Black Rose

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Anna pov

The Vipers! That name irked me, I hated this mafia. I remember just after my mom was taken, I heard my dad and uncle G talking about them, the man who took my whole family from me, they were a small but growing organisation that worked alongside the Asian king, well that’s what the whole world thought. If I remember correctly, they were his first group in the US. He planned to use them to overthrow my father. Created about the same time the Black Rose was, and went back in history, but how they chose to abandon their power to live in the shadows is something I still can’t figure out. But from what I gathered, The Vipers, a group that lived in the shadows, almost invisible to everyone around, they had impeccable, connections, and a lot of information no organisation could get their hand on. If there was any group that can overthrow us, it had to be this one.

I know it’s a stupid move to let them take me, but try to understand, I wanted nothing more in this world than to avenge my parents. My father may have killed their leader, but I planned to exterminate them all. I wanted no trace of that organisation left, or anyone with connection to that man, he took my family from me. Letting them take me was the only way that I could get my hand on any information, well I hope they don’t kill me before I do.

I woke up in one gorgeous bedroom, my head hurting. I got up and instantly, I felt something was off. First they let me sleep in a bed, I was able to get up and was not chained to it, that is weird, why kidnap someone only to give them comfort? I searched myself to find they didn’t even take my knifes or gun. I made my way to the door feeling uncomfortable, this seemed like some sort of trap. I reached the door to open it, expecting it to be locked, but instead it opened wide open, and that’s when I began to panic, were they not worried I wold escape, this made no sense. Part of me expected to wake up in a basement tied to a torture machine, not all…this!

Part of me wanted to carry out the original reason I was here, but a more cowardly part of me wanted to make it back to my son. I would take it and persist had they more…well normal, kidnap, torture, lock in a cold dark basement. But something told me that if I acted rashly I will not make it out. It was then I realised I acted foolishly, how was I supposed to defeat an entire mafia on my own, in their own territory. Well, maybe I could, but then…Victor”

I made it into the hall way, looking for an exit, but it was filled with more rooms, but with some luck, I found the stairs and made my way down, running, even skipping a few. All this time I didn’t even see a single person in this house. I made it passed the living room and bolted for the door, the only exit I was able to see so far. Before I even touched the door, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you Anna”.

The voice had me stopping in my tracks but I quickly took my gun out and whipped around pointing it at the culprit. But once I saw him, my jaw dropped, it couldn’t be, why would he have taken me? No matter how hard I tried, I could think of one reason why he would have kidnapped me. I was in an emotional turmoil, but my instincts shot it and I was prepared to pull the trigger. “Look around, you will be dead before you even pull that trigger Rose” he mocked looking intently at me.

I turned my attention to myself to see that I was covered in red dots, one mistake and I would be dead, how did I not realise them? “why are you doing this to me” I asked, my voice coming out more hurt than I expected. “you need to relax Barbie doll, you can do anything you want as long as you are in this house, but once you step outside, I can’t promise you to keep your life” he said shrugging, without care, like this was normal, like he didn’t just stab me in the back. “let’s go, it’s time to eat, you must have worked out an appetite for being out for three days?” he said not caring to even explain what was happening, but one thing I got is that I have been here for three days. THREE f*cking days! “what do you want? Why are you doing this” I asked feeling betrayed. “is it not obvious? The Black Rose” I felt adrenaline shoot through me at that, well more on pain and betrayal.

“why are you doing this to me? Why kidnap me? Why did you betray me, I trusted you, I thought we were fine? What did I ever do to you for you to betray me, to betray everyone? What about my son, don’t tell me you hurt Victor” I yelled, throwing a knife towards him, which he dodged? Victor? Could he have also taken my son? The thought of it tore my heart to pieces and I broke down. “you said you loved me, you waited for me, but it was all a lie. Why would you do this to me Raven” I shouted sobbing, I loved him, I thought we were fine, he looked happy with me, I was happy but it was all a lie. The second man I loved and even he betrayed me, and the worst part he didn’t seem to care, he just shrugged and walked away. But then I realized one thing. Raven ran the Vipers, he was their boss, which meant one thing, he is part of those who killed my parents, and worse, like me, he could be the man's son and out for revenge. He may want to kill me, but so be it, I realized hen holding that gun ready to shot, that I could never pull the trigger on him, I loved him, and I'll give him what he wants, he's already running it anyway. I'm pathetic right?

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