Black Rose

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Mike pov

I got to Anna’s room, with Jackson right behind me to find Raven and Victor fussing over her, while she gave the big man a cold shoulder and suffocating Victor in a hug. I have to say I was happy to see him suffer, don’t get me wrong, I’m a saint, but the man should learn never to cut me off. “Mike, Jack. You guys don’t have to stand at the door” Anna called us when she saw us standing at the door. We made our way in and sat beside her. She wanted to get up but Victor pushed her back down. “are you ok” I asked stroking her hair like old times, but this earned me a glare from Raven and I ignored him. “I’m fine, but I must say you look worse than me, must be the little princess keeping you up” she said excited as she mentioned Dawn. “yeah, she keeps me up” I whispered, I know I just lied to her, Dawn does not keep me up, hell she does not even sleep in our room. Mom and dad have made it their mission to keep her with them and the little they let her go, Victor holds on to her, I hate it, but Manman seems to enjoy it, so I have made peace. “I’m sure it will get better. Now let’s get on to more serious matters. Tell me everything that happened, from how Sam could access our information so easily, all the way to where the River twins are now” her voice went from excited to serious so easily and everyone in the room tensed. It took some time, but I couldn’t get a word out.

“tell me the truth Mike, remember our promise” she said softly, reminding me of the promise we made each other to never lie to one another regardless of the reason. I sighed and told her everything, well a summary. “victor weakened your security to allow Rivers to have access to your information easily, got Marcos and Jackson to deactivate his tracking device and allowed himself to be captured in order to help you deal with Rivers quicker. Raven found the boy with Rivers girlfriend then went to help you. He has her kept with Rivers in the dungeon, all chained up. We also have Samantha, Rivers twin, locked in the guest room, guards guarding the door, windows sealed tight. She happens to be Jackson’s one true love. So Jack and Raven have been at each other’s throats, and did I mention that Raven has taken over the role as King, so you can rest now” I said everything out in one breath, didn’t even want to know what she was going to do, her expression was so calm it was frightening. Before anyone could say anything, mom, dad, Manman along with Dawn and Marcos came busting through the door. But stopped when they sensed the tension in the room.

“so how are you feeling Anna” Marcos got the courage to ask. “I’m just perfect” she replied as she got up from the bed and went out the door. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief once she left. “what happened?” Manman asked handing my little princess over to me. “you know I can’t lie to her” I told her kissing Dawn and she nodded. “can you watch her and Victor for some time” I told mom handing Dawn to her while looking at the broken boy by the bed. Manman and I followed Raven, Marcos and Jackson who were following Anna to the dungeon. No one spoke a word on the way until we got there. “Zack, how are they in there?” Anna asked Zack who was guarding the door. “I must say they are doing just fine mistress, but if you ask me, I don’t think the girl is innocent, I believe they were working together” Zack replied giving his analysis on the matter. Anna nodded before he whispered something to him, then her nodded and left, he came back moments later with a briefcase and two other guys and I knew nothing good was going to come out of this. Zack opened the door and Anna smiled at him before she went in with us right behind her. I hate this place, not only is it a torture room, but it always smells like blood and believe me, we try to keep everything clean.

I looked at the people chained to the floor, Zack was right they are doing well. Rivers is almost fully healed, they get three good meals a day, they can move around the room and make themselves comfy sleeping on the floor, damn, they are the luckiest prisoners to ever set foot here, but I guess that is about to change. “good morning people, looks like you are comfortable” Anna mocked while kicking the two awake. Rivers jolted up immediately and hid the girl behind him. “Anna, what do you want, is keeping us here not enough?” Rivers mocked shielding the girl behind him. Anna just smirked and looked at the guys from earlier who went and took Rivers away from his girl. “chain him to the wall” Anna said to the guys and they did so immediately while the man cursed and screamed at the pain.

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