Black Rose

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Chapter 25

Anna pov

We are on our way to Rivers mansion and Raven has been trying to figure out how I am so sure that is where we will find them and even trying to get me to talk to him, but like everything he has asked of me, I have been giving him the silent treatment. Sure it’s childish, I know I could just tell him that I made through research on Sam when we were still dating. Yeah sure I loved him, and its evasion of privacy, but what can I say, I’m the daughter of the underworld king, it’s my job. Through the ride, I can’t help but wonder what Sam is putting Victor through, my innocent little baby, he must just be too traumatised.

My thoughts of Victor were interrupted by Raven holding my hand. “can you just talk to me Anna, don’t ignore me please” he said looking at me with his puppy dog eyes, and it just made me hate him more than I already do. “you need to grow up and lose the look Parker, I’m not the eight-year-old girl you left behind, who would fall for your pitiful face” I mocked him, and his eyes held sorrow and guilt, but he quickly masked it and shrugged, looking away from me, the nerve of this man! I didn’t think it was possible to get angrier than I already was, but this little action proved me wrong.

Is he not even going to make an effort? He left me for seventeen years, he broke his promise to me, he left me alone, he broke my heart, and all he can do is shrug?!? But then what can I expect from him? I expected before and all he did was post me a letter. You see, seventeen years ago he left for his training, the same as mine, but as future king, being my betrothed, dad and uncle G thought it would be best to start his training early, and I could understand why, he was smart, intelligent, strategic, fair, mature, a good fighter, quick, killed without mercy, cold hearted, the list goes on but most importantly, loyal. I was eight, I loved him then, childishly, but loved him nonetheless. When he left, he gave me this beautiful locket and told me to always keep it with me, that he would be there for me when I need him, though I knew that it was impossible given the rules. but for me, dad would allow us to exchange letters once a month, his letters mostly consisted of all he has been doing, how he misses me and his love for me, kinda like mine.

But then suddenly around the time mom died, I would send him a letter, but I never got any from him, I was so mad at him for not being there when I needed him most, I was bound to grief alone. Btu I understood, my father had left me as well, so he must have cut communication between us to save me, or so I thought, I kept sending him letters until I was twelve and on my birthday, I got a letter from him. I was so happy after receiving it, I even kept it for a day without opening it, thinking I would wake up from that dream. When I finally opened that letter, I found it was not a dream but a nightmare, the letter told me all his thoughts, how he finally got what he wanted from me. He said he was just an orphan that was found and raised by the most powerful and riches man around, that even though dad found him poor and begging in the streets, that’s not what he wanted for his future, that he wanted to be rich, powerful and respected, and through this training, dad gave him a tonne of money to start his own business, and he achieved that only by pretending to like me.

He said he was sorry but needs to let me go, but he will remain loyal to the Black Rose, for its those people that made him who he is and will be. I had ran to dad that night to ask him if he did give him money and he agreed, with nothing but praises for him, that’s when my heart first broke, I spend so long trying to get over it, so when I met rivers, I gave it my all, and finally forgot all about Raven, I took our letters and his locket and buried it in my backyard, that was the day I stopped thinking about him, and gradually forgot all about him. If not for Mike telling me who he was and all that has been happening when I gained consciousness, I would still be in the dark even now. Sam may have been a jerk, but he helped me get over the pain, and gave me a wonderful son. I didn’t even realise we had arrived until uncle G shook me, “get out of dreamland, we have arrived”.

I stepped out of the car and made it for the door, Raven and Zack nowhere in sight. I just sighed and knocked, the door was open revealing Sam with a smirk on his face. “well, well, well, queen has arrived, but what’s with all those and weapons?” he asked pointing at two dozen or so of our man behind me. “stop with the games Rivers, where is my son?” I was already annoyed with his god forsaken face, and just wanted Victor and leave. “no need to be so mad, you will ruin that beautiful face. Now why don’t you step inside so we can talk, and tell them to put those guns down, as you can see, I’m all alone” he said looking offended. “just drop the act and give me my son Rivers” I yelled at him, getting impatient.

“why look so agitated, I won’t hurt him, he is my son after all, now come in if you want” he shrugged and went inside. I followed him in even though I didn’t trust this lunatic. “a good way to show your fatherly love by tying him up and putting a gun to his head” I shouted, but he laughed. “don’t kid yourself Rose, I said he is my son and I won’t hurt him, never said I loved him” he smirked and I was just shocked by his nerve. “now sit so we can talk” he pointed to a sofa across from him. I opened my lips to ask about Victor but he cut me off. “he is not here, and if you want him, you will keep just and listen to me” he said impatiently and I just sat down. “thank you, now, all I want is simple from you Anna. I and you and your organisation, and I will send the boy over to Michael right now” he looked serious.

This must be a bluff. “so you want me to marry you? To hand the Black Rose over to you? What else?” I have to say I was shocked at his audacity. I just hope Mike, Jack and Marcos have better luck with the sister than I have with this lunatic. “that’s about it, you can keep the company for your son. See I’m not that cruel. All I want is the most powerful underworld organisation in existence, and a woman who controls it all, so I have no problems. It’s not selfish” he said it with a shrug like it’s no big deal, it will cause international havoc. “keep me here and send my son to mike, he will fix the papers for you, and we can get married whenever you wish” I just have to buy time. “he laughed, “papers? I heard the BR is in the hands of an outsider, so how are you going to give it to me?” how the hell did he find that? “yeah, that’s right, in the hands of my betrothed, he has access to half and so do I. you get half the BR if you marry me, or you can fight for 100% and welcome a war” I kept my face straight when I told him.

Silence enveloped us and after a moment of thinking, he finally agreed. “I’ll get the rest when I have access to your resources” he smiled and went to pour himself whisky. Then he called some of his men. “take her and lock her up” they came to me. “what about Victor?” I was more concerned about my son at this moment. “I will release him when I have what I want” he smirked and I knew I fell for it, I acted on emotion again and he took advantage of me. The men dragged me and locked me in one cell. ‘I guess I’ll be getting married’ I thought resting my head on the bars. I stood in there for a moment before Sam came in to taunt me. “seems your team is not as strong as they say, when they saw my men, they ran for the hills, leaving you here all on your own. Where is the loyalty that you people are known for” he laughed and I just stared at him, I’m sure of one thing, those guys could fight to the death, so there must be something more important that would require them to leave, I just hope it’s because they found my son.

Raven pov

I have been trying to talk to Anna since we got into this car, but all she gives me is the silent treatment. No matter what I did, she didn’t even look at me, but when she told me that she is not the same girl she was when I left her, something broke in me, and I felt extremely guilty, I just wish I had left a year later then I could have been there when she lost her mother, all those nights I spend thinking about her, not being able to talk to her or know how she was going, I hated the rules of that place, I hated that I had no way of communicating with her, but now with the look in her eyes, I know she hates me, and it just broke my heart. I just looked away because I could not take the hate directed my way, after a while I looked at her to find her distracted, too lost in her own world as she looked out the window, so I took the opportunity to place a listening device behind her neck, I didn’t plan for Rivers to know I’m working with them, after all, if anything goes wrong, I can help, that’s why I want him to think I am still on his side.

When we arrived there, Zack and I went into hiding while Anna went to confront Rivers. I searched around for the boy while Zack listened to what was happening with Anna and Rivers. “Boss, you can stop searching, Rivers says the boy is not here” he said through the walkie-talkie, “got it, I’m coming to you, try to ask Jackson if he was able to track him by now” I said leaving the house and went to the car to Zack. I got in and he sat further from me, but I ignored it. “so what else did Rivers say, where is Anna?” I asked, wanting all the details of what was going on. “he has the mistress hostage, he wants to marry her for half the organisation, only then will he give Victor to Mike, and she agreed” he said holding the door ready to escape.

When I heard that, my blood boiled. I know she puts Victor first, but how can she trust Rivers to set the boy free, hoe dare even she even accept his crazy proposal? Do I look dead to her? Do I look weak to her? Do I look like I can’t find that boy? I slammed my fist to the car window, good thing they are indestructible or I would be covered in glass. I took out my phone to call Jackson, but then I got a call from him at the exact time. “you better tell me where the boy is right now” I yelled at him, it his damn fault we are taking this long. “I already sent you his coordinates, he’s not at Rivers mansion, he’s in the suburbs, in the house of one Kate Winter, her record is clean, no attachment to the underworld and a renounced doctor, we can’t even find any relation to Rivers” he sounded tired and irritated. So he hid him at Helen’s place, wonder if the girl knows who her boyfriend really is. “I know her Kate Helenamayinko Winter, she goes by the name Helen, Rivers’ girl. Thank you, I just hope you guys also found Samantha” I said grateful that they found him. “yeah” he said, his voice coming out a squeak before he told me he had to go, weird but its ok. “get the boys, we are leaving” I told Zack just when Rivers men came out to attack. He nodded and got out, and soon we were on the road to the other side of the city.

When we got there, we found some of Rivers men and easily took care of them, then badged inside, causing Hellen to hold victor tightly and jump back scared. “Raven, what are you doing? Why badge into my house with armed men?” her voice shook as she spoke, as she held victor tighter while he fought to get out of her arms. “aunty…” victor spoke but I cut him off. “I’m here for my son, seems your boyfriend kidnapped him and hid him here, now give him back” I told her, my voice cold, and she looked stunned for a moment, and this gave Victor a chance to move away from her and he came running to me hugging me, “old man, you found me” he said looking both relieved and guilty, but I just took him and gave him to Zack not saying a word. He and I may be close, he may understand my situation with Anna, he knows I love him like my own, so I will punish him as such. He looked hurt when he got to Zack. “but I thought he is Sam’s son with his previous girlfriend” Helen said shocked by everything. “he is, but then he kidnapped him, he is not worthy to be a father” I told her but she looked more confused.

“Zack, take the boy home and keep Helen safe. If he can take my woman, I will hurt him with his” I said and Helen looked scared. “old man, aunty was really good to me, don’t hurt her” victor whispered and I just lost it. “I said she be kept safe, I know she had nothing to do with all this, but Rivers is Keeping your mother hostage and wants to marry her, and if there is one woman Rivers loves it’s her. He will marry Anna over my dead body, I will get her out of there, but I also need a backup plan” I yelled, losing my cool, and I hated it because he leaned more into Zack, I know he was blaming himself for all this, and I would love to say it’s not all his fault, but I learned not to lie. I turned to Helen to find her petrified. “Helen, I’m sorry to be doing this to you, but Rivers has my fiancé with him, so I’m begging you to pray he bring her back, or you might not see the light of day again.” I told her almost feeling guilty for using her.

“what’s wrong with you Raven, you know I have nothing to do with all this, but here you are using me, I always thought you were a man of honour but I guess I was wrong” she said her voice breaking as tears streamed down her cheeks. “you should know that honour means nothing to a man when his family and loved ones are in danger” I looked away from her, for all I know she could actually be working with him, and is just an excellent actress and went to the door. “Zack, take them and explain to the Guys what is happening. I’m going to get that foolish woman out of there, send some men to me” he nodded and I left, back to Rivers mansion. I was going to get Anna back and make that man wish he was dead.

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