Black Rose

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Third person pov

It’s been three months, and it’s only a couple of days before Mike and Manman’s wedding. In this three months a lot has happened and a lot more secrets kept. Raven and Anna reconciled as a couple, it was around two months ago on the day Mike was planning a surprise for Manman on Chinese valentine.

Thanks to Mike and jack trapping them into the same room, the couple had finally had a chance to talk. True it took every furniture in the room being broken, but everything was resolved in the end. It true Anna had written to Raven, but because of his training, raven never was allowed to receive any letters, so it was clear to the couple that they have been deceived, but the unanswered question was who deceived them, and for what reason. But those were questions they could later find answers to. So from that night on, they got back together. While everyone was happy for them, 3victor, mike and Raven were distressed about what would await them. Though it has been so long, Anna still has no idea about the threats or what was awaiting them.

However today happened to be a good day for everyone, at least for the moment. While Mike and Manman, along with raven and Marcos were putting the final touches on the wedding preparations, Jackson had taken Samantha and Anna to the doctor.

Anna looked at Samantha who was lying on the bed, today was the day they found out the sex of the baby. Well it should have been a while back, but it took a lot of convincing for her to agree to it, she originally wanted it to be a surprise. Looking at her, Anna could not help but feel a bit jealous, even with a five months’ pregnancy, the woman did not show it, her belly was still as flat as when she first met her years ago.

A male doctor came in later. “so are you ready to find out if you are having a boy or girl” the doctor smiled but Jackson glared at him when he put lifted Samantha’s shirt and applied gel on her. Anna looked at him and laughed. It was weird seeing him this jealous, especially of a doctor. Samantha held his hand and everyone turned their attention to the screen. “the doctor explained to them and at the end they found that they are having a boy. Samantha cleaned herself up and Jackson like usual went to ‘harass’ the doctor with questions.

“where is Jackson, we’ve been waiting here for so long now?” Anna asked annoyed, they were waiting outside the hospital, but Samantha just kept quiet, like she was stuck in her own world. “Samantha, what’s wrong” Anna asked concern. Samantha snapped out of her little world. “it’s nothing really” Samantha replied looking down. “ok, is it because I’m here? Is that why your awkward?” Anna was worried. Though their relationship may have improved, but three months is not enough to forget everything, so there was still a bit of awkwardness. “no, not at all. It’s just……. Do I look to bad, am I too fat?” Samantha asked almost pleading and Anna looked shocked for a moment. It’s true the girl gained a few pounds, but it made her look more beautiful, she was not as skinny anymore.

“no!!! you look amazing. Why would you doubt that?” Anna asked curious, what could make the over-confident Samantha doubt herself? “well, since we found out I was pregnant, Jack has not touched me since, and just the other day I asked about it and he said it’s because I’m pregnant. Maybe he doesn’t find me as attractive anymore, or is it because I don’t have a belly and he feels left out? I just don’t get it” Samantha let out a light sob with tear filled eyes. Anna felt pity for her, she looked so sad. Before she could even find words to comfort her for Jackson’s stupidity, the man came and Samantha went from emotional to furious in seconds, and walked towards the car. “what did I do now?” Jackson asked confused but Anna just ignored him.

In the car Anna and Jackson were talking while Samantha sat there pouting. Amongst the laughter and the conversation, Samantha suddenly shouted anxious, “guys, will you stop, we have a car following us” Anna turned to find that there really was one and it was gaining speed. “step on the gas Jackson” Anna said hurried, and Jackson did just that, and so did the car following them. “avoid the traffic and the civilians, take a path to the forest, it will be the best way to lose them and the best place to hide should bullets fly. Samantha sit still and made sure your sit belt is on right” Anna shouted and the couple nodded. It took a couple of minutes before Jackson had them packed inside the woods with the other car right behind them.

“Jackson, take Samantha and leave this place right now, I can hold them off. Take the car, NOW.” Anna shouted after realizing that there were only four men in the car with their guns pointed towards them. Samantha was pregnant and needed to be taken to safety, plus the car is bullet proof, it will be able to protect them, but she needs to know who was brave enough to go after them. This may be the most stupid thing she has ever done. “we are not lea...” Jackson wanted to argue, but Anna cut him off. “LEAVE!” Anna barked and Jackson got into the car. “what do you want, who hired you to kill us?” Anna aske the group of men after realizing the couple was safe. The men looked at her smiling.

“who said they want you dead?” one of the men said, and Anna realised there more be more to it, they didn’t want to kill the leader of the black rose, and instead wanted to capture her. “which Mafia are you from” Anna aske curious. “the Viper” one of them said. “Jackson DRIVE!” Anna yelled and Jackson gave her a last look before he drove. Some may call this selfish, but he had a woman and a child to protect, though he didn’t want to leave, he also didn’t want to make things more difficult for Anna who wanted to protect his child, at least he knew she would be alive, they just need to find her. But before he left he saw them shot at her before she went unconscious.

At the house, the gang was sitting around resting after Manman made everyone recheck everything twice. Jackson came running in with Samantha. “they took Anna” Jackson said in one breath and everyone rose to their feet instantly. “how, what happened? And how are you two still ok?” Raven growled and Jackson told them what happened. “they called themselves the Vipers. I have never even heard of them” Jackson said stressed and anxious. Everyone looked worried. “track her right now” George growled, both annoyed and anxious. He thought they won’t act so soon.

Mike looked at Raven with blame and Raven glared at him. Marcos did not miss the interactions between the two. “What do you two know that we don’t” Marcos growled accusingly at Raven and Mike. The gang looked at the two but before they could reply, “I see you are taking good care of Anna Raven” an angry voice interrupted them. Everyone turned and looked at the man standing by the door. George went and greeted the man in tears, even hugging him, everyone was shocked by this. “guys this is….” George wanted to introduce him, but was interrupted by Raven and Mike, “James Rose” they said shocking everyone

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