Queen of Dawn

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Quincy Jasmine King, the daughter of Elijah and Jessica King, lived as royalty. Well, she was royalty. The King family ironically were the rulers of all Werewolves. When Quincy grows old enough to take over the crown she finishes her training and meets her mate. Quincy begins changing, gaining more unknown powers. With a glimpse of her new powers she faces new challenges. Her mate comes into her life suddenly and everything is okay- but the other shoe will always drop. Death and sorrow will fill young Quincy's life, along with another special man. What secrets will Quin unlock about her supernatural life? What secrets will she learn about herself? And how much can she take before she cracks?

Romance / Adventure
Elise Mack
Age Rating:


*Jessica King's pov*

*Quincy- 5 years old*

"Eli, you know more about supernaturals than anyone. What is wrong with our daughter?" I hold onto Eli, my eyes cloudy with tears. Quincy's eyes recently have been constantly glowing like lights, her hands emit flames, and she halucenates. We've tried keeping her from people, not wanting anyone to want her incase she has powers. When this started happening Eli told us that there was a series of wolves in his family that had powers. When the world knew about their power they wanted to use them, thus kidnapping and...

"Jessica." Eli snaps me from my thoughts, feeling my mood dropping further. "Quincy will be fine, I know you're worried, but usually it just goes away. If it doesn't, we can have a witch train her." Eli's long fingers comb through my hair, calming me as he places a kiss to my forehead. I lay further into his chest and the bedroom doors open.

Quincy walks in holding a broken piece of glass and a guilty look spreads across her face. "Mommy," her squeak of a voice flows to my ears and tears begin streaming down her face. I hear baby Noah begin to move around and I get up yo check on him. Eli gets up and takes the glass from Quincy's hand, placing it on a table, and pulling her to our bed. "I-I didn't mean to." Quincy yells through heartbreaking tears.

"Shhh, it's alright, baby." I try calming Noah when be begins to cry. My hand runs over his dark hair and I push my calm aura to both my children. Noah and Quincy's tears eventually stop and they fall asleep. I get up from the bed, and place Noah back into his crib. I huff and start walking to find the rest of Quin's mess.

I walk downstairs to see Clara tossing a dustpan full of glass into the trash. "Hey, Clara," I smile, sitting on one of the island chairs. Clara smiles her beautiful smile and leans her elbows onto the island.

"J, you're gonna have to tell him, don't let him find out on his own." She says, plopping grapes into her mouth.

As I watch her hand move I see a dark spot poking from under her shirt. "Clara!!" I squeal, moving closer to her and pulling her shirt from her shoulder. "He marked you?" She viciously shakes her head while I pull her into a hug. "So, how is he?"

"Oh. My. God. He is so fucking perfect. And his eye's, they get lighter instead of darker when we get it goin." Clara takes a second while her eyes darken. "His fucking runes are the sexiest things ever. God I love him." Clara lights up the room and I begin to feel happier.

"I'm glad Xander and you are happy." I smile, taking the broom from her hands. "Also, thank you for cleaning that up, it's probably the third this month."

Clara grabs chips from the pantry and sits at the table, shrugging to me. Clara had been helping around the house, claiming she has nothing else to do since we, quote on quote, 'fired' her. I grab cookies from the counter and sit next to Clara. We sit in silence as we both eat and scroll through our phones. While I'm scrolling through Instagram Clara passes through a folder she made called 'Xandie's Pics'. She occasionally shows them to me and I laugh because most are of him making a funny face or mocking model poses.

I get a wiff of Eli's scent and soon see him walking through the room, his nose crazily sniffing. He looks down at me, then at Clara. "Hey, sweetheart. Is Quincy asleep?" I ask, shoving another cookie into my mouth. Eli stares deeply into my eyes, excitement flowing through them. I smile, looking from him to Clara.

"Clara, get out." We say in unison, pointing to the door.

"Why, it was one cookie. I didn't think yoou were actually serious about limiting my food in here. Come on, Jessie." Clara whines. Ignoring the tension coursing through the air. "Dear goddess, fine." She gets out of her chair, walking to the door. After she yells a goodbye I sit up from my chair.

"Love, would you like to tell me something?" He steps foreward, a dangerous look in his eyes. I smile in excitement.

"Is there?" I challenge him. I back away, my back hitting the island. I stand still as I can, watching as the glint in his eyes grows. He stands inches away from me, hands crawling around my gaining waist. I tilt my head back and wait for his lips on my mark. Only his heavy breaths cross my skin.

"When were you going to tell me?" His hot breath fans across my skin. His hands crawl up my flat stomach, teasingly. He comes closer to me and leaves open mouthed kisses along my collars. "Jess, answer my question," He kisses behind my ear, "Or I'll stop."

"T-today." I let out breathily. "I was gonna tell you be-before Quin came in." I somehow get out without a slight moan. His hands pull my sweater over my head, leaving my body exposed.

"Good girl." He says into my skin. Eli slides down my body to my stomach. He kisses above my belly button. "Hello, sweetheart." He says into my stomach, smiling like crazy. Eli stands back up and kisses my cheek. "We're having another baby?"

"We're having another baby, Eli" I smile and wrap my arms around him.

*Quincy King's Pov*

*Quincy- 17 years old*

"NOAH!!!" I scream over the blasting music. Noah sits up from his bead, his small body being captured by the swirling pile of blankets. "Can you please turn that down, I'm in the middle of a session." I plead as he starts to lay down again. "Hey, Noah. I'm gonna call mom." I warn, pulling my phone from my back pocket. His body shoots up and he comoletely turns of the radio. I smirk to myself as he mopes back in defeat.

The walk back to my session in longer than it should be, mostly becuase I'm trying to go slow, but also the shooting pain in my back. When the pain becomes intolerable I stand still, holding onto the stair rail. Black smoke begins to spins around me and I clench onto the rail tighter. The pain intensifies and quickly spreads through my body.

I let out a scream, but people are already spreading around me, marveling. "Help!" I scream out in pain. I drop down to the steps, trying to get to even ground. "Mom." I plead as her hands wrap aroynd my burning body.

"Darling, Quincy, you need to stay calm and focus on your wolf. Focus on shifting." My father's voice rings in my ears. I try forgeting the burning pain and smoke, focusing on shifting. "Jessica, we need everyone out of here." Is the last thing I hear before lights burst around me. My eyes turn black and I try staying awake.

The area around me fades as I hear someone screaming, Noah I believe. My mom begins to cry, my dad stays quiet, and aunt Clara pushes pack members out of the area.

I look down at my body. Two glowing shadows stands next to eachother, one dark, one white as fresh snow. They glow bright as my family sits staring at the orbs. I lay my head back, closing my eyes and seeping into the dark aura surrounding me.

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