Black Rose

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2 years later

Anna pov

I woke up. My body sore. Two years, and I wake up each morning sore, I need to give Raven a piece of my mind. I thought trying to stand, my legs about to give out. I touched Raven’s empty side of the bed, it was still warm, so it can’t be long since he woke up too.

I made my way to the bathroom and took a quick shower, before I made my way down. The most amazing smell came from the kitchen, and my stomach growled. I peeked in to see Raven Trying to make Pancakes, note, “trying”. The kitchen was a mess. I don’t know why he does this, it will be lucky if he gets one plate right. I don’t know how many times we needed to renovate the kitchen after he used it.

I was about to go surprise him, but the front door bust open. A very furious Mike and an exhausted Jackson came busting in. these guys bought houses right next to us, so we were never separate.

“ANNA! RAVEN! Where is that devil son of yours?” mike screamed out, causing Raven to glare at him, and Victor to come out moments later looking tired. “what do you want Mike? What are you blaming him for this time?” Raven asked calmly, hugging me from behind. Mike ignored him and went to victor, while Jackson just sat on the couch. “victor, where is Dawn, I know you have her” he yelled and Victor just looked at him before shrugging. I ignored them, knowing it will take all morning, I was used to their fights over Dawn by now.

I went to Jack. “what’s wrong” I asked concerned, must be hard dealing with a toddler and a very pregnant wife, but I have never seen him this tired before. “Africa is losing a lot of valuable people Rose” he said seriously, I stared at him confused. “Nelson Mandela is dead, Robert Mugabe is dead, and now I’m not feeling well too” he smirked and I punched him. here I was worried about him, and he still has time for jokes.

I was about to give him a piece of my mind when, “Mike, Jackson, Victor, GET OUT!” Raven yelled furious, already pushing Mike and Victor towards the door, before he collected Jack. Victor looked confused, while the two men, just complained. “but breakfast, I’m in my PJ’s, my books, I have got school” Victor yelled confused and frustrated, but Raven threw him his school bag. “there you go, “anything else, Ask Mike” he said to victor. “oh, thank you for looking after him today Mike. Seeing it’s my anniversary, I need no disturbance, and next week, I will babysit for you, cool? Cool” he smirked then shut the door in their confused faces. God I’m going to miss this. But anyway, that marked the beginning of my anniversary with raven. We have been married for two years now.

After the breakfast I could barely swallow, we spend the day entangled in each other’s arms, but now, Raven had plans for dinner. I looked in the mirror one last time, “this is it Anna” I said trying to encourage myself not to cry. This is going to be a long night.

We made it to the restaurant, it was one of those aristocratic and expensive ones, but as long as the food was good, which it was. Dinner went amazingly well, with us laughing, me eating off his plate, and taking the cake all to myself. But with all this, Was it still enough?

“ill, be right back, I need to use the bathroom” I told Raven who was eager to take me to my next surprise.

Third person pov

Anna made it to the bathroom, were Mercy was ready to take her place. When she got there, it was like looking in a mirror, the girl before her looked exactly the way she did, and thanks to all the training, should be able to act exactly like her as well.

“are you sure about this boss? It’s not easy to give your husband off to someone else” Mercy looked at her Doubtful, she had seen the love between this two, and there had to be a better way out than this. “I’m sure. Just take care of” that was all Anna said. It was all she could say without her voice breaking, she had already Informed mercy of Raven’s likes, dislikes, habits etc. “but don’t you love him” Mercy aid and Anna flinched. She loved him, a lot. “sometimes, love is just not enough” she said, feeling her heart break. She really did love him, but how could she take his happiness away from him, if anyone deserved a complete family, that was Raven, a wife, kids of his matter how much he said it was ok, she could see it, the way he would carry Uche (Jackson’s son) and never put him down. The envious look he sent Jackson when he complained about Samantha’s pregnancy moods.

But don’t get me wrong, I know he loves Victor like his own on, they have a strong bond, they even went from insults to calling each Father and son, but the fact remains, Victor is not his son, and how long would he be willing to raise someone else’s child? At least this way, he can have kids of his own. A complete family she loved him, she didn’t want to leave him, but she also didn’t want him to have an imperfect life because of her. He spend thirteen years waiting for her, two married to her, that was fifteen years of his life wasted on her, and she was not about to waste more. Mercy sighed and made her way out towards Raven, Anna watched as they left hand in hand, and that when she broke down and let the tears fall.

She drove home feeling broken. She took all the Chinese medicine Manman had given to her out of the cabin and threw it in the trash. It was supposed to help, but it didn’t. she stood there and remembered how she took it every day, hiding from Raven, but he still found out, how furious he had been and threw it all away, but she kept getting more until he finally surrendered and let her be. There was nothing she didn’t try, all the medicine the world had to offer, but nothing helped.

She took one last look around her house, her home. This is where they grew up together, this is where they reunited, and it was supposed to be where they spend the rest of their lives raising their family, it was supposed to be their home.

She thought about what they could be doing now, maybe they were at the hotel already, that was how Raven always ended their night. They always spend the night out when they went for a date.

On the other side of town

Raven was both happy and nervous today, after dinner, he had prepared a huge surprise for Anna that will hopefully let him prove himself to her, and to pull her out of the depression she has been sinking into lately.

“I need to go to the bathroom” Anna said nervously. He heard it but brushed it off. He watched her leave then took out his phone. “are they ready. We will be there in a couple of hours” he said before dropping the call. He waited a while before Anna came back. Every time he looked at her, he was always blown away, but looking at her right now, she looked different, but he just put it on to nerves, but his gut told him a different story, and everyone knows, you should always listen to your gut. He observed her as they drove and he couldn’t help but frown, Mercy was too engrossed in her nerves to notice.

they drove to the hotel. And went to their special room with the staff bowing to them as they passed by. The minute they closed the door, he grabbed her neck, choking her. “who are you? Who send you?” he asked in rage. His first thought was that Anna was in troubled. Mercy tried to struggle, “what do you mean? It’s me, Anna” she said in choked breaths and Raven tightened his hold. “I won’t ask again. I know my wife, and you are not her” He barked out and dropped her to the floor, watching as she coughed trying to catch her breath

“now talk, or die here, right now. Where is my wife? What did you do to her?” he growled, growing impatient, with his gun pointed at her. Mercy shivered and tears filled her eyes in fear. ‘why would they chose such a coward to impersonate his wife’ he couldn’t help but sneer inwardly. “it’s Anna, she’s the one who send me” Mercy confessed in shaky breaths, but Raven laughed. “try another lie” he said, and Mercy shook her head repeatedly, “I swear, she has been training me for two years, to take her place. She said it’s to give you a complete family” she said sobbing and Raven went into shock momentarily still not believing her. His Rose would never just leave him, she loved him. “you have to believe me, she told me to take care of you, she told me about you, like how you hate oily food, or that you want warm milk before you go to bed.” she rumbled on until Raven stopped her. He couldn’t believe it. “she wants you to have your own kids, that’s why she brought me here” Mercy said, hoping Raven would calm down. “did you know who we are and what we do before you decided to take this job?” he asked trying to contain his anger. Mercy nodded, she had been part of a mafia, of course she knew about them. “and you still took the job? You’ve got guts” he laughed lightly, ready to pull the trigger. “I’m sorry, it’s just….” Mercy tried to talk him out of it but he looked ready to kill. “she said she is leaving tonight, she must be at the house parking her belongings” mercy said hoping to snap Raven out of it, and it worked, hearing that she was leaving him, he snapped out of his thoughts and ran out the hotel like a mad man. But he couldn’t help the anger in his heart.

He knew why she was leaving, for him to have his own kids, but that’s not what he wanted, he wanted her. Even if it was, was she really just willing to throw her to another woman without a second thought, was he that worthless to her? He thought as he raced home.

Anna looked around one last time in tears. She was going to miss this place, but this was for the best. She opened the door to leave and found a furious Raven standing just outside. When Raven saw her, he breathed a sigh of relief, but his anger doubled. He went towards her, pulled her towards him and kissed her roughly, his muscles relaxed when she tried to push him away.

He held her tighter until she kissed him back and moaned into the kiss. He pinned her to the wall before he began kissing a path down to her neck, his hands exploring her body. He sucked on her neck until he had her moan louder, then bit down hard until he tasted blood. Being caught off guard, Anna couldn’t help but scream. Raven pulled back and looked at her tear stricken face, he felt his anger disappear. He had planned to give her a piece of his mind, but the words got caught in his throat, all he could do is sigh and pull her into a tight hug while stroking her hair. “next time, if you ever feel that you don’t want me anymore, please tell me so I can chain you to my bed. Don’t go donating me to another woman” he whispered to her, his voice breaking. She was the only one that could make him feel this way.

They pulled apart and he wiped her tears giving her a small smile. “do you understand?” he asked her sternly, looking into her eyes, and all Anna could do is nod. “compared to having kids, I would rather have you” He smiled at her and kissed her forehead before he pulled her along and shoved her inside the car. Anna was shocked for a moment before she recovered. “where are we going?” she asked confused. “your second surprise” he told her happily as they drove along,

“so how did you figure out she was not me? I mean she looks and acts like me” Anna asked cautiously as they drove along. Raven observed her for aa moment, “she was too thin, her eye color a shade darker than yours, her hands were soft and not rough like yours, she had the aura of a damsel in distress and she had no belly fat you always try to hide.” He told her seriously not taking his eyes off the road. “besides, you take me too lightly. I know plastic when I see one” he smiled at her.

They pulled to a house and Anna looked around cautiously. “come with me” Raven told her offering her a hand. They walked in and a woman greeted them at the door and lead them to a room. Inside there was a boy who looked around six and a girl in a cod that could not be more than three months old. Anna looked at Raven, confused and in tears. Raven waved at the boy, who came over obediently. “hey buffy, do you want to go home with us, you and your sister. She could be your mother, and I’ll be your father and you have an older brother back home?” he asked the boy with a hand on his shoulder. The boy nodded and Raven ruffled his hair then went and picked the little girl. He looked at Anna who had tears on her face as she talked to their son, she looked at him and mouthed a silent ‘thank you’ and an ‘I love you’ and he couldn’t help but smile wide, their family was complete. But most importantly, his wife was happy, his Rose

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