Love, out of nowhere

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Have you been heartbroken before? Thought love wasn't for you or you're not made for love. Tia thought that too. after having her heart broken by a guy she loved for 3 years she thought she lost everything she had. But then comes Jay to teach her if it takes a couple of heart breaks in order to find the one made for you. it'll all be worth it. but will the hate at first sight for jay will bloom into something more?

Romance / Humor
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8 months ago

i had such a shitty day, I can't wait to tell it all about to Jason. I know it will make me feel better, he always makes me feel better. he missed school today because he had a concussion he got hit by a football in practice. yes, he plays football *heart eyes. So i'm going to his house. i miss him so much. i took his favorite brownies on the way too. i know he'd love it.

i ranged the door bell but no one answered. i turned the knob it was open, guess Jason's mom forgot to lock it again. i started going upstairs towards Jason's room and heard weird noises and moans.

my heart started dropping, i hope it's not what i'm thinking i didn't have to turn the knob the room was wide open and there was a girl sitting on the top of Jason, and jason lying on bed. both naked

i couldn't believe my eyes. i never thought Jason would do that to me. He promised he'd always love me. out of shock i didn't realize that the brownies fell from my hands and they both were looking at me with wide mouths. i was too shock to even let the tears fall. Jason tried to say something but closed his mouth again.i didn't recognize the girl, and at this point i didn't even care by the look on her face, i don't think she recognized me either. i wanted to run away so bad but i just couldn't move my legs. Jason started to move, and that's all my legs needed i guess. i started to run and Jason didn't chase nor did he say anything. Actions said it all i think.

i ran all the way to home. i was still processing. how could he do that to me. if he liked someone else he could've said so i would've understand. but behind my back i just wanted to curl up and cry and that's exactly what i did. The tears started coming out and never stopped.

A knock made me pull out of it. i ignored it for the first few times. "Tia Open the fucking door, What's wrong with you. i was waiting for you at the ice cream parlor. you ditched me" said kim

i tried to wash my face and clean up real fast. so that she wouldn't know i was crying.

cause when i cry, she cries. and i can never see her cry. As soon as i open the door she barges into my room and start looking around and also scremed at my face "Were you watching porn Tia" she says so cheakily, impossible to be mad at her. I shaked my head. Then suddenly zoomed her eyes onto my face and said "have you been crying, your eyes are swollen and cheeks are red. What's wrong baby.

Did you fight with your mom again?" She asked and i shaked my head

I wasn't even crying, melody. i overslept last night.

I tried to convince her. But she's extremely smart.

"No, Tia I'm not buying that bullshit." She said as she sprawled on my bed and tapped her beside to ask me to sit beside her and i did cause i needed the warmth.

As if knowing that,she put her arms around me and hugged me.

"Take your time, I'm here" i know she doesn't mean that.


So i spilled and i ended up crying.

"That asshole, i knew he was up to no good. Who was that bitch I'm gonna kill them both." She said.

It's not her fault, Melody. It's not like she knew me. Maybe Jason played her like me too.

"Tia, good reddiance he didn't deserve you anyway" she said

"but i loved him" i said while sobbing. She wiped my face, cupped my face and said "Since when did we start crying on boys, Tia. We're bad bitches, remember. You don't need no boy when I'm here. Alright, so buckle up. You're only allowed to miss him but no crying. You've cried enough for him." She said and i appreciated her being in my life.

"Let's go get some ice cream and stock up on some snacks. We gonna have movie night tonight. I'm staying over." She said and i remember that it's Friday.

I nodded my head and she gestured me to follow her.



lemme know if you like it. it's my first time and i'm trying my best.

much love.

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