The Magic of Stars

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Chapter 15

I wake up tangled in blankets and I feel so tired that I start drifting back to sleep, but then I remember that I spent the night at some person’s random house and that I did it with Ace. Everything from last night comes rushing back into my head and I sit up with a jolt. I look around for Ace, but he’s nowhere to be seen. Before I ended up freaking out too bad, he came outside with two hot chocolates and a bag of marshmallows.

“Good Morning sleepyhead,” he says and hands me one. I look at him with shock settling on my face. “Baby? Are you okay?”

So he’s right there. He’s calling me sleepyhead and baby? Does this mean we’re actually dating or what? I honestly don’t know what to say to him, but the first thing that comes out of my mouth is:

“You kissed me last night after I threw up all over the bathroom floor.”

He smiles. “It really wasn’t that big of a deal. I enjoyed it.”

“Does this mean that we’re dating?” I ask with no confidence at all. My voice wavers and cracks at dating.

“Yup. As of yesterday, we are officially a couple.”

“Wow. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long. This is just. . .” I’m at a loss for words. “Wow.”

He laughs nonchalantly and looks into my eyes. “You’re perfect.”

“Um, heh. Thanks,” I say smiling. I finally snap out of the trans I was in and almost start hyperventilating. “My dad. The city. I have to get home right now before he finds out I’m missing or something. We need to go right now.” I’m standing up now and I pointed my finger harshly toward the ground when I said now.

“Finish your hot chocolate first and try to relax. Then we will drive over there. Someone is picking us up to bring us back, but he’s coming at seven fifteen. We still have some time.”

“Um, Stella?”

“Yes? What is it?”

“Your eyes literally turned like an amber-red and they aren’t going back to that blue they were.”

“What do you mean? Stop joking with me!” I say playfully and smack him on the leg. I do it with too much force though and he flies backwards onto his side in the room behind him.

I gasp and run to him, but I run right through the wall and the next and the next until I’m outside of the house. I stop myself and look at my legs again. What is happening to me? I hear Ace groaning as he limps down the stars inside the house. How do I hear that? Shouldn’t that be too far for the human ear?

I was so caught up in thought that I didn’t notice the cup still in my hand. I can barely think so I down the whole cup down my throat and burn my tongue in the meantime. I barely feel the pain. I just get up and walk until I find the front door. Then I simply stand there and wait for the driver to get here. Ace is behind me in minutes asking what I’m doing. I tell him that I’m waiting for the driver and he laughs.

“What the hell just happened?” he asks.

“I really don’t know, okay? This happened yesterday too and it freaked me out so bad that I didn’t want to talk about it to anyone.”

“You need to relax, okay? Nothing is going to happen with me here.”

“What if you’re not here, huh? Then what? My dad might hurt me.” Ace looks shocked at that statement because I barely talk about my life and I lift my shirt and show him the scars trailing down. Ace shudders and looks away, telling me to put my shirt down.

“I’m so sorry, okay?” he says affectionately. “You showed me this at the park before and I was angry then. I'm furious now. Is there anything I can do to help? I’m so sorry your dad does that.”

“You have nothing to be sorry about. I’ve had a pretty hard life since I was eleven and I don’t want any pity, got it?”

“Yeah, sure, but I still feel like shit for not knowing. I should be paying better attention to you and as your best friend and boyfriend, I should have known. And I want to know more about this stuff happening to you. I mean your eyes are back to normal, so that’s good!”

“Yeah, it is.”

He honestly looks bad all of a sudden and pukes into the bushes in their front lawn, making it smell. I do the same thing he did for me though. I don’t care that he has throw up covering his mouth or that he looks a little green. I walk up to him as he wipes it off of his mouth and before he knows what’s happening, my mouth is on his and after a little bit, he starts kissing me back. When I pull back to look at him, he’s back to his normal color and he’s smiling a little.

“You’re fine. Come on, we should wait further down by the driveway. Are you okay though?”

“I’m good,” he says fast, pulling me onto the grass by the road. He puts my arms in positions for dancing then twirls me around, and pretending that I’m a princess. I’m smiling so hard by the time the car comes that my face hurts. Ace opens the door and lets me in first. “After you, my princess,” he says with mock seriousness. I keep my face straight as I reply, “thank you, my kind prince.”

Ace explodes in a rage of giggles, causing me to laugh my head off, but the driver stares at us like if we are a pain in his ass. I laugh even more because of the face the driver makes when Ace makes his grande intro into the car. As soon as Ace shuts the door, locking us in the stranger’s car, the driver peels off and when I look behind us, there’s tire marks covering the ground where we drove. We can’t stop ourselves from laughing no matter what we try. As soon as I say that I’m done, and become serious again, he would cover his mouth and try to stop the oncoming laughter, but I would sometimes hear a few escape from his fingers and I would start all over again, or vice versa.

“Why did you throw up?” I ask him.

“You had fangs come out. Are you a vampire?” he asks so seriously with no joking that I start to think that maybe I am.

“I don’t know,” I say back just as seriously. “I might be. I didn’t think they were real though.”

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