Black Rose

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Victor pov

I woke my head hurting, and found myself in a vintage style bedroom. Looking around, it looked cosy, not like the prison I imagined myself to be in. but why kidnap someone and leave them in such a cosy room, not even tied up? ‘I guess he is not as smart as I thought’. I get off the king-sized bed and make it for the door, I need to figure out what is going on. I open it and leave the room, only to get to a hall with room on each side, and I don’t know which direction to take. ‘this man is either too confident or stupid. The door is unlocked and there are no guards, what is going on in his head? How can he be the king in US? They must just be handing out this title’.

I head left and begin opening doors, some are looked, some just bedrooms and others empty. By the last door I’m furious, there is nothing here. I kick the door while beating myself for not taking a right turn. “try not to damage my property kid” a voice comes behind me causing me to jump. I take a step back then turn to find my sperm donor there. “then why did you kidnap me and bring me here?” I asked my voice firm, thanks to the training uncle G has me taking, I thought he would be surprised but the darn man just laughed, he laughed so hard tears filled his eyes.

“I didn’t kidnap you kid, you wanted me to take you, but I have to thank you for that, because if not for you, I would have nothing to get your mother to give me a chance” he shrugged like it meant nothing to him to be using his own son. “why do you want my mother, from what I found, you seem to be pretty much happy and in love with one Kate. Are you telling me you want to throw her away?” I challenged him and his expression changed at the mention of his lover, seems he has not been thinking much about her. I just couldn’t help the smile that formed on my lips. “seems you forgot all about her. It’s a pity she won’t wait forever.” I smirked and shrugged as I followed him into his study, while he glared at me.

“now tell me, what do you want with my mother? When did you find out about us and why steal from us?” I asked him seriously, I needed to know his plan so I can protect my mother. “you are very smart for a little kid, but I guess it comes with being raise by a criminal” he laughed and it took all my might not to lose control, the damn man just called my mother a criminal, like he is any better. “if you must know, I don’t care much about you, but I just want your organisation” he said getting up and walked around the room. “so it’s not enough for you to be king in Northern America? And having all the other continents bow down to you is just not enough for you?” I asked him in disbelief, he wants our territory, he must be crazy. “yes it’s not enough, I can’t be sharing the spotlight with a woman, so since I have you, your mother will readily agree to anything I say, if I marry her, I automatically become king of the Black Rose, and with our power combined, I’ll be unstoppable” he laughed as he explained. ‘this man is not only crazy but delusional’. “you do know you will not get anything out of marrying her right? She may be a Rose, but everything that belongs to the Rose family is in the hands of an outsider, her betrothed” he looked at me shocked and I smirked.

“for someone who stole our information, you sure did not put it to any good use. Let me just give you a piece of advice, return me to my home, before you lose everything all at once” I said sternly and he went into rage. “they are too busy handling themselves right now to worry about me, besides, if the Black Rose does anything her, it will become an international issue, I’m sure they are not stupid enough to attack me” he smiled then called his bodyguard. “take this kid and tie him up, make sure he does not escape, I have use for him later” he told his bodyguard and I felt a little scared. I have to admit that he was right, if they fought him, it will be an international issue, there will be war. I just hope that old man finds me before anything happens.

Raven pov

It’s been three hours since George got here, he says his wife decided to stay and help Manman while Mike leads a team to find Victor, but it’s doing no good for we need permission, and we won’t get it as long as this remains as River’s territory, so they are trying to find a way, but we can’t do anything unless we want an international war. Anna has been unconscious all this time and I plan to find Victor before she wakes up. I swear I am going to kill that boy after we find him, he allowed himself to get captured just like that. We have managed to get our stocks up and raising again and our distributors in place, it took a bit of threatening, but we got everything under control. “I want to go and check up on Anna George, do you think you can handle everything else her, make sure nothing drops?” I really wanted to be with her right now. “you can go, I can see that even after seventeen years, you still care the same” he laughed and warmth spread through my heart. I just can’t help but love that woman. I got up to leave, taking my jacked with me, but then Zack cam shooting through the door.

“we have a problem sir, Rivers send a video, he has Victor” from his distressed voice, I knew it was nothing good. I snatched the disc from him and played it on my laptop. He had Victor tied to a chair blindfolded with a gun to his head. I felt my blood run cold. Does he not care that he is doing this to his own son? “Anna, if you want your son back, all you have to do is marry me and save him, or you can hand over you entire organisation to me” he said smiling. He wants Anna?!?!. He will have to kill me to get to her. I shut the laptop and Zack and George took a step back. “Zack, tell Marcos and Jack that I want the location of Victor within the next ten minutes and prepare some men for the rescue” I tried to control my emotions and he nodded, but got stopped by George. “think carefully of this Raven, it will cause war” he tried to change my mind and that’s when it snapped.

“I don’t care if it becomes a damn international issue, I don’t even give a f*ck if the planet blows up, I am getting that boy and killing that bastard. So unless you want to join him, I suggest you do what I asked and stay out of my way” i threatened and he nodded. Damn I was going to kill him if he stopped me one more time. I took my thing to leave. “and no one tell Anna about this. And if she wakes up, either sedate her again or take her to see her goddaughter. I want no mistake on this” I yelled, and instead of replying they looked petrified. “I do not care who you are Raven Parkers, but if you think you are going to get my son without me, then you are more foolish than Rivers” Anna’s angry voice came behind me, and I turned to find her eyes pitch black. She was mad, maybe that’s even an understatement of how she was. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. “if you are trying to explain, I suggest you save it for a better time. I don’t think seventeen years’ worth of explanation can be squeezed into the next sixty seconds” she smiled and it was my turn to be petrified, I know I won’t make it passed this unscratched. “now let’s find my son, and see who gets to live” she smiled and made it out. Zack and George looked at me in pity and I swallowed hard. Shes the same as she was back then, still a tonne scary, and if I know the, she won't be satisfied until she sees my blood. Just question, how the hell did she find out?

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