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(‘Oh great’ I thought distastefully as I sat in the front seat of my dads pick up ‘another school, another way of disappointing my dad’ “I need you to make this one work, honey,” he asked and I nodded not taking my eyes off the brick building that had a ton of students walking in and out of it. ) Emerald Wilson is a 17-year-old who has to deal with changing schools for the 4th time and come to terms with her mother's death and her feelings for the cheerleader that's caught her eye.

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Chapter 1

‘Oh great’ I thought distastefully as I sat in the front seat of my dads pick up ‘another school, another way of disappointing my dad’

“I need you to make this one work, honey,” he asked and I nodded not taking my eyes off the brick building that had a ton of students walking in and out of it.

“I’ll try my best” I muttered and got out. Shoving my earbuds in as I walked. I should probably introduce my self.

All right well, my name is emerald Wilson. I have green and black hair, blue eyes that are normally lined with pitch-black eyeliner. I have two lip pricings and eyebrow piercing. I am 5’4 and 17.

I have also been kicked out of four schools in the past two years. Mostly cause of fighting but I won’t get into it. Anyway. This is the last school that will take me so I am going to at least try to stick around for a full year

“Emerald Wilson!” I heard behind me and I turned around from where I was waiting for my schedule to print. I saw a girl with blonde hair running towards me. she came to a stop in front of me. she had on a pink tank top with blue jeans and white converse and her blue eyes seemed to scan my face before she burst into a blinding grin

“hi! I’m Paige. I am going to show you around today” she spoke loudly. I nodded and turned back around to get my schedule. Once I had it I turned back around

“Okay,” I said and she started walking while talking. I followed only half caring about what she was saying

“can I see your schedule?” she asked once she was done telling me something about the school. I handed it to her and she smiled at me before looking at the piece of paper

“Oh it looks like we have all of our classes together except art and history” I nodded she looked at me for a minute and I raised an eyebrow when she didn’t look away

“what?” I asked

“nothing. I just like your piercings” she said and I gave her a half-smile

“Thanks,” I said and she nodded

“well, we should get to our first class. Here I’ll show you to your locker” she then started walking I walked beside her until we got to a blue locker and stopped.

“The combination is on your schedule. I need to get something from my locker then I’ll meet you here and we can walk to your first class” she said and I nodded before she left.

I was standing at my locker scrolling through my phone until someone stopped in front of me “you’re the new kid” I heard them say so I looked up

“Yeah so?” I said and the guy rolled his eyes

“so, you need to learn the rules. Around here I am the king so if you disrespect me. you’ll regret it” he snapped and I bit the inside of my cheek to stop myself from rolling my eyes. Instead saying

“you’re the ‘king’ are you? And who decided that?” I asked and he seemed at a loss. Clearly his tiny brain couldn’t handle it when someone questioned the truth behind his statement.

“It doesn’t matter! I rule this school and if you can’t get that through your head maybe you don’t belong here”

“oh real scary,” I said and pushed past him before Walking away calling behind my shoulder “say your ‘king’ all you want. But you are nothing but peasant to me” I then went to find my classroom. Leaving him behind stunned that someone talked back to him.

I found the classroom two minutes late. I walked in and all eyes were on me “sorry. I got lost” I told the teacher and she nodded before pointing to an empty seat and going back to the board. I sat down and glanced at the board. Nothing too interesting for a history class so I just looked out the window for most of the class. By the time class was over I was ready to go home. I walked out last since I needed to get the catch-up work and found Paige waiting for me at the door

“don’t you have a class to get to?” I asked as I passed and she followed.

“where were you? I asked you to stay at your locker so I could show you to class”

“well, I ran into the ‘king of the school’ as he called himself so I left. But not after playing on his whole king act and calling him a peasant” I told her and flashed her a smirk.

She laughed and asked, “you don’t like to follow directions do you?”

“not really no,” I told her

“well come on. I’ll show you your next class” she said and grabbed my arm. I winced a small amount but if she noticed she didn’t say anything Most of my classes were a waste of time so I couldn’t wait until my art class but I had to get through lunch first. So as I sat at the door the cafeteria I shuddered. The food was shit and the people were shitter but soon I was being dragged over to a table by Paige.

“come on. It isn’t that bad” she whined and I rolled my eyes,

“says you” I mumbled before she stopped in front of a table with about three people sitting at it

“guys this is emerald. She’s new” they all looked up waved and went back to eating. She smiled at me and I nodded back.

“I am going to get something. I’ll be back” I said and walked out of the cafeteria, as I walked outside I thought about how long this school was gonna last. I should at least try to stay for a year but I knew that was setting the bar too high. I am gonna say if I am still in this school for 4 months that should be enough to get my dad off my back about it. I know he is tired of moving around trying to find a school that will last but I can’t help that people are idiots that try and pick fights all the time. I leaned against the back of the school and searched my pockets for the package of cigarettes and my lighter when I didn’t find them I rolled my head. He fucking took them again.

I sat outside for most of the lunch period before I heard the voice of the only person that has talked to me today

“hey! There you are. What are you doing?” she asked sitting next to me

“nothing. I was looking for something”


“Nothing important,” I told her and got up “well we should get back inside”

I then started walking away with Paige following me “so you never told me why you moved here” she said and I looked at her

“it’s not important”

“oh come on, please. You are friends now”

‘are we’ I thought ‘or are you just acting like it until you get what you want’

“my dad was relocated,” I told her it was only half true, but she didn’t need to know everything.

“Oh. What does your dad do?”

“he works for a computer company,” I said

Thankfully we got to the classroom before she could ask any more questions. I opened the door and she smiled one last time before walking down the hall. I found an empty seat and waited for the class to start.

“Welcome class. Today we have a new student joining us and I would like to ask them to stand up but if they don’t want to that fine too” he waited and I didn’t move “oh well. now today we are going to be working on freestyle so if you want to come up here and grab a medium then you can paint or draw anything you want for the class period”

Once everyone had their stuff we moved back to our seats. I had grabbed a sketchbook and I put my charcoal pencil against the paper when he said to start.

I didn’t really have a plan but 90% of the time I didn’t. so I just went with whatever my mind decided. I needed up with a skull surrounded by flowers and butterflies. But the butterflies were made of the words I had heard over the years by switching schools most of them were insulted but I learned the brush off the words and keep going.

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