Black Rose

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Anna pov

two weeks later

it’s been two weeks since the accident and me finding out about my... well, let me say situation. a lot has happened since then. I am healing beautifully, mike and Manman finally got married and are enjoying their honeymoon, dad and the Collins' booked themselves into a resort, taking Victor with them, dad wanted to spend more time with him. Marcos finally went back home, Jackson got disowned by his dad and kicked out of his mafia for falling in love with Samantha, even though his father did not approve, and his relationship with Samantha is going strong, even though he seems to be sleeping on the couch lately. (hahahaha)

I wake up with the sun way high, I look at the spot besides me and like always since I came home, its empty, Raven is nowhere to be found. The shower is not even running so I’m sure he has been gone a while, at least now I won’t regret my decision.

I make my way to the bathroom for a quick shower and make my way downstairs for breakfast, and like always, I find Jackson sleeping on the couch. “Jackson!! JACKSON!” I yell shaking him awake. “what?” he says sleepily. “get up, I’m going to make breakfast, and you need to check on Samantha” I tell him, with a little smirk, I can’t help it, I want to see struggle a bit.

I made my way to the kitchen and made pancakes, and soon, Samantha and Jackson came strolling in hand in hand, which both surprised me and made me feel a little jealous, but I was happy that they were getting along, hopefully it lasts. “hey, look at the two of you finally getting along” I tell them, giving them a little smile.

“it’s good to finally, hold her, maybe now I can finally go back to my bedroom, the couch is uncomfortable” Jackson says playfully, but hopefully, he looks tired and has dark circles under his eyes. Samantha just gave him a playful glare before she sat down. wondering why he can’t just sleep in the guest bedroom when kicked out by Samantha? Well, the last time he did, the women knocked the door down accusing him for being comfortable while she couldn’t sleep.

We sat there and ate breakfast talking mostly about the baby and preparation, them buying a house, I will be honest, I was jealous, they seem to have their future planned out, and I am here, in a rushed marriage, no future kids and a husband who wants nothing to do with me. “are you ok Anna” Samantha asked concerned, snapping me out of my thoughts. “yeah, I’m fine, don’t worry about it” I tell them getting up. They just look at me then nod hesitantly. “oh! And when you are done, can you meet me in my office Jackson?” I asked and he nodded, looking a bit sad.

20 minutes later

Jackson comes in busting into my office. “don’t tell me you called me here because you are still considering that ridiculous idea” he yells, not even giving me time to speak before he continues. “Anna, there has to be a better way out, this is just stupid, and if you go through with it you will just live to regret it” he continued his yelling and I just snapped.

“ENOUGH! All I did is ask you to do one job, not for you to judge me, did you do it or not?” I growled at him and he just huffed. “I did, found a girl with your body shape and eye color, we can dye the hair and a little plastic surgery, she should look exactly like you, so is the boy to replace Victor, but their training should take about a year and a half so no one would suspect them” he told me looking both sad and angry, and I sighed,

“you know I have to do this Jackson, I want him to be complete, and it can’t be with me. He has lost a lot already just to stay with me, his father, his brother, and I don’t want to rob him of a family as well. A wife, a couple of kids, it’s what he has always wanted, and I’m not taking it from him” I said to him, Holding back a sob. Jack and Manman the only one who knows I know, everyone just decided to hide it from me. How do you hide from someone that they can’t have kids, as time goes, they are bound to find out eventually?!

He looked sad, but I know he understood. “look, the doctor said there is still hope, and Manman gave me some Chinese medicine, she said it can help, it helped her aunt” he said shrugging. “just don’t give up and try, and talk to Raven, he might have something else going on, totally unrelated to you, you know” he said matter of factly and I glared at him. “I just don’t think it’s worth it to leave the man you love, besides, a year and a half is a long time, maybe you will change your mind” he said patting my shoulder then left.

But he was right, a year and a half is a long time, and maybe talking to Raven could help. I can’t just give up on my two-week marriage.

Next chapter

It’s been a couple of days since my talk with Jackson. He brought the woman, Mercy, and a boy Chris, to replace me and Victor, and we finally began their training. Though Jackson still does not look happy, at least he has stopped complaining, now all I need to do is convince Victor to come with me, I hate that I’m going to do this to him.

And for this days, nothing has changed, raven leaves before I wake up and returns when I’m fast asleep, sometimes I wonder if he even returns at all.

So today, I’m waiting for him, I might have a year to be with him, and I want it to be filled with amazing memories. I’m sitting on the bed in the dark. I take my phone to check the time, 01:48 am, it’s almost two in the morning and he’s still not home. I waited for a couple more minutes, and was about to give up and go to sleep, when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and our bedroom door opening.

Raven walked in, or more like waltzed in, he looked happy, well from what I could tell, and it just made me mad. “welcome home sweetheart” I said sarcastically. He jumped a bit, startled, then pulled out his gun, ready to shoot, he might have too, but at least he realized it was me just in time.

“why are you still up, why are you not asleep yet” he growled annoyed, as he switched the lights on. He threw the gun to the couch, along with his coat. I just glared at him when he made his way towards me. “what’s wrong Anna, what are you doing up, you are not fully healed, you should be asleep” he growled, demanding an answer, but instead of answering, I just snapped. He has guts, he’s the one that’s never here, he gets home late, and I don’t even get an explanation for that, instead he yells at me?!? Who does he think he is?

“WHAT AM I DOING UP? I’M FUCKING WAITING FORYOU. YOU ARE NEVER HERE, YOU ARRIVE WHEN I’M FAST ASLEEP AND LEAVE BEFORE I EVEN WAKE UP, I WAS WORRIED, AND ALL I GET IS YOU GROWLING AND NOT EVEN A GOD DAMN EXPLANATION ABOUT WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN” I yelled, pissed. But when I was done, I was just humiliated. I wanted to have a calm conversation, but here I am, I lost my cool and ruined it before it even began.

I looked at Raven, he just looked shocked. I just wanted to leave, it was clear that we were not going to be able to talk tonight. I was about to leave, but I was pulled back and my back crushed into a hard chest. I didn’t expect him to stop me, so tears just rolled down my face. “I wanted to leave Raven” I whispered, holding back a sob. “I know, I don’t want you to leave” he whispered in my ear, holding me tighter.

“why stop me? Listen Rav, I know you didn’t want all this, or at least the way it happened. You are stuck in a rushed marriage to the daughter of a man that killed your father, and to the woman that caused you to kill your brother. I get why you don’t want me, why you are never here. I’m the reason you lost your brother, so I get why you don’t want this. Why would anyone stay with that kind of woman, especially when she can never give you a family of your own” I let out a sob at that, he hugged me tighter, burying his face in my neck

“I Heard you guys talking to the doctor. Jackson and Manman told me the doctor said there is hope. Just please…. Don’t leave me. Let’s try, two years, if nothing happens, I’ll leave myself, I promise” I pleaded. I just wanted some time to enjoy being with him, I know two years is a long time, but it will give me enough time to train Mercy. He bit my neck enough to hurt, but it couldn’t compare to the pain in my heart. He sighed and pulled away.

“Rose, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you, but I need to know you are resting, you are still hurt. With my father, he meant nothing to me after he threw me and my mom out. He killed your mom and siblings, James was just taking revenge for his wife and kids, which is understandable and I don’t blame you for it or him. As for my brother. I didn’t know him at all, we had no connection, but having shared a womb with him, I went soft when I had to kill him, if you hadn’t jumped in, he would have killed me, you got hurt and into this situation, because I wanted to spare the life of someone who was prepared to kill me. I’m the one who let you down, I failed to protect you. About having a family of my own, I already do. I have a wife and a son, that’s all I need, and don’t say Victor is not my biological son, because he is, just because someone donated a sperm does not mean I am not his father. So you don’t need to take the medication just to try for a child when we have one, I don’t want you to destroy your body” he explained stroking my hair, and this time I was full on tears.

“but that still does not explain why you are never here, I thought you don’t want me” I told him. He sighed. “well, with the companies merging, Zack complaining about handling a bigger corporation, merging the mafias, and hiding the truth from you, it’s been hectic, plus I have to introduce us to the world, what’s the point in hiding anymore? I want us to have more free life’s and for victor to go to school like a normal kid without hiding who he is” he whispered to me, kissing my neck, I know that’s not the only thing going on, he wants to destruct me. “that’s not the whole truth Raven, you are still hiding something, with all of that, everyone is chipping in, so you would have a lot of time” I growled and glared at him. He continued to kiss me before he sighed again. “ok. Well seeing that our marriage was rushed, we didn’t have a ceremony, I planned a wedding to surprise you and everyone has been helping me prepare for it.” He said and it was my turn to be shocked. “it’s in three days, surprise!” he screamed the laughed at my face. Three days? It took a moment for it to be processed, and when it did, I was ready to blow a fuse.

Raven fist my hair and kissed me hard, cutting all the words I was about to say. I tried to struggle but The kiss was hard and passionate. He pulled me towards him, holding me tighter. Its took a moment of struggling before I finally responded to him and all thoughts flew out the window.

He laid me on the bed before hovering over me with a smirk I knew too well. A chill ran down my spine, but before I could say anything, he kissed me hard, one hand supporting his weight while the other massaged my breast, causing me to moan. His lips travelled to my neck while his hands explored my body. “R…Raven, S..Still w..wo.. wounded” I moaned out. He looked at me, his eyes dark with lust. “I’ll be very gentle” he whispered besides my ear. “I want to hear you scream my name” he whispered, his voice deep and rough, he kissed me again, and my mind went blank

He got his wish, we spend all night entangled in each other’s arms, I’m sure my throat will be sore in the morning from all the screams of pleasure. But was he gentle? Of course he lied, not that I’m complaining

Third person pov

Raven looked at the woman that passed out besides him. He couldn’t help but smile, satisfied with himself, after thirteen years of waiting, she was finally his. No one could understand.

He looked at her, he blamed himself for getting her hurt, but he couldn’t believe she had been feeling guilty and even wanted to leave him. Why would he care about a father that chased him out not carrying if he and his mother lived or died, or a brother that held no compassion for him, and instead came here to kill him, if only he had not hesitated, His Rose would not be feeling this way. Kids?!? As long as he has her, that’s all that matters, besides, they still have that little demon Victor, his family was complete.

He pulled the woman closer to him, cuddling her, he promised himself there, to protect her, and never let her cry again. But deep down, he felt proud. To the world, she was cold, never smiled, people cowered before her, but for him, she was himself, she allowed herself to feel. Only for him.

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