Black Rose

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Anna pov

It’s been that I have been stuck in here, and I hated every minute of it. I have been looking for aa way to escape but with my gadgets gone, it will be hard. I was in the mist of thinking when the door opened revealing one of Sam’s men. “the boss wants you to join him” he said with a smirk as he opened the door and dragged me out. We made it to a room that seemed to be Sam’s study. In it there were a couple of men, some looking professional with their brief cases while some were his men with weapons. “glad you could join me Anna” he said with a smile as he approached me. “let me introduce you to this fine gentlemen, this are my lawyers and a judge. I thought, why wait to get married when we can do it today, so I called this gentlemen, so here we are” he smiled and pulled me closer as we approached the men, who stood up and shook my hands.

“I can’t say it’s a pleasure to meet you, now can we get this over with” I remained expressionless and they looked confused for a moment before they nodded, after all, it’s not every day you meet a captive that is willing to just marry their captor without second thoughts. “what’s the hurry baby, I want you to change into your white wedding dress while they prepare” Sam smirked and I felt nothing but disgust. “there is really no point for the dress, but I will take it if it is black, after all, this will be more of a funeral than a wedding” I mocked and he laughed before he got his men to drag me once again. With all the places we walked passed, only one hall caught my interest, it was decorated with knights in shining armour.

“why is this hall decorated this way. It feels like we just travelled back to the nineteenth century” I asked the guys dragging me and they just kept shut. “you can tell me or is it that the Rivers family has no sense of modern décor” I said sarcastically, and they opened one of the doors close by and threw me in. “get changed and stop asking questions, in this area, there is no chance of you escaping” one of them said with a smirk and shut the door, but I just couldn’t help but smile. ‘all I need is to leave this room and grab two of those swords’ I thought to myself as I turned to wear my dress. If this was a happy occasion and was not forced into this, I might actually be happy with this dress, it was beautiful and fit perfectly. It was vintage, long sleeved, covered with diamond dust that seemed to sparkle in the light, no need to sing my own praises, but I look amazing. A knock came by the door, “are you done, it’s time to leave” one of the two men said impatiently and I went to open the door with a pout.

They both looked shocked for a moment before they shook their heads. I guess seeing the transformation from pauper to princess can be surprising. “I can’t leave like this, don’t you people know I need makeup, I want to look beautiful, and I’m hungry” I said with a sob, my voice breaking while I was close to tears. They looked at each other not sure on what to do, but in the end called Sam, who told them to lock me inside while the other went to get me food and one went to get the hair and makeup team. ‘lock me inside? Really?!?’ I waited until their footsteps faded before I took out my ‘key to everywhere’ and opened the door. The first thing I did is grab the swords from the closest knights, I have to tell you, the décor maybe old, but damn these swords are just perfect. I guess everything in Rivers mansion has to be nothing but perfect. I stood there for a moment admiring them when suddenly, I heard a gunshot close by, I turned to find Rivers there with a gun in hand and I could hear the sound of his men approaching.

“I thought you might want to try something, you think I’m foolish enough to think that a locked door will be able to hold you” he smiled, his eyes dark. “well, one can only hope” I smirked prepared for a fight, after all, with swords, I’m unstoppable. He pointed his gun at me and it just made the maniac in me jump with joy. “just cooperate Anna, I don’t want to hurt you, well, not yet anyway” he smiled trying to threaten me but instead I laughed and it seemed to annoy him so much. “I did warn you.” He warned. “just don’t kill her, I don’t care if you cripple her, but I marrying her today” he told his men who now had me surrounded, before he left. ‘just you wait Rivers, just a couple of minutes and you will be mine’ I made that promise then focused on the guns pointed towards me. Bullets flew but I was able to survive them thanks to my trustee friends, and also the poor training of Rivers’ men, or maybe it’s just their stupidity, were they never taught never to surround and fire, they did the killing themselves, sigh.

But even though I am alive, I can’t do anything about the bullet in the thigh of my left leg, the back of my right shoulder and also on the left side of my chest, I have to tell you, it hurt like hell. I went and followed Sam, killing anyone who stood in my way, until I found him in his study. “I see you are still alive, after all, what can one expect from the most ruthless woman alive” he said without looking at me. “no need for this games Rivers, give me my son” I said impatiently and he finally turned to me. “you look good in red” he said looking at the once white dress that is now covered in blood. “stop your games” I said feeling myself get weaker due to loss of blood. He walked to his desk and suddenly, he fired at me, how he got a gun that quick, it’s a wonder to me, but I was able to dodge it and threw one sword at him, which hit his left shoulder causing him to scream in pain. I approached him when I suddenly heard the sound of gun fire, helicopters and door slamming. I knew my people have arrived, I could hear people approaching and I got ready for a fight, it could be one of Rivers men protecting their territory. The door flew open the next moment, and in came Marcos and his people, he looked at me shocked and at that moment, all the strength I had flew out the window.

“my God, Anna are you ok?” he said rushing to catch me as the guys took Rivers. I gave him a flat look and he smiled. “stupid question, now let’s get you out of here” he said taking me in his arms “take care of him, I want him alive” I told them and they nodded before taking him away. “Marcos, where is Victor” I asked him while he ran for the door. “raven found him with Rivers’ girl. Victor is with Mike right now” he said breathlessly as we made it out, where Raven came running towards us, clothes trenched in blood. “thank God you are alive, I wouldn’t forgive myself if anything happened” he said trying to touch me, I wanted to avoid it but I was too weak to, so I just glared at him and his hand stopped mid-air looking hurt. “thank you for saving Victor, I owe you a life debt. If you ever need anything, just tell me and I will do it for you” I said before everything went black.

Mike pov

It’s been a week since Marcos and Raven brought Anna back from Rivers, and let me tell you, it’s been one hell of a week, or maybe just for me. Raven is still not talking to Victor, making the boy feel worse for what happened to his mother, and dad gave Victor a lecture on responsibility and the importance of thinking things through, earning him a punishment from mom, now he sleeps in a cold guest room all alone, so not only do I have to listen to my dad complain about the cold, Victor will also not let go of my daughter, whom he named Dawn, after his long speech about always protecting her and never letting her go, and guess what, Manman and mom love the name . Also Raven is on edge because Anna still has not woken up, she is almost fully healed thanks to one of the creations our scientists invented, it’s more of a miracle cure, the doctors say she is fine, she is just the one who does not wake up, so he is giving everyone hell, Jackson being his favourite, bringing me to what made it worse.

You see, a week back, our mission was to catch Samantha Rivers, which we did, but just one problem, she happens to be the very girl Jackson is crazy about. After we came here, Jackson did tell us he met a girl he likes, they went out, fell in love, dated, and now she turns out to be the enemy. Wondering how he never knew she was a Rivers? Turns out that he never asked, just knew her name, he was prepared to take things slow and get to know her the right way. So now, even though we have her, we are conflicted, Raven wants to kill her along with her brother, but then Jackson is prepared to die to Protect her. Just wish Anna could Wake up so she can handle this whole mess before they kill each other.

I was walking back to my room to see my baby girl, when I heard Raven and Jackson yelling when I walked passed Raven’s room. “she almost killed Anna. For someone who claims loyalty, why do you side with the enemy” Raven yelled, sounding furious. “and you are a hypocrite. You are here fighting for a girl you abandoned, why do judge when I lay my life to protect the one I love” Jackson said not sounding any better. I just sighed and pushed the door open, only to find them holding each other by the collar. They looked my way, “Collin, don’t you dare interfere” Raven cut me off before I can get a word out. “listen her all of you, I will take none of this nonsense anymore. Raven, that girl knew nothing about Jackson being part of us, she admits that she found out while the both of them were already dating, and she loves him, so we will give her a second chance, got it” my mother’s angry voice came behind me, and we all nodded. I didn’t have to look at her to know she was mad. Raven wanted to speak but mom cut him off, I must admit I loved it. “before we asked, we did the tests, three times, she told the truth. Cut the man some slack and go deal with your own issues. “she said and we looked at her confused. “Anna is awake; victor is with her now” Raven was already down the hall before mom ended her sentence. Sigh, at least now things will go back to normal, more or less

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