The Tumultuous Tales of Kitty Tatum

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Katherine Tatum grew up under the watchful eyes of her duteous parents; Every transgression was met with a swift punishment and reciting their favorite bible verse. On her first day attending Queenwood University, a prestigious school 10,000 miles from home, she is relieved to discover that her new roommate is not a psychopath. Immediately mesmerized by the blue-haired pixie on the other side of the room and fighting down feelings she always denied existed, it isn't long before she is sucked into a whirlwind romance with the girl sleeping one bed over.

Romance / Erotica
Jane Darling
4.7 3 reviews
Age Rating:

Kaution: Pussy Dead Ahead

If you’re reading this you’ve probably already read The Toy Maker and the sequel Her Toy, if not you should do so immediately. Or don’t, I’m not your mistress.

This is the story of Kitty Tatum and how she turned into the promiscuous manager of Pink Cherry that we know and love.

Warning: This story will contain cursing, substance abuse, threesomes, girl on girl action, and of course BDSM.

Add this story to your library and buckle up. It’s is going to be a bumpy ride ;)

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