find out when they are holding him. The Rivers family has a number of bases and each is a dangerous pass, so I need Marcos to prepare some men, search each one if you have to and bring him back, Zack will give you all the details contact him. I need to help Mike and keep us from drowning" I growled already making it for the door but they stayed seated. "move it" I hissed at them. "sorry, but we promised 'the young master' not to get involved" Jackson growled back. "well I am giving you an order and I'm not listening to a six year old, now do as told" I hissed but he just stayed still.

"why should we listen to you, for someone who has been claiming to love Anna, you sure are doing a good job of stabbing her in the back, taking over her family empire without her knowledge, and proclaiming yourself king. ain't you just a traitor, so why would I listen to you" he challenged me and I had a hard time controlling the edge to just rip his throat out. "don't speak if you don't have any idea what to say. just do as I ask. Victor is a kid and not as amazing as you think. you may be comfortable because he was taken by Rivers, because he is a fool I admit, but he is damn good in business and if we don't act fast, he could take down Rose corporation. and with his sister backing him, the next time you see Victor, it might be in a body bag. she may be hot and childish, but she's the most ruthless of all. with both working together, they are a force to be reckoned with. so unless you will face Anna and shoulder the blame should anything happen to her son, I suggest you get to work" I watched as fear took over him and then they snapped into action before I left for the hospital.

on my way there I got a call from Zack. "speak" I said as I packed outside the hospital. "Rose corp. stocks are falling, we need to do something now before everything is lost, and someone is blocking us at all our distribution points, all the customers are dropping us, because they feel their identities have will be exposed. we are losing in all corners" his panicked voice made me even more worried. "ok, ill get to it, just help the boys find Victor" I told him before I hang up and went in. after getting the room number I headed for it, and found Mike coming out of the room. "where do you think you are going?" I asked with a smile and he jumped back, I guess he didn't see me when looking at his fiancé and child. "don't scare me like that again, besides, why are you here" he asked with a scrawl.

"just thought you guys shouldn't be alone, with Anna out and the guys busy, I came to check on you, to make sure you are not stressing out" I said and looked at the two people inside. "you are a lucky man, is it a boy or girl" I asked him keeping my gaze on the ones inside with a smile on my face. "a girl, we named her Fiona. she's my little princess" he said with pride and his eyes lit up, I could help feeling a bit jealous. "you should say here, they need you now I turned serious and he looked mad. £ so does everything else, if we don't act no we lose it all" he said with all seriousness. "I have everything with Victor under control, and you don't have to worry about the company or organisation, I can handle it, just stay with your family" I looked at him hesitate. "stay, I'll handle it. don't stress about it" he finally nodded. "but on one condition" he said causing me to nod. "you can do it without me, if you promise to tell Anna the whole truth after this" and just like that, fear caused through me. "its time dude, you should face your sins" he pat my shoulder and I nodded before heading off. "oh, Mike, tell your parents too meet me once they have met their grand-daughter, I need all the man power" I told him and there was silence for a while. "and congratulations" I said before I ran of to take care of the mess my love rival caused.

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